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More than 40% ? 30 % ? 20% 10%

Angry, dissatisfied, disgruntled voters. And this is OK?

Where do you fix this broken sh#T and draw the line ? American Patriotic Tradition & Entertainment is OK ..  but "just a second".

 Not that it's Don's fault & who knows, "despite that", maybe he will be the best one... 

Why the hell has Microsoft been so much better and proficient at fixing sh#t than the U.S Government?

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2016 News Brief:      "Donald Trump President & Cheating New Jersey Casinos.

                                         "Slum Town Jersey U.S.A"

Why is Don running for president? Why has the public even tolerated this corruption? 
Is Donald Jewish by the way? What ever of this recall Trump and Yankee Nation "crime construction crew" extra road tax for Jersey? or were this not Trump?
As a investigator I have witnessed this orientation of construction crime throughout the state of Connecticut (intentional pot holes etc.) , was it a passed on Jewish trait or anything to do with Don? Wait a second how many constructions workers are Jewish? -

Anyway, why have they wasted my time with this?, 

OK, Dons going to fix the nation.. he's going to get more German cars for the illegal wealth and more party cash for them? (and Since Dons a 1980's guy) - Maybe get the nation another "Jewish Celine Dion" (Catholic/jewish french connection) sinfully singing her hit song "she can really feel her tush tonight" and another Whitney Houston fraudulently singing "America the Beautiful" ( or was she on crack at the time? or after? (Song still popular at the "Las Vegas Water Dupe Show").
He's going to "Create Jobs".. Same ol - Same ol string and Slave the nation along song. The nation already haves more than all the jobs ever needed for it's population and time being..  Need more farewell checks and more bigger paid welfare checks.
Read of this, see article: "Shame on the U.S"

Shouldn't I ever even brief of Hillary?  "Sex DMV"  *Shouldn't we know of any possible prostitution corruption of all U.S citizens? Not me but someone did mention Hill involved in sex crimes..

Back to the facts and "New Jersey" in the News: 

News Brief:
  "Attention California & U.S Gambling Public! (this includes New Jersey) 
  News From Major named California & 
  Las Vegas Casinos are Cheating at Blackjack!

  "Customers, families cheated ruthlessly out of their money and lives!"

  "Out-Law Jewish, KKK owned & operated Casinos".
   See this news alert: 

   also see: U.S terrorsist and Slavery alerts

       Do You Know Who's Doing these CRIMES?
         Please report immeadiately to: May hold Reward.

  See reports at: & 

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 Sure Trump, I trust ya!                        

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