Does F.B.I have agents in U.S hospitals surveillance-ing for this "Slave Condition"? Note this could be taking place elsewhere besides a Hospital such as churches. Though I were never baptized. Were born at Yale New Haven Hospital though the crime is nationwide. This "Slave Condition" is not a old crime nor any legal religious practices. It's happening today. Very much here in California among the Mexican new born-s and other non white or white mixed race. I witness today's children and infants with this going on. 

Much F.B.I and all government Claims inadequate to investigate the "Remote Neural Monitoring" crimes listed at ModernDaySlave.net
Is F.B.I really lacking in electronic expertise? No assistance from DARPA military U.S Army on this electronic investigation?
(this is stated to let receiving F.B.I agents of this notice know there is indeed a heist being taking place and in government. Do not dismiss this notice and reports as being taking care by appropriate authorities. The reports, evidence and information are not being taking care of. Please make personal copies to distribute, as stated a U.S NAZI orientated Heist these are no Americans behind these crimes nor any legal medical police, government etc.) Do not trust you have delivered information into the right hands at F.B.I it's has not been! Deliver the information to all citizens and employees as possible. Again A nationwide "NAZI" HEIST!

"Fact: "Slave Condition" : The raising of the infants rib cage at birth and pulling the shoulders into false sockets which is done for the purpose of brain impairment and to enslave. Common in the United States. Very common in the state of California and extreme high percentages of this intentional medical industry given condition of impairment among the Mexican Race."

see fuller information http://www.moderndayslave.net/modern-day-slave-pg3.html