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Craig's Death Trap House:

Numerous reports were made to the Hollywood police, Los Angeles police, FBI and other. Reports made going back six years ago when Craig and his music studio was being attacked by Hollywood musicians and others portraying false business relations intentions of sabotage.

Four years ago Craig discovered his Hollywood home and music studio saturated with high levels radiation poisoning which was causing sickness. Los Angles department of water and power has tested the property and found lethal levels radiation on the property. See DWP test results below.

Upon investigation I found live electrical wires over pipes tangled with rounds of chicken wire underneath the house including long grounding rods (not installed for grounding use) running under throughout the house. Bedroom floor had hundreds of metal nails pierced through the floor board hidden by carpet. Under the house at location of the nails were also live electrical wires and balls of hair like metal wires bushed and tangled into the nails. Nails were not used to fasten anything nor were fastening anything together.The Wood floor was in good condition and didn't need any fasteners. Perhaps setup intentionally in attempt to carry excess radiation into the bedroom. 

DWP tested highest level in the bedrooms of the house. One bedroom tested alternating radiation between 50-200 Gauss. 

After making useless attempts to lower the radiation to safer levels I had to abandon ship. Did get the radiation significantly lowered by adding a insulator to water pipe but not low enough as results were still dangerous levels.

Could these death trap properties be intentionally left vacant to sabotage pursuing Hollywood entertainers and others? Why such a nice home in the heart of Hollywood available? What a coincidence I've been searching for other similar property over 3 years and can't find any.

I've also done testing on other Hollywood properties where I formerly lived and also found high levels radiation saturation on all properties. Funny what a great neighborhood as no one knows nothing of the issue and says nothing to their new neighbors at all. What great people.