*For many, today U.S Jews are seemingly, portrayed, acquainted, as gentlemen, good, harmless, traditional religious cultural people. *Though others question their nature, business, powers, legalities, sanity in a paranoid mindset, political mindset, other. Of course, *"Just because your paranoid doesn't mean it's not true".

                                       "Smoke a Joint Smoke a "Kid" ( 2 of 2 continuation of "Sex & Jewish")

Parental Guidance      * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine or don't read on ModerndaySlave.net , anywhere at all. Enjoy! **** 
"Smoke a joint smoke a kid" basically illegal U.S RNM hijackers, hostage-rs & Slavery runners are not only raping law innocent targets, typing including RNM robotic-ally portraying targets as outrageous "pedophiles", "mentally ill" & other. As MDS investigates with "RNM Sex Machine" they're taking opinions and then further attacks, malicious Nazi attempts of programming and deprogramming ones mind if victim does not agree with "their opinions" and view points. (this is *Jewish/*Catholic/*Nazi/*KKK orientated crime). 

Fact: Safe competent sex is safer than competently drinking alcohol and smoking a joint. (*"Smoke a joint" kill a whole train of passengers just because you've smoked. 1987 Maryland train collision). IRRELEVANT! The U.S government and other parties have no legal right attacking innocent individuals, parties with RNM especially accordingly, solely, to ones opinions, viewpoints, speeches, legal protest, sexual nature (do you literally have a gun shooting people? *), nature of ones business, culture, acting, humor, comedian. example: Madonna or a Madonna fan, groupie, American etc.
Note: Craig comes from a family of actors,actresses, comedians and musicians. *Craig's Grandfather wrote the state of Alabama anthem and mother was singer, songwriter a girlfriend in her youth to musical star Hank Williams (*not necessarily relevant just yet). Craig and Brother both professional musicians. Craig's family of professionals include saxophone, guitars, banjo, harmonicas, piano, washboard other, on & on..

You're not a rapist, you're not applying for a job working as Santa Clause or for "the horny adultophile porn-star kid whore house down the block" you have no intentions nor attempts of picking up "porn-star adultophiles" so you can have sex with one. Nor any intentions to pick one up period, yet you're being attacked & "gang stalked" by a "RNM Jewish/Nazi/Catholic orientated outlaw party a illegal cult". 
Regardless of decades of protest against illegal attacks from Jewish, Christian, Catholic groups, anti American groups & other by such artist (including their followers, fanatics, networks, members etc.) artist as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ronnie James Dio, AC/DC, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Holly, Black Sabbath, myself included, the list goes on and on.

Classic Slavery & Religious mobs since ancient history before the as known phrase "Rock and Roll" existed have raped & murdered, other crimes for purpose, intentions to place the crime/s on their target/s, oppose-rs, their hated etc. 

*Trapped in jail with "Pac Man" do it once, do it twice, do it one millions times. IRRELEVANT What you construe or believe in you own mind/s! Stop your Religious/*Nazi crime! 
 *As elsewhere noted in more detail on MDS, assailants do not shut the technology off and victims are forced, trapped to play Pac Man. Maybe allowed to walk if they're are good boys & girls ("walk" "some what" exaggerated of MDS's RNM experiences & investigations), though RNM assailants can cause paralysis too. ("Yes Master I agree"). Read more detail & fine points in the links.

Fact & sustainable speculation, other: As known, yes Hitler were Jewish and practicing "orientated Jew-ism" to "innocent" (?) ("innocent" meaning it's becoming more and more a mystery), (Were it supposed to be a taste of their own medicine?). Stone em to death, cut their hands off, pluck their eyes out, nail-em bloody to a cross. All recorded practices of Jewish religion history. (If only they had RNM 2000 years ago we may all be dead). Example of Jewish Religion practices in its full form: you steal a candy bar (Reese's Nutragious), off with the thumb or right hand, stone them or stone them to death. (Note some Jews & others still love to practice this stuff, demand it, and yes to-date over a *Reese's). You have to pluck your eye ball out because you've "sinned" in "lust".

Also note: "Jews" do not accept, acknowledge their created character in the Holy Bible "Jesus" as "God", "the Messiah" (They've seen the scheme wasn't going to up-hold to their best interest, favor or up-hold alone after they've mistakenly published?). Ironically this all doesn't make many Catholics, Christians sane or any saner. Burn the witch at the stake.

These crimes of this portrayed extents of punishment & orientation still continued much over the past century and to-date. Throughout U.S and around the world. Many totally inocent, Many totally not, many suffering, penalized well beyond any crime/s they've ever committed. 

  According to a Wikipedia entry, Jews were of only ten percent of Hitlers "victims". Are Jews (including Catholic related allies) and particular other religious followers, Trojan-horses, viruses, terrorist, *Nazi impostors, illegal invaders inside U.S government and society? If so why is government and society tolerating this? If true it's not like the U.S is under obligations to accept such illegal protest, war, actions, attacks and practices (as in RNM & cult "Gang-stalking") of the citizens, society. 
Other than the *KKK orientated who've already been here, did "portrayed refugees", portrayed endangered borders sneak, swindle their way into the U.S to plot & spring this terrorism (such as the uses of RNM technologies) against the U.S? Did the illegal U.S "Klan" take secret alliance with *"Hitler" or *"the illegal Jew"?
*Hitler: Who's who?, Who was Hitler really? As the lies, secrets, edits, revisions, and more being covered, hidden some mysteries are becoming more revealed. Your side or theirs? *A intended hero or a villain? 
*Portrayed story begins as a classic case and *continues to be a ModernDay case for many. A man who were put through great poverty. A innocent artist whose life, quality of life, business, works all destroyed by an illegal society, government. *Destroyed with no chance left for much or any quality of life, *just not practical nor legal appropriate to accept. According: Hitler identified "illegal Wealthy" & "Slavery running Jews" as culprit to the crime/s and cause of, throughout his nation, *throughout the world. Illegal cause of mass poverty, poor quality of life, living conditions, Slavery, murder to himself, his family "murder" to the *other mass innocent.  That was then and still is now..    

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