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How RNM terrorist portrays frame job for portrayed investigations purpose Nazi/Catholic/Jewish/Christian terrorism & harassment schemes.

Ever seen a multi-track sequencer? 
In theory lets say we have a Super Sony unlimited track mixer, sequencer etc.

We now want to use our music mixer toys to frame you for rape or murder electronically, RNM polygraph recorded etc.

To begin we will take the "Utah Data Center", or other brain mapping recordings of the the murderer, rapist etc. and add them to our new hi tech Sony mixing sequencer.

We will then start Recording tons of RNM brain mapping tracks of yourself to "double", mix in to fit the murderer, rapist recordings and identity.

Additionally with our hi-tech "Sony XK5 Virtual Visual Print", we will also double in virtual scenes, weapons, victims, blood prints etc. on your brain.

Question: Did you rape busy bee?
We now will add in the RNM special effects robots on your body. Effect tears. We will simulate a brain map of someone or yourself getting soap in your left eye. This will give us the tear affect.

Qustion: after you raped her why did you stab her?
We will now simulate another special RNM "brain map effect" of someone with very bad burning blisters on their heals and a pin stick in your left hand.

Question 3,4,5,6,1,99,10000: etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc. etc. 

After much hard work we then take our hi tech tracks and begin our mixing process and fine tuning until the mix and tracks are perfect. 
Once perfected we can then make you a custom RNM robot as the murderer which will run forever on your brain & body. 

Isn't this nice? 

We now have you electronically framed and ready to be sentenced for murder.

see RNM "XK5" example below:    


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