This thing will not jam RNM - Electronic Harassment. Safe Space claims it will help you feel better...

Price? oh about only $100. - $200. for SS Stickers & products & things. 

If you have a real cost effective method to actually Jam Remote Neural Monitoring Please write to with information.

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Another expensive device which does not Jam nor block Remote Neural Monitoring. "Total Shield" price $200. - $1000. Would you like one antenna or four?*Could possibly build your own for about $5. - $20.

*Devices you may need to block and jam or maybe even do your own Remote Neural Monitoring. Don't assume they will jam!

Prices up to $150,000.00      Frequencies to 40 GHZ.

Scam devices and other which definitely don't work to jam Remote Neural Monitoring - Nor Stop Electronic Harassment & assault, DEWS