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Attention Pursuing Musicians, Card Counters, Entertainers, Rock, Pop, Rap, Rock & Roll, Blues, Metal, Jazz, other, etc.

Stay aware of "Remote Neural Monitoring" attackers and their illegal *Klan Slave, Religious Fraud societies throughout the United States.

Beware of entering into and while pursuing your business in highly "RED ZONE" "Gang Stalking" territories such as "Hollywood" California, LA, Las Vegas and other popular attractions. Keep alert as "RED ZONE" could be "staged" anywhere.

The F.B.I, NSA have been reported as assailants and or responsible to this wide spread *KKK, mob & cult crime. 

They will make continuous persistent attempts to convince and lure you into crime for reasons to sabotage you, obstruct your business as an artist and your personal business, your potentials, the person, culture you are other etc.

This includes portraying "Gangsters", "Mafia", "KKK", "Pornstar" personalities, characters and other. 
Sampled RNM VTK communications include White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, other sampled, simulated personalities and characters.

Note: "Non Preferential Slaves" are highly being targeted.

Frame work RMN communication, assailants accomplices includes real people "Gang Stalkers" (any race any age beware) includes illegal entrapment and lure in attempt to frame individuals, for Drugs, prostitution, adultophile sex, other "crime". Though their crimes and use of RNM and "Gang Stalking" are absolutely illegal beware as many government and societies operations are illegal.

Stay alert to "Gang Stalkers": You whole neighborhood, neighbors, vacation territories, work territories, school, portrayed friends, family members, acquaintances and people who you do or attempt business with etc. could be accomplice to this illegal RNM hijacking, hostaging, Gang-stalking, Religious, Anti American cult and their illegal felon business which has infested throughout the U.S.

Note: RNM assailants will also attempt to confuse, deceive you of "Gang Stalker/s" who may not actually be "Gang Stalkers" with the use of Auditory Hearing Illusion effects and RNM visual effects.

 see http://www.Hollywoodham.net for more detailed information pertaining to these territories and their "Gang Stalkers".
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