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RNM use in use by Illegal Religion organizations & Illegal Government   *Join the KKK, Jewish, Christian, Catholic other organizations, groups etc. and be illegally robbed, cheated of your American Freedom, Legal RIghts, Liberty.  Your freedom of legal rights to live as a free American. Read & help put an end to such illegal government, Slavery organizations & their illegal practices.

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures not actually or not necessarily in their original intended portrayed form or representation as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout

"Pedophiles" & "Adultophiles" is supposed to be * "legal lenient" &/or circumstantially "legal lenient" It's not supposed to be an issue! Mind your own sexual business which pertains to you & mind the laws which pertains to you & mind the incorrect laws, wrong, corrupt, unethical laws which pertains to you. "Pedophile", if you did this criminal scheme to the entire nation then we're all "Pedophiles" & "Adultophiles"

The KKK was established as a U.S nationwide invisible empire. Their goals of New World Slavery Enforcement and to secure White Power, a White wealthy nation. Today these historical Slavery cults throughout the entire U.S and their offspring are still illegally running and controlling Modern Day Slavery in the U.S.

          * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! **** 

                    Incompetent Societies, Incompetent Judges, Incompetent Juries, Incompetent People
                 Criminal Societies, Criminal Judges, Criminal Juries, Criminal People

Hate crime, money crime, other crime or an accident? :
Common sense will tell these "Remote Neural Monitoring" actions are criminal and of terrorist parties, illegal intruders, illegal people, networks/cults inside and outside U.S government, U.S territories etc. No professionals, no competent parties, competent people at these levels of simplicity and these levels of intricacy are this/that dumb, retarded, to this/these degrees, extents of recklessness and accident prone!
The RNM crimes are done premeditated maliciously "criminal intentionally". Criminal plotted, criminal insane. Crime/s in the first degree.

They're working on cars illegally to begin with! Stolen cars, hi-jacked cars, etc. If you hi-jack a person in their car *they have a legal right to shoot and kill.
Let's pretend a party were given legal permissions to work on a automobile! (?)
A professional automobile mechanic is supposed to be educated and or experienced to know how much he/she is to tighten the bolts on the car or other which he is working on. For a automobile mechanic to say to himself well god and or my religion or our societies culture told me to tighten the bolts so much or tighten them only this much or to tighten less then, or past the degrees of torque specifications or torque of satisfactory within tolerable known proper specifications.. This mechanic would not be competent in many or all his judgments, decision making. Would be gambling taking unreasonable chances with his work, customers, endangerment to himself and others lives.  

If the mechanic were experienced though a circumstance arose where he were not sure or not totally certain but said he will take his chances on the BMW's aluminium wheels and take a lucky shot, guess in tightening up the bolts. Then the mechanic has taken the chances known or unknown that the alloy rim/s could wind up damaged, un-repairable. Though likely replaceable (?) even worse case situation (?) possibly could even be lethal! Figures it's not likely the worse case would happen and it's only "BMW alloy rims". Typically who gives a sh%t! Right? But who really knows?

For a society, Judge, jury, doctors to make and take such unnecessary life jeopardy gamble chances to any lives and health of lives, life when decisions could have been checked, waited upon, updated, further monitored and educated on, other appropriate options, appropriate alternatives to secure and save the "just in case" the "OH MY GOD" "we didn't think that would happen"  or, we didn't think it would be "no big deal".. !  This would would establish an incompetent Judge, society , jury, doctor/s etc.

Courts, judges, juries, doctors, society etc. can not (are not suppose to) gamble on decisions, obsolete and questionable laws, old world unethical laws, practices, old world ridiculous, obvious incorrect, "INCORRECT SCIENCE", questionable math and science, inappropriate laws, laws in reasonable protest, freedom to ones and peoples life/lives, legal rights known and unknown, legal freedom of protest, active cultural protest, reasonable tolerances to the new generations protest, reasonable experiences, "the new world", next generation, U.S freedom establishments.. , "Constitutional, civil rights freedom", freedom based on legal intricacies other and all the not listed here. "Decision Gambling" based on, well, that's our personal or our preferred "religion" "culture" or I, we "think", we "thunk" this is best and that's what we're going to do with this persons, peoples life/lives at stake! "Decision Gambling" period!
This would establish legal incompetent, out of control, out of order, reckless,  un ethical, absurd, illegal, insane practices!

To "think" is not to know or know yet! What's the facts, the math, the science, the truth, the appropriate, the known, the correct science, correct math here? Or you don't give a sh#T. "A "picture video" tells a billion words".. (?) (though can be misleading or deceptive..) Every active citizen of such judgments need to stay in reality, the world we live in , today's science and new facts, real facts, real science not "Hitler religious", religious nonsense, the people, the BMW's alloy wheels and maybe next years model, the year 2020's alloy mags etc.! keep up to date with "Sex" , culture, today's pornography, new world freedom, adoptions, the changes, the should be changes and fixes etc.. If "not really possible" to obtain the known BMW specifications, at least try best with known reasonable tolerances or if allowable lenient possible then figure it out.. Don't break & destroy those alloys! Don't break these life jeopardy laws, rules, guidelines, fine points, intricacies as you do recklessly, unnecessary, no regard to ones lives and deaths at stake. 

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