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 For Public Viewing & for the assistance of the Public's Investigations Example U.S Slavery Crimes of the KKK, Jewish, Religious, Medical, -Slavery Crime Network unto African Americans, Spanish Americans, Mixed Race Americans others.

The U.S public must investigate these crimes as our people in government, government are not secure, trustful in this crime orientation nor ever have been- The RNM HEIST has been in operations since the 1970's. Still government has not stopped this "NAZI" Heist. 

MDS addressed to DARPA, F.B.I and Department of Defense - updated crime evidence
From: Craig Zito
Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2016 9:33 PM
Subject: MDS to F.B.I and Department of Defense - updated crime evidence

July 17 2016 To F.B.I What I have narrowed the crime down to :
A "crime medical industry" and "police crime network" (assailants portray religious as well) Much of the crime investigations evidence in my case are from people of New Haven CT. Evidence to this: the RNM assailant have numerous "Brain Clones", including RNM recordings of perhaps *all known family and friends which includes children and adults.  The felon murderer assailants also simulate a "Brain Clone" of the Mayor or Police Chief (1990's era) of New Haven, CT. on my body.

Assailant portrays extreme absurd RNM Mental Health Experimentation which includes practices of running "Brain Clones" of others to the victims mind and body. VTK practices include lots of vulgarity, profanity from the assailant as well. The assailants simulate fraud mental attacks (schizophrenic) by simulating such as a stinking garbage truck full of filth and other sicko-path simulations. The practices are not Medical treatment nor for Mental Health evaluation but an absurd extremely bazaar and sick experimentation, practices which includes simulations of Army, Family, murder, including sex and RNM torturing. Perhaps a orientated Nazi experimentation such as the popular "MKULTRA". 

Assailant also portrays to have worked on a RNM Security experimentation as well. which include RNM Capturing, scaling and simulating illusions of the environment such as the RNM victims home, walls doors, yard, neighborhood etc.

Other simulations include illusions of crosses, dead fetus, the bible character Lucifer masturbating, a enormous alive super large bat or similar as a gargoyle simulated on a roof top flapping it's wings, bloody army scenes, a Stairway to heaven illusion simulated out doors in the street, a illusion of a large hippie peace symbol, an illusion of a hippie tie-dyed tent.. As I stated bazaar, sick and torture practices of the assailant/s.      

"Brain Clones"
reply to http://socalti.blogspot.com/2014/10/remote-neural-monitoring-magic-tricks.html
June 28 2016

reply: "And if you have information that can help me, by all means, let me know"..
- The "RNM" technology you've mention is beyond just VTK.
*We're talking, these scum assailants are using "Brain Clones" of others for harassment, robotics, abuse to control and sabotage your mind, your body, your entire life period. "RNM Brain Clones" such as circumstances recorded off others brain & body and then simulated on yours. This includes the VTK effect your getting as well as visual effect when simulated. Assailants are capable of running multiple split second identity swaps pre programmed and at "realtime", cloning of anyone whom they have cloned RNM records. - Depending the extents of "RNM Clone" which is sent to your brain & depending what your brain is capable to process: One example: If they've RNM clones of a person at the circus and simulated it on your brain, you will see, visualize, hear, smell, (except what they omit or piece together)as this person who were cloned (or a "Creation-Clone") at the circus. Your body function's,visual sights, smell, some movements(if not omitted) and "VTK" etc. Your "RNM Clone/s" much becomes the simulated person/s simulated on your brain and body...  Also read about "RNM Bots".    "RNM Clone Creations" include voice, sound & word altering. "Example" : "Creation Clone" from Elvis singing "Teddy Bear". Elvis's voice will be altered to Sinatra's voice and instead of singing "Just want to be your Teddy Bear", "RNM Creation Alteration" changed to: Sinatra singing- "Just want to truck you Teddy Bear".

See more of this information at http:www.ModernDaySlave.net 

These "Electronic Harassment" felon assailants could have sprang from researchers in RNM stroke technologies, Police spies, those whom attempted building NAZI-mind & Slave control programs including outlaw medical industry etc. 

Also read this link for better insight of "RNM"

Eric M. Zito who is my brother sues the Town of New Haven Police dept. When he were age 18 (1980's) where they've owed him millions of dollars in legal settlement, he never received no compensation.

Eric Zito were a "Remote Neural Monitoring" "Electronic Harassment" victim throughout his young life to present. As well Eric involved with disgruntled mental health physician/s where he states he were physically attacked by some physician.

While peacefully residing in Hollywood pursuing a billion dollar music business as a hardworking multi-billion dollar talent in the making (date around eight years ago) I received and communicated phone calls from Eric M. Zito who were in New Haven CT. (Eric is also a musician) Eric at the time were being severely criminally attacked by the RNM terrorist. Eric at the time while he's under RNM attack is screaming as bloody murder in phone communications. This is when I organized for Eric's rescue to relocate him to Hollywood CA. in hope to help Eric out of his bad situation. 

At the time of Eric's rescue is when I'm became severely attacked by the disgruntled infuriated RNM assailants. The assailants infuriated of Eric's rescue, or perhaps an organized plot, "setup" to portray a identity mix-up and target "Eric's" "billionaire" successful brother. The nature of their sick minded attacks are stated above and at www.ModernDaySlave.net.

*Note New Haven Ct. and Connecticut were investigated by ModernDaySlave.net and found well known for the Nazi orientated cult. Crime cults as Catholic, Jewish, KKK orientated. Historically, Hitler were allied with Catholics. 

"Nazi" attacks by the RNM assailant can be found much throughout the state of Connecticut including mental health, nursing homes, victims of all ages. also note the The "Slave Condition" information at this link:
 http://www.moderndayslave.net/modern-day-slave-pg3.html  Again, in the RNM mind games the assailants portray as religious, anti-sex and religious punishment to their victims. The victims are tortured regardless of sexual activity..

July 17 2016
Craig Zito of ModernDaySlave.net

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Did you know Craig's Uncle were general in the Civil War?

*F.B.I Craig Zito here of www.ModernDaySlave.net Sept. 02 2016

I'm under terrorist attack by a crime party using Direct Energy Weapons as detailed described at this link:

The crime party may be operating out of U.S Gov. portrayed as U.S Government portraying legitimate legal operations, such as medical, military or other. If so I assure you this is not true. Do not second guess! this Emergency Notice and Request.

Request to U.S Army Corps: I need contact information to government such as assistant, one with military expertise in technology pertaining to technology defense against Direct Energy Weapons, RNM etc.

My phone is: 310-867-1399

Email: CraigZito@hotmail.com  , Craig@ModernDaySlave.net   

forward this request and notice to all pertaining Army Corps. Departments. 


Someone is acting real f#ck!ng stupid in government here! As I've been stating, I have been attacked by a literal felon organized party in our government illegal medical industry who are running a pedophile fraud racket and fraudulently portraying individuals as Mentally ill by hijacking with "RNM robotics" which is described at this link: http://www.moderndayslave.net/how-remote-neural-monitoring-operates-on-the-human-body-and-its-popular--common-uses-of.html

This party has also false portraying me Craig Zito as ERIC M. ZITO perhaps their initial excuse-planned for their felon attack heist of my body(a mix-up). (Bin Laden is out to get Elvis)

The RNM party also simulates a Dr. Millstien who were "Eric Zito's disgruntled doctor", I never known any Millstien. a doctor from the crime police mob city of New Haven CT. New Haven CT is known for Police Rodney King beatings and murder all over the greater New Haven. New Haven right next door to the well known U.S scum mafia city of New York. Mafia and Bin Laden- gee New York been just as bad, worse than Bin).

Note: Yale New Haven Medical were contacted and claims ignorant, un-knowledgeable to this crime which has been attacking Americans since the 1970's.

(*"Of course these assailants are out to protect themselves to this crime and hiding their identities because they're going to be killed. They're are to be assassinated and tortured deaths were practical as it's the law and Justice, they know this."*)  "Bin Laden's" crimes on New York City were of no legal extents as these RNM assailants crimes. (Meaning the crimes itself, nature of Bin Laden's crimes action, the extents of his actual crime, crime of temporary mental insanity. Unlike the RNM assailants, Bin could have possibly been freed on mental insanity charges.)( Perhaps Bin were a RNM attacked American hero in attempt to stop the RNM party)(I don't know the full story behind Bin and the United states have told so many disgusting lies.)

 I'm speaking here this RNM organization is heisting a whole nation and getting away with it. The United States has been deceived by our own, these portrayed Americans. These people are not, they're are literal a form of snake in the grass NAZIS who have been and are hijacking the nation. U.S Medical doctors, industry. Who would guess such a terrorist as Santa Claus or a U.S physician. 

"At the time of Eric's rescue is when I'm became severely attacked by the disgruntled infuriated RNM assailants. The assailants infuriated of Eric's rescue, or perhaps an organized plot, "setup" to portray a identity mix-up and target "Eric's" "billionaire" successful brother. The nature of their sick minded attacks are stated above and at www.ModernDaySlave.net." READ the rest of this quote at this link: http://www.moderndayslave.net/darpa.html

Remember this party or even a individual involved has been sick minded RNM attacking and sexing Eric M. Zito for more then twenty years. These people have a very bad habit at doing this stuff as a totally sick phone prankster who is beyond. (How many sicko prank calls to that person did you make?). RNM is mostly all physical body torture, it is not a telephone.

Craig Zito of ModernDaySlave.net
July 19 2016

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Side article Ramble:

Could you believe the nerve of this freeloading Slavery running scum?

They come to my land my nation still running Slaves to this very day and all business fraud throughout the nation. With their illegal asses on my land my nation, their homes their feet on my land.

Freeloading off us brain impaired Slaves funds whom they've impaired while living their lives of content wealth to their choice. On top of this, then attack our American freedom and legal choices of life freedom with RNM and Slavery running and Mental Health RNM fraud.

Attacking Non-preferential Slaves, especially those whom have this "Slave Condition" knowledge. 

This Slavery running felon scum sh#t needs to be stopped once and for all! 

Here we are in the year 2016 in America and this is what's going on. 

The nerve of these people whom are sh#t of the earth hiding out as the cowards they are with their RNM and their "Direct Energy Weapons!"

note; the Non-Slaves whom are identified by the described "Slave Condition" are well aware of the "Slave Condition" and whom a Slave and whom are not a Slave.

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