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Note: the KKK is or were claimed as a Real Christian Organization

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Note: Real Jews are not Christians & Christ is denied by them.

Warning Americans, Real U.S Government would not  have allowed the practices of RNM as described throughout MDS.  Their is a nation Heist! The "Slave Condition" & RNM Practices described are not for security purposes! They're For Slavery purposes and Nazi orientation, Nazi or Nazi orientated conformation. 

This website is pertaining to "RNM" World & U.S Terrorist Whom are & have been committing murder & torture with these technologies. Millions of Americans alone are victim & are being physically debilitated, severely debilitated & Murder by these operatives. The assailants are extremely psychologically ill, Non-American totally disgruntled confused people, full of insanity & hate-rage. Millions of Authentic-American victims whom are Children & Adults since the birth of RNM about the year of 1970.
TO: F.B.I, the U.S White House & the Public: The evidence within this website & links pertains to the legality of the Terrorist Assailants practices, It's establishes legal fact regardless of whom, whether Mental Health, Medical and or Religious organizations, anyone committing  these RNM practices are felony illegal and shall be punished by death penalty, assassination. 

It's not Christian to wear and hang Crosses.