Also see articles: How much does inherited wealthy White's, inherited wealthy others owe Negro Americans & others and why statue of limitation laws are not binding.

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                                   Rant of:  "Homosexual Sick People" & their illegal cult/s, gangs

Parental Guidance      * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! **** 

Again the "Sex Machine" is indeed a fraud program used by illegal parties such as "Religious", "Jewish", "KKK", & other orientated 
cult/parties for purposes to sabotage normal sex lives, sexual experiences & life & business of Americans & others.

1. They don't want people having "SEX" (non conceiving sex).

2. They don't want Slave citizens more busy with their sex lives than Slave lives.

3. Other Slave orientated "business" reasons.

Raise your right hand in the Supreme, Superior U.S courts and Answer these questions:

What is your Religion?, Are you part of, supporter etc. to "Homosexual Cult, group/s etc." Is Jesus Christ your lord 
and savoir?, And how old are you?, What's your education background? Complete DNA testings and investigation of your entire 
networks including all family, friends, business associates. What your associations, relations, business with all the wealthy parties in the U.S nation? What's your connections, associations,  with Hollywood Entertainment industry, Hollywood and Las Vegas NV and keep that hand raised "white boy" and his illegal allies, associates! Note: Hollywood Entertainment industry and Las Vegas was built by and established by illegal United States mafia and the questions are not irrelevant and objections must be overruled. U.S illegal government makes billions off these illegal industries. What's your religious network relations,  associations?  All your financial back-round. see articles: The Religion and Slavery scandals and their U.S churches networks/illegal, U.S religious Slavery Cults.  Historical investigations to your "Networks" as well. Yes this is necessary. As we have a serious problem here in the United States with Slavery and secret illegal Cult/s, gangs. Slavery Cults, illegal Homosexual Cults, groups, illegal Religious Cults, groups, etc. 
Note: Unlike the norm "Bi age Sexual" which does not establish sexual sickness. Homosexual does establish mental and sexual 
sickness. Homosexual war against "Non Homosexuals"?. Sorry but just because your claimed issues which "caused" you and or the majority of you to "be" Homo-
sexually sick.. You, your networks need to find other solutions for your cause.

​The Jewish king James version of the Holy Bible states man lived up to 800 years of age. Did you ever see a 800 year old human walking around or did archaeologist ever dig up a human who lived to 800 years old? What's up with the continuous illegal fraud in the religion industry? Get this nonsense out of our legal systems and their religious business practices to the extents of fraud and felony.

In the "Holy Bible" "God" hates no humans worse than homosexuals. Homosexuals and everyone will be cast into hell unless they repent and quit all homosexual activities. This includes homosexual perverted thoughts. To repent man must permenantly  quit all sins to be saved by "Jesus". According to the "Bible" most all humans will be cast into hell for all eternity, only a "small" percentage will get to go to "Heaven". What makes you think you're so special? According, man must not have no part of this super-unnatural world we live in. No tv, no automobiles, no pictures, no electricity etc. Are you people seriously for real? Will the Amish pass the hell test?

 No we the United States citizens are not all going to become "Homosexual" & "Jewish" nor tolerate your out-law practices.

And the answer is no! Being Black American & New world Slaves *is not or all that practical compatible circumstance, orientated, typical argument circumstance for Homosexual Rights and freedom as many times used solely in  "props".

Being Black & "Bi Age Sexual" is not a sickness. As in Homosexual: which is "A chosen sickness" to deal with sickness. see also Homosexual Slavery props. Being gay for purpose of obstruction to the Slavery freedom movement, other Slavery orientated? Who is and why the average "Homosexual" created American really?  ("oh they're not all bad"..) Who's in on the act and who is not. Why the "act". ("Why the act": not speaking here in regard to violence issues such as Black on gay beatings etc.). Ok "they" established much Homosexual freedom in the U.S. and also created more Homosexuals.  Why is freedom from Slavery still under the rug, on the back burner? White Homosexual freedom before Slavery freedom? Homosexuals are still protesting, tying up U.S courts media over being Homosexual. How much more Homosexual does the U.S need to be? What's the "plan"? Which "plan" are you talking about?

The "Sex Machine" does not establish nor identify a actual "Pedophile" (a sexually mentally ill person). It's not a practical 
learning aid neither in it's uses. To hi-jack victims & sabotage their lives years decades on end for totally unnecessary 
"learning" practices, purposes & experiences. Absurdly insane investigations. So what's the truth behind all this?

*Remember the "Sex Machine" is a man-made program, "porn video gaming", entertainment. If safe for use & to simply add on our bodies and simply 
remove from our bodies without any health hazards, included with an off/on button control on our TV/XBOX remote. Meaning can 
be used for entertainment purposes though ridiculous unnecessary learning tool for *mostly everyone. Ridiculous for entertainment 
uses for healthy individuals especially from its "known" hazards. 

Remember the "Sex Machine": is a man-made  "fabricated" *"drug" just like *Oxycontin. *Though nearly everyone who snorted Oxycontin loves it, they're super great (I never tried it & !! not recommend as known super power addictive dependent, life damaging & lethal !! ) Must you shove it up our noses and continue to do so? 
I know you have real dope like that but those "Oxy-Kids" and individual/s circumstance are rare (the Power-Ball? Worse odds?) 

*Investigation shows most people using Oxycontin should not be using this drug and not appropriate treatment for most of it's users. (?) *research safe & curative "drugs" perhaps.

If ordering and eating a "personal sized pizza" were against the law, then why are you shoving it in our mouths? "People love personal sized pizzas". There are practical individual circumstances, It's not illegal to want some, demand, advertise for it, protest for it, protest for others to have some. I mean, it's not alcohol, marijuana, dangerous prescription drugs, unnecessary driving, work commute, jet vacations, killing people with air pollution, "Slavery". Unnecessary over populating territories (especially when there's a deadly electrical problem), *unnecessary education expense when "they're" just going to be "Slaves" anyway ( you don't "want 'em" home making "whoopie" overtime?) , unnecessary forced racial integration running families, people, individuals, their race, cultures, into extinction. How many U.S States are there? Can't the Chinese be happy just being & staying Chinese? Just because we all get along "so good" it's not worth dying for..

Now lets see, hmm.. Must I investigate this for you, the circumstance of this portrayed romance occurring in the lives of totally sexually normal people? & the abnormal?). Why are "you" wasting my time extreme sabotage to mine and others lives, costing priceless? "Silly" are you trying to steal my "free on the house" - "Power-Ball lotto ticket"? 

1. Are you attempting to get everyone trouble? Don't tell me, this gets your rocks off.. *I know that because your being RNM recorded. Right?
2. Are you trying to say, "seriously it's so common and everyone loves it!" So, just in case we don't want you and the "Kids" getting any, having none at all? What are you, deliriously insanely jealous?

1. A totally, horribly bad malicious prank.
2. Act of a terrorist party indeed.

Total Fact: "Slave Condition" can be proved in any court of law beyond all doubts.

                                                                                          Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.