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"Alcoholism" is another Psychiatric Fraud Medical Scandal as Alcoholism does not exist it's literally another B.S Fabricated Jewish/Nazi/KKK Psychiatric condition made up/created as RNM Pedophile, Bi-Age-Sexual normal typed as pedophile, over exaggerated etc..

Alcohol is a joyful luxury item as cigarettes. Alcohol though a dangerous lethal experience is simply no different than caffeine to quit. You either like drinking it or you don't. If one drank 10 cups of coffee a day they simply taper off, the same exact as coffee to quit, the addiction is no different.Typically Symptoms of Alcohol go away and clear as fast as caffeine symptoms unless the individual suffers from brain damage. Heavy drinkers may have to taper off slow six months to a year for safe system stabilization and safe recovery.

Coffee? what are you going to call them a caffeine-o-holic? GET FKNG REAL! Just a bad habit which they chose and enjoy to have. Caffeine can be health dangerous too if you drank high doses. I tied my mental problems into my coffee drinking?-and everything else I do. LOL! Got another dollar man... The beer and Margarita taste real good and I like getting drunk...

People with bad mental problems like depression, anger, high-strung probably or should most definitely not be drinking alcohol at all.

 Alcohol is a fun and dangerous *forced trapped on ride experience, like your trapped on an enormous roller coaster ride which could last at least one to two years to get off "the experience". *This is how long the ride will surly take at minimum! Expect this or don't even try it!  Are you really sure about trying that wine and cheese or beer with your pizza? Now why didn't the government tell you this? Experimenters may want to test out and keep alongside a pocket size alcohol tester and plenty of good food...  Who knows? If the plan works then everyone could safely indulge...

*One should probably not allow this forced lengthy experience to go beyond a year or two maximum at a time and between minimal of seven year intervals and should plan or expect such a lasting and dangerous lethal experience. It's a gamble where so many will die from. Typical addiction recovery could take minimal six months to a year and up to seven years of no alcohol to make full recovery from health damages where possible. Perhaps no one should not ever try it to begin with. Though who wants to be a poor sport? Also remember these illegal RNM assailants whom prey on even normal and "safe", educated experimenters. Or simply you may be a hated target. Example: Pretty Boy Wonder  is on the hate list today by the mentally ill RNM operative whom a enemy stalker and tomorrow John the good guy.

Today in the U.S it may be better to research a different country for your lethal experiment or just forget about doing it to begin with until these assailants are stopped. 

Attention: The RNM NAZI assailants among many of their Props are targeting those whom drink alcohol to portray this Fraud Created Psychiatric Condition "Alcoholic" and or as perhaps an excuse to RNM attack and even kill Targeted Individuals. (are they getting paid for this?)   A NAZI Prop to intentionally RNM attack targets cause RNM-Stroke, to make one appear as this fake condition "Alcoholic"... or had a stroke from drinking alcohol when not true. The RNM Alcoholic Robots simulate the nervous, stroke out, retarded, brain damage Alcoholic effects to portray a RNM target as "Alcoholic" when not the case at all.
These RNM "Alcoholic Robots include simulating Black on White hands vice versa while the victim is opening doors other task to portray this fake alcoholic effects, old man effects, nervous effects and stroke effects. Assailants also simulates a limp leg or foot RNM effect. A target can be intentionally RNM NAZI attacked while just casually having a party. 

I am not an alcoholic and never have been. Always drank alcohol responsibly and quit responsibly. I have participated in alcohol with reasonable alcohol dinning, vacation & party only. A musician such as I and Stratking.net a Card-Counter are well schooled, text booked and experienced educated in this, we would not tie our life up drinking alcohol as you couldn't be such an alcoholic and ever a good enough musician nor a Master Card-Counter as I. Note I have also taken driving school classes on alcohol and safety driving, road-rage-schizophrenia etc. and I have been a licensed driver since age eighteen with driving experience across the U.S. I have also taken an alcohol safety class through Boston Bar Tender School on alcohol tolerances, I have taken other alcohol safety study in Vocal/Singer Class and book. Note Mick Jagger states he never used drugs.Typically musicians may party like everyone else but an "alcoholic" musician, a LIE, a joke. It would be impossible though groups surly have their parties. Are you going to be an alcoholic Rocket Scientist? A big joke and a Musicians comedy act... How do they do it? Then again some lousy musicians have been steady alcohol drinkers. Many star musicians were paid or earned millions of dollars through promoting alcohol & sales in pictures, shows etc.. The Jack Daniels company gifted some artist Rolls Royce cars for whiskey promotion. Alcohol is part of the party business.    


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