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News Reports State U.S President George Bush and his Administration topped Hitlers mass murder rate.

NAZI Americans stealing billions of dollars of oil from these people. Do you want pirates coming to your nation stealing billions of dollars from you?

Update: Potential billions of more dollars in Rubber Tree industry throughout Afghanistan.  

This memorial on this website is for our Iraqi Heroes who risked their lives, died, given their best attempts to reach some justice in the United States Nazi nation the glorious and victorious day of September 11 2001. 

I'm sorry your full attempts failed and the White House and Pentagon wasn't destroyed, which would have served in justice to the United States Nazi Crime Nation. 

My great Friend and business partner Melissa, family and I were greatly joyed to have witnessed a moment of justice and will always keep in our hearts the true heroes the date September 11, 2001 

​May you, family and your people Rest in Peace.        *
No offense intended to the innocent

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