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"The Murder of Wilton Dennis Glass & the New Haven CT. Police Mafia"  Published in RNM & Slavery crime relations and the families, relatives demands including his son Willie D. Glass demands to have the assailants brought to justice. 

The following factual evidence: Shows an alliance of the RNM assailants and out-law U.S Medical Industry allied with U.S Police & out-law Government Networks. Proves further crime motives of the RNM assailants.

The mafia, cults as mentioned throughout MDS as well goes into world business including entertainment industry, Also seeHollywoodham.netexample: Elvis Presley were evidently and noted victimized by "RNM" as well stated sabotaged by the F.B.I during a big career opportunity and more fame to his name beginning in the 1970's. The beginning for much RNM attacks on U.S citizens were year 1970.  Notice Elvis's health degeneration throughout that decade.  Ironically (?) Did you know Elvis were to be John Travolta's role in the super hit movie GREASE? RNM attacked, he couldn't if he wanted to. 

Oct. 31 2016 Evidence update:    ModernDaySlave.net  To the F.B.I and Public
Continued: "The Murder of Wilton..."
Assailants are associated with such as Connecticut "New Haven Police Mafia" and networks, and nationwide. 
Though the following stated "murder crime" is surely not all related to the full crimes motives of the RNM assailants listed at ModernDaySlave.net

(assailants as well simulate other murder scenes including army and much of people whom I don't even know of nor anything which pertains to me. (attention U.S Citizens & other please read *all ModernDaySlave.net we are under NAZI orientated heist which must be stopped) 

  Argie Calderon and myself were witnesses to the New Haven police beatings of Wilton Dennis Glass which took place early 1980's on the side of our home at 322 Popular St Fair Haven CT. 
Wilton's eye were beaten out of his head during this happening. New Haven Police department were reputation for this orientation of Nazi police. 
Wilton at the time were sleeping, perhaps knockout drunk awaiting for his wife to come home. Wanna Glass whom is Wilton's wife resided at the upstairs apartment. Wilton were awaiting Wanna at or near the entrance on Clay Street which is the corner of Popular) when Wilton were apparently stalked by the New Haven Police. 
Other note: As reported, years after Wilton's Death (unknown witness claims a murder where Wilton's throat were cut, though the children were told "he drank to death"), mystery: As stated Wilton received a legal settlement supposedly/mentioned in the equivalents worth to million/s today. As reported Wilton's attorney kept the full settlement and fled the country and or changed/hid his identity for reason so the money could not be recouped by Wilton's family.  
(The State of Connecticut also left the Glass family homeless in bad poverty, starvation circumstance with no regard. )

Note: (not to be confused) Craig is "not of" the Glass family. As stated the assailants attacks and simulations are bizarre, weird make no sense. The assailants as well do many simulations including one of the Charles Manson murder scene. (Anything handy or creative to attack, "play on" the RNM victims). 
For the past two months while the RNM assailants simulate threat illusions of some mans decapitated head around and about, 
they state quote: "Want to be that Wilton" . (Could be unrelated mind games of the assailants in this electronic harassment crime)
Also see previous sent information.  
Added: A New Haven Police beaten to Wilton's son Willie approximately six years after Wilton's Death. New Haven CT. Police officer states quote "sorry I thought you were your father".

Sent to F.B.I Oct. 28 2016  Evidence update includes necessary crime emphasis & brief Craig Zito of ModernDaySlave.net and Stratking.net
Assailants continue to run RNM mental health slavery fraud crime fraudulently portray mental illness and felony hijacking past eight years, evidently through some crime network. (Note: I were peacefully and health recovered pursuing life and work in Hollywood CA at the time of these length-ly RNM attacks and attempt of RNM murder heist (approximately eight years ago). I were a professional model and musician in pursuit, in the middle of a potential millions worth of recording and studio work and sessions at the time of this heist. (note "mob allied attack" ) Other evidence I am also Stratking.net  also see information attempts of murder by Yale New Haven and West Haven CT physicians prior to my years in Hollywood CA.  (this were investigated and found fact related to my evidence and discovery of the
"Slave Condition" listed at ModernDaySlave.net. Important!: Dr. Papas of West Haven must have been tipped off by "Slave Network" which includes a Dr. Segal (Yale neurologist)  to commit these allied crimes of attempts murder to me. Investigations show fact this were no insurance fraud scandal. Such scandal  for petty insurance would be insanely  absurd and of course, where in the world would have Dr. Papas known of the "Slave Condition". (these crimes include: breaking my neck and damage throughout spine by Papas and an intentional electronic concussion administered by Dr. Segal. Left in state of condition to die. A neck vertebra with a broken posterior chip were also broken out of socket and positioned in my spinal canal (likely attempt to break the spinal cord etc. during progress thereafter or even an intentional caused fall or hit by an allied driver, a blow in the head etc. Note about three very suspicious and improbable car hits happened hereafter. Though the assailants didn't known I would put the vertebra back out of danger. Thanks to a friend with great medical knowledge (Also claims to been a former CIA agent) whom given me instructions and the knowledge of a medical device to achieve this. This were no simple task and extremely painful and dangerous which took about one month to do so. Later across the country I were intentionally poisoned by xray poisoning through an exam led by a Dr. Merman (German Jewish) at Cedar Sinai Beverly hills Medical Center and Beverly Hills Imaging. My rental property were also coincidentally found saturated by expert-stated lethal levels of EMF radiation. Investigation for this housing radiation were done by Dept. of Water & Power of Los Angeles CA and myself. Note these levels of EMF were medically researched and found to prevent, stop cure from from X-RAY poisoning as well found to cause, lead to cancer at rapid rates, eventual death.  
RNM & Glass continued:
Assailants take fraud programs whom they have ran on other individuals whom are many unknown and some known and attacked my body with these programs. Currently the assailants run a continuous African male RNM clone in his age 60's or 70's. This "RNM Clone" of the Black male is unknown. Intentional harassment includes RNM simulating very large black African lips on my face while trying to eat my food in peace.

 Other RNM clones of Wanna's son Willie. Willie had a defecation debility issue since his childhood (deification extreme stench of Willie shows up on this particular "clone". (Willies condition may be intentionally RNM caused possibly intentional as assailants could have plotted these RNM attacks years in advance (*Originally the assailants likely used this tactic targeting Eric Zito during his childhood and onward (perhaps a racist party whom targeting Eric?) to portray-cause Eric as schizophrenia-harass Eric etc. )- Note the assailants are extremely sick minded *KKK orientated, a hate party- hence other perhaps anti-sex, (MDS mystery, could they be of a Black crime network alliance?, Does the Jew use Black Americans for lots of Jewish fun & games?, How bout "The revenge of the Negros? "
Note *the Black Panthers meet Craig & Glass on Popular St. (coincidence?) But wait a second, Wanna states she were RNM attacked before she ever met Wilton (?) . 

Whom-ever they may be, they love their technology toys and like to play these games with their toys. (for their sick pleasures, their sick jealous hate and perhaps extortion's, black-mail (example: Listed on MDS " the Mental Health fraud racket", other crime rackets ) the assailant will take such control including sexually hijacking.
In my case for malicious hate reasons including business sabotage. Who would want to sabotage the Rolling Stones or even the Mexican Rice & Beans Band? The Hells Angels as a secret trojan-horse? (evidence: Willie reports RNM during his childhood he meets a "Holy-Ghost" with RNM illusions)
The phrase "Holy-Ghost" used in Black, Hispanic and interracial Churches throughout the U.S such as Pentecostal, Baptist and other outlaw Christian Church organizations . See other articles Religion combined with physical abuse-intentional trauma used to psychologically program Slaves
(secret modern and ancient practice).
(thought it were just a gang fight thang, a coincidental schoolhouse rumble or perhaps your good mothers discipline, also see "RNM Battle Robots"). *More detail on MKULTRA & this mentioned Slavery experimental studies & practices in future articles.  

Assailants trigger fraud mental attacks to their targets by simulating such as feces in the victims nostrils and simulating such as bloody murder scenes as well as recorded RNM clones of people being physically attacked such as a punch or beatings in the head. The effects of such RNM simulations which have a realist-actual neurological response and physical throw such as "the beatings in the head". Some includes visual illusions of blood in the eyes of the RNM recordings. Many other illusions and Created Clones are simulated to hijack the victims and sexually raped their victims as well fraudulently portray "Mental Illness" and or such portrayed treatment for such fraud diagnosis such as "Paranoid, or schizophrenia. - RNM programs, robotics to fraudulently portray such conditions, chronic depression etc. Ironically (?) Investigations show this is all or much related to U.S Slavery crimes such as the "Non Preferential Slave" listed at ModernDaySlave.net  see more in depth detail information of "Medical industry allied U.S Mental Health fraud". 
Among many "RNM clones" Assailants runs sims of Wanna Gale Glass and her family. Supporting related evidence: Myself Craig Zito and brother Eric Zito have not known Wanna until year approximate 1984 (I were age 10 and Eric about age 14)  which Wanna resides as a neighbor 322 Popular St. Fair Haven CT. Wanna is a in-law relative.
The assailants simulate Wanna and her Husband Wilton Dennis Glass and her son Willie. Wilton were reported dead around approximate 1983-1984.  Wanna also has a daughter named Marty Glass.
Other sick sims include a Woman maybe a black female simulated from one of the bedrooms from my residence sounding speaking quote: " I want more blood, I want more blood", Other includes " I want to make love" . Phrases repeating for like an hour straight. Another simulation of many include a mans voice simulate at my door " don't be scared, don't be scared, don't be scared ...
Previously mentioned the RNM assailants are capable to scale the victims surroundings which includes outdoors and simulate such prescision such as doorway, bedroom, on a chair, a ghost passenger etc.

- Other research points to Nazi Whites and Nazi Jews from Yale University and Harvard University CT.  responsible much for the U.S RNM nationwide heist. Billy Graham and a fraud crime organization by the name of "The 700 Club" operating out of Los Angeles California were researched and reported to have been alliance with U.S KKK. Graham & the 700 Club are stated to be part culprit in the RNM Mind Control operations. 

To U.S CIA: This is a extremely serious terrorist situation, these assailants need to brought to justice and there would be no better appropriate justice but to have these assailants cut and quartered.

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