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             Green-Eyed Negros Infuriated of White Rock Musicians

May 22, 2017  included evidence update: U.S Terrorist - The Public, U.S White House, F.B.I. 
Assailants state quote full of vengeance hate expression in a Negro or Spanish voice "You will never be my star" and "you will never be a star"
Now who would say such a thing especially with such sincere hate? Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones are sellers to predominately White audiences and "we" are not all interested or not interested once so ever at all in Negro nor Spanish audiences to begin with.  The great part of these orientated Music and Culture are about Sex. I am not interested ever to sell sex to Negros and Puerto Ricans nor do I know any orientated ROCK GROUP whom would be!
Possible leading evidence: Now, either the KKK, Jew with sarcasm harassment or possibly a Non-White Race as the assailants. The crippled (?)... More mind games.
Though I have found many Negros to be infuriated jealous of White Rock Musicians.

Or can the assailants be Green-Eyed Spanish...

Craig of MDS

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