Once again stated I am not quote *"Pedophile" nor ever any such sex offender to be a target of U.S government nor U.S societies. 
In further defense to quote "Pedophile" : Your "God" of the earth, your creator, "Mother Nature" or whatever the hell you want to call it intended females to conceive and give birth as young as twelve years of age (some younger) even with adult sexual partners. (also see Nature's Course Theory on birth preperation. Can you prove it false? Cats do it so why shouldn't you?)
What the hell kind of government do you call yourself to support filthy orientated sexual practices of the Homosexual including their freedom and culture throughout the United States but not support quote "Pedophiles" & "Adultophiles" and their cultural practices. You love Elvis Presley he the "Pedophile".
Sex is intended to be enjoyed as well as to conceive and intended for your bodies health. Most healthy and healthy circumstance individuals should be having sex and sexual intercourse be time the ages nine and ten. It wouldn't be practical for most of us in today's world to conceive and give birth to thousands of offspring.
"Nature" Created males capable to produce thousands of offspring per male individual as well produce throughout the males lifespan.
As far as "Planed Parenthood" *Conceiving is supposed to be coincidental by your coincidental sexual affairs and your coincidental sex especially at younger ages. Though dating back to ancient history males were known to use birth control by the method of "pulling out" and not sperming inside of the female.

                                                           Copyright 2014 - 2017 All rights reserved http://www.ModernDaySlave.NET

RNM "Flash Imaging" & "Memory Flashing": Classic drive by pedophile frame work "created" by illegal White police societies: (discribe with a bit humor) 
Bozo the clown or goofy dog seated in the back seat (or passenger seat) of VW Bug or other similar scale size (poke dot) proportional car. While car passes the targeted victims sight ( "Remote Neural Monitoring memory manipulation triggered") the odd occurrence catches the victims attention. Meanwhile Bozo the clown and goofy dog transforms into the "Kid" which is seated in the back seat. Same similar opposite to this victim can be driving and Bozo with goofy dog appears on sidewalk.
Illegal police societies use this illegal tactic among many in attempt to make victim appear as a "Kid" stalker for reasons to use other tactics and obtain illegal authority (portrayed as legal) over the targeted "Slaves".
Similar tactics and other proclaimed use for "deprogramming" and programming the targeted "Slaves". "Slaves" (see "Slave Condition") are ran greatly on Nazi orientated brain programs, psychology, brainwash, hypnosis, electronic manipulations, electronic communications, many controlled through "Remote Neural Monitoring" technologies.
These *Nazi setups used to victimize, control and sabotage potential "Slaves" who are threat to the illegal societies, and have secret knowledge.
See also memory flashing as shown in the bottom page diagram.
With the use off "Memory Flashing" the assailant/s will flash victims memory to specific objects, colors, people, dimensions other characteristics, etc. The victim will then have to relearn the memory flashed objects people etc. So if the assailant were to flash your memory to say a drinking glass, you will then have to re learn the flashed aspects (including flashed angles) of drinking glass over again the next time your encounter the same or similar drinking glass. You may appear funny or suspicious while reacting to the flash programming. Note: Program can be set for same functions to reoccur even after you have re learned the drinking glass.

Memory flashing can also be used with a set program of bodily reactions, reponses, bodily functions where specific programmed bodily reponses, reactions occur to the victim once the flashed items, objects, legs, color complexions, people, sizes "dimensions" of people, colors, etc. re occur again. So ever time you see the same scale size similar drinking glass the program can cause you to twinkle your left eye, an itch on your knee, arm finger movement, erection, orgasm etc. depending on which boldly functions and effects are pre programmed to respond, react or activated through the "Memory Flashing" program .
Sort of like the sound activated "Clapper" (owned by your great grandmothers old maid) clap your lamp (erection) on or off. The memory in the "Clapper" module is programmed to respond and trigger the pre organized electrical outlet. The Clapper is activated by the sound of hands clapping together.

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Do you know the age of this blazing ass? Is it 14 or 32?

Tiger Woods loves his sex hobby

*"In future years to come State of California may begin sex licensing for State citizens including "Adultophiles" competency testing, permits & licensing.
All citizens of the state sexual partners will be registered via government technologies & internet services within the hour prior to partners sexual activities".
A joke of  reality? How is the marijuana legalization going in Los Angeles?  I smell and seen POT all over the town! Ever check out Hollywood Blvd. & Sunset Strip on Saturday night? You've got to be "Kiding" me!

Mentioned here for descriptions of "illegal" *"Jews" (illegal Catholics, illegal Christians, etc.) and their illegal cults sabotaging innocent Americans. With their mentally ill felon practices forcing American citizens to conform to what they want and demand Americans to be. Mentioned in defense of all victims. It's not illegal to explore and have learning experiences of perversion nor practice *"Satanic" orientated perversion, culture, even business within bounds of our laws and Constitutional Rights. Play your Elvis and AC/DC Records loud and wear your Rolling Stones paraphenalia proudly. Pray to Chuck Berry and thank him for all he has done for you. Adultophiles proudly dress and look like your sex Gods as you wish. Pray and give thanks to Brittney Spears.

In defense to Adultophiles and Pedophiles: Though fact is studies show mostly all males are highly active "Pedophiles" through ages 16-26. This meaning typical "Pedophiles" Already had, would have or would enjoy, sex with some ages or all ages between 9-18). Most circumstances of "Pedophile" pedophile meaning those who like, would like or prefer sex with under age 18. ("Pedophile" not meaning under age sexual harassment, sexual rape," sexual disorder" (disorder to who? the "Jewish Nazi") as otherwise defined and portrayed) are normal and healthy. *Questionable abnormal, mentally unhealthy otherwise as here described (*meaning those who aren't pedophiles). Same similar opposite holds true as "Adultophiles" (teens and "kids" eight years of age and up sexually attracted to some or many adults ages 16 and older). In the 1950's it was called "Rock and Roll" see video footage Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones. In the 1960's through 1970's it was called Free Love. The famous sex intercourse *pedophile Rock band "Led Zeppelin". All these Super Stars, Super Gods, their fans and followers were rivals and political activist to mass population of strict illegal Jewish, Catholic and Christian Cults and their illegal Societies throughout the world especially the United States of America. Freedom to practice this culture was established.

What is going on with this non sense in American society over sixty years later when each generation after the next chooses and prefers a "Rock and Roll" sex orientated culture? It's written all over their dress ware from tailor sexual fit style crotches, seamistry and beyond all throughout public and private. It's an all ages sex show. Just as the psychological desired orgies parties and Rock concerts. example: Madonna, Brittney Spears etc.

The next generation demands way more sexual freedom. They want it and desire it, it is already in "Public Domain". Twenty and thirty year olds literally look and desire to be sexually young and sexually younger. See www.Hollywoodham.net "Literally Appear, look and become almost any age you desire without surgeries and with no injections" Everyone gets to be a SexHard Rock Star. "Appear literally : 8yrs and 14 years old at 20 and 35, 17 at 40, 40 at 60, almost any age you want to be etc." must see www.hollywoodham.net

The sex party is legal for "adults" & "Kids"

Just about everyone of all ages dresses as a "prostitute" or near. Especially Hollywood Ca. of all places. If "kids" and "Adults" dressed as many dress today in the 1950's era in "America" many "kids" would be illegally taken off to abusive illegal reform schools and adults illegally taken to jail. For most in the 1950's era your constitution rights would be totally raped by outlaw societies and outlaw "law officials".

The way I see it if you're dressed publicly for sexual expression you have already offered yourself to the public for physiological sex especially those of competent ages. Shockingly fact especially most nine years of age and older. Parents who allow their "kids" to dress in clothing designed for high sexual expression or obvious clothing of sexual expression fact is you have already automatically emancipated your "kid" for this psychological, *physiological orgie party public and private.

Thoughts of people, thoughts of their experiment, thoughts of their experiences and thoughts added to their experiences, learning, exploring and pleasuring themselves sexually in their own mind with their own thoughts and thoughts of others is totally legal. Learning and enjoying things could take and last a lifetime especially preferences and experiences of sex and sex's perversions. Learning what it's like to have sexual "dirty" "nasty" "habits" and learning to become sexually "dirty" and "bad" learning and studying on your perversions and your newly found perversions (say thanks Craig?). Studying, learning what it's like to become an actual pervert, learning perversions, learning lust with "hands on experience", learning your own body. Learning about learning to be a "Sex Star" etc. What do you gain by actually eating and lusting for the forbidden apples?

It would be illegal and a destruction of our constitutional rights to restrict and penalize such individuals to these mentioned, practices, terms, description, circumstance and terms, circumstances beyond. If so we become illegal as a portrayed "Nazi orientated" nation and an "illegal Jewish orientated nation" and other similar.

Learning your learning sub conscious mind. What and why your mind learns against your own knowledge and what and why your mind learns without your own knowledge. Learn why you are supposed to have control of your minds learning processes and learn why you are not supposed to have control of your minds learning process. Your secret mind is learning without your knowledge, to all of what it is learning your are not supposed to know. Your mind is supposed to operate this way. Don't look! or go ahead and try anyway, though you can't see and understand it all. That's the way it is intended to be.

See later articles: Sex nature intended. Back to the primitive and forward to the future. The state of the present: What is "good" in the "bad" and what is "bad" in the "good".

Dress: Jews don't dress this style clothing simply because it's against their religion. It's against Jewish religion "law" to dress for sex. It's a "SIN". According to the Jewish, Catholic, Christian religion it's a sin for a female to expose even their ankle and rest of body must be covered and chest not exposed (a close enough description for this fact). Most others go beyond breaking the "Jewish laws" dressing themselves and their children for sexual expression.

Never was much of or a "hard core" "pedophile" if any at all but since attacks with "The Sex Machine" hmm??? Other than forced investigation necessary by all "Electronic Harassment" victems It could be an interesting and intricate study and should be for those politically involved or just those sexually interested. Government and society need to get the facts of sex and science straight. And let's go back to the primitive while we're at it. Things you need to know? or Things you don't need to know?

Though I don't approve of non subscription Remote Neural Monitoring use on are bodies, as it stands, Remote Neural Monitoring especially in it's known practices, is dangerous to your health and is illegal. Constitutes illegal high jacking and rape. Assailants use Remote Neural Monitoring technologies to harass, torture, rape and sex their victims throughout 24 hour periods per day years on end while victim is sleeping and awake. Malicious acts and purposes among many other is to deprive victim of sex and sexual health. This practice could cause and lead to heart attack, stroke and death. - continued

                                                                                             ​Copyright 2014 -2017 ModernDaySlave.net All rights reserved

Jesus is suspected to be a John to prostitutes by some Biblical experts and considered a "Hippie" outlaw 2000 years ago. Today's L.A society would be hung two thousand years ago in Jerusalem. Should we start by illegally profiling, stalking and attacking Craig who is not even a native to L.A?

Craig is responsible for all Sin in Hollywood the all mighty God of Sex Sin Satan is in him.

To all United States Society, Public and to all United States Government "I'm not Jewish, I'm not Catholic, I'm not Christian stop attacking me with your out of date, fraud, Science incorrect, illegal Slavery Sex Religious laws. Stop violating my Civil Rights Laws, Natural Rights Laws and Liberal Rights Laws" Craig Zito
Get that Religious crap out of the U.S legal system and pass laws to have all religious memberships, services, products labeled with appropriate contract , disclaimers, warnings, warnings as illegal Religious Slavery Cults etc. religious fraud known to cause mental conditions. A mentally ill disturbed society throughout the U.S. Fact along with all other intentional Slavery factors and tatics your American "Slaves" have been "made" mentally ill with this brainwash abuse and bullsh%t, illegal cult etc. Regardless of the good in the bad where is the warning labels and dissclosures?
When U.S Slavery was supposed to have ended 200 years ago you were supposed to stop *"Nigger" (White people) hangings" throughout the U.S nation by illegal United States KKK "Law" "Officials" You've fixed, corrected those laws (Slavery and hangings still occurred, to date including intentional bullets through the heads of the unarmed and innocent Public U.S Society by U.S "Officials") Now get off your lazy asses and fix and correct the rest of your illegal incorrect Laws and policies it's your job not mine!

Push it Real good!

Other reasons and excuse for this crime: Sabotage victims of high potential money profit, political businesses such as in Hollywood Entertainment industry, Casino Card Counters (note: as telecasted by Foxwoods Casino Ct. "Card Counters can put a casino bankrupt") , Sabotage individuals who have top secret Government and society knowledge such as the "Slave Condition" listed on www.moderndayslave.net

Note: Craig Zito  is the inventor of the "Stratking Terrorist Blackjack Strategy" www.stratking.net the Terrorist Strategy is twice as powerful as "Revere's APC Strategy". Revere and Ken Houston both used "Revere's APC Strategy" as portrayed to conquer the Casino game of Blackjack. My strategy as made publicly available through
www.stratking.net  will likely end the now offered Casino game of Blackjack available throughout the United States and international *once the strategy reaches enough proficient players Casinos will have to change or rid the game. The strategy is extremely powerful where any proficient players could literally become a millionaire over night using the "Terrorist Strategy".
Craig is also in the process developing an additional strategy which beats the continuous shuffle machines and video offered Blackjack games. With success and enough popularity of use by proficient players the two strategies could permanently place all Casino offered Blackjack games into extinction. 
Victims and motives:
Racial crime purposes and many other, including business sabotage, sex and population control in an illegal society.

You would've been a multi millionaire but you didn't "fck" her or you had a serious Remote Neural Monitoring headache, toothache, stomach ache or other induced RNM condition that day and didn't meet your break or lucky chance in your business field, you dropped out or thrown out of school "just because" etc.

Remote Neural Monitoring robotic tactics used on body and mind to portray victim is a pedophile and to seduce one into child pornography.
Electronic sexual rape, sex, arousing and seduction while victim is asleep and awake running teen and child pornography, sex on victims body. Example much times victim will be sleeping and awaken to oral sex and other sex simulation with portrayal of the Sex Machines characters voices, sounds robotic control in sync.
Technology is capable to give near virtual feel such as oral sex with your breast, private parts etc. Technology is capable and administrated to cause robotically controlled forced orgasms, forced erections, rape etc

Remote Neural "Sex Machine" Gaming example:

High jacking trapping targeted individuals sexual organs on Gilligan's Island (for simplicity explanation) with horney ten year old Mary Ann and horney eight year old Ginger (both come pre dressed in their new black leather boots (scent of leather included) or pink sneakers with no socks and black silk lingerie bra wearing no panties her glistening fingers sliding in and out her "pussy" moaning and calling out your name "want to fck my pussy" "fck my pussy" "I want your cum" "stick your dck in me" "please" etc.  sexually arousing victims months years on end to make subject/victim submit to sex with "Sex Machine" and it's many character's (can be hundreds of characters). Victim can be made aware of all or unaware of all activities.

Imagine being victimized unaware throughout your whole childhood and lifetime? Read below how this is also accomplished (sub consciously, sleep state, ecstasy state, dream state) without the victims awareness.

Aware mode: The more the victim submits the greater robotic sexual pleasure the RNM "Sex Machine" delivers to the victims body. Can feel or "They're Super GREAT" (Kellogg's) *though actual sex is far better. (Sex-Box "gaming" technology may improve in the next year and future years to come) The least victim submits the more sexually deprived the victim becomes. Silly rabbit "Trix is for Kids", "Adultophiles", "Pedophiles"? and innocent bystanders only.
*No viewer discretion advised, no self perticipation required, no subscription necessary, no off button. Terms and conditions, circumstance of gaming technology and it's use on victims, improvements, characters, other, etc. may change without notice.
Are you going to be a "good sport" and a good victim? Yum Yum drool..

High jacking victims sexual functions so victim can't have any sex unless victim submits into sexual thoughts of teens and "Kids".  Want an old hag instead? "Old Hag" optional at the victims or assailants/controllers preference.

See articles on www.moderndayslave.net "Sex Machine" by XBOXX gaming. Want to play Scar Face by Microzoft XBOXX? On the "Sex Machine" Mickey Mouse offers oral sex along side his partner Casper the Horney Ghost, gang & friends! A real "gang bang" experience! Other functions of the "Sex Machine" and Remote Monitoring attacks includes public harassment and can cause victim to appear as a man made portrayal of the over exaggerated and fabricated Mentally Ill. High jacking victims sexual functions so victim can't have any sex unless victim submits into sexual thoughts of teens and "Kids". Through investigation typically the younger age the victim submits to sexual thoughts and of the "Sex Machine" characters the less high jacked the victim's sexual functions become through controlled programmed technologies and their operators.

For males operators of technologies will include intentional erections arousing, seducing the male. Technologies include drugged effects, simulations as ecstasy, heroine and other drugged effects on victims body. Example: The Remote attackers (molesters) will control "Gate" and "Threshold" on victims sexual functions where attacker will not allow victim to have any sex unless victim submits into sexual thought participation with teens and younger and of the "Sex Machine's" characters. Victim is left high jacked sexual and functions under lock control by high jacker's technologies and preference of the controller. exp. Through program or controller the victim can be left unable to have sex or made difficult unless they submit. The program is engineered to seduce, arouse, influence, encourage and force Pedophile, Adultphile sex.

365 days per year we're serving "Kids" for breakfast lunch and dinner. You want one? If no then you're not eating!

Remote robotic body control, "the program" and type harassment can vary from one victim to other victims.

Example: as in the "Sex Machine" the programmer is capable to turn you into an African American or African like robot, where the robotic program is the same but instead of "Kids" , using the same program and programming and it's controllers seduces you into sex with African women or Chinese etc. So for those who never liked sex or much sex with African women will be transformed and portrayed as "Africanophile" seduced, induced, raped into African sex on the "Sex Machine" and it's whole world of. Get it?

Now do you want to play "Scar Face" for real? "A you're gonna die muta fckr!"
(similar xbox quote)
Remote Neural Monitoring and United States Slavery. You're such a good "Slave" drool..

 Assailants technology is capable of running victims on automated robotic pedophile programs and other including automated voice, image, visual response and sound response programs. (visual response may be activated via thought identity of what one sees through their visual sight) See my future investigations and postings. You could have "Kid" lovers and other subconsciously which you never knew you've had and wouldn't have otherwise.

Operators use the technology to rape victims years on end by repeatedly (thousands of times) sexing victims with "Kids". Causing repetitive intentional operator induced orgasms, sexual feel of sexual acts etc. Automated through a program and perhaps some automated by hypnosis to the "Kids" (other characters optional at controllers preferences) voices, sex intercourse sounds, phrases, imaging, smell etc.

Circus animal training: react this way not that way. Elephant tricks. Example: Every time they play Bug's Bunny they intentionally give victim bodily orgasms simultaneously. This could go on years, decades straight. So every time Bugs is around, you now are sexually infatuated with your lover Bugs and gang.  Operators will attempt to program or deprogram their pray as they choose. Basically attempting to control the victims mind and body. Victims can become as a robot operated through these technologies. Victim can be aware or unaware they're being operated as a robot mind and body.

Electronic Dream & vision: My new investigations: technology is capable of running flash imaging and short 2- 5 second video while subject is at a mode of resting state with eyes closed. The imaging and video are similar as a dream but investigations so far show easily distinguishable from actual dreams. -continued

Early reports were made more then ten years ago of Remote Neural Monitoring symptoms to Neurologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital where he investigated symptoms and portrayed symptoms to be neurological due to spinal injuries. He mentioned nothing of possible "Remote Neural Monitoring". At this time Remote attackers were not making attacks obvious nor audible. Audible known as VTK researchable on internet and described on www.moderndayslave.net "Auditory hearing illusion" also similar known as "Microwave Hearing"). 

As noted on various internet sites by victims and others who claim to be Former CIA agents who expose the technology to the public and it's use of. According to research, earliest use of the technology stated to be in use by CIA through 1960's and 1970's era. Today noted more widespread and used through various illegal party's throughout the world. One website reports a psycho path Jewish doctor by the name of Robert Gunn to be responsible of this felon crime done to high percentages of the victims. Motive maybe religious orientated, mob orientated, for brain wash purposes and to control today's new-world Slaves also likely in use for sabotage purposes against high business potential individuals and others who are not of the attackers network/s.

One website www.bj21.com states Remote Neural Monitoring in use by Casino industry crime parties in attempt to sabotage and cheat professional Card-Counters at the Casino game of Blackjack. WWW.Bj21.com states MIT (Mathematical Institute) Card-Counters were victimized by Remote Neural Monitoring attacks through illegal casino networks.Casino Networks can possibly network with illegal government and law enforcement networks to use such technologies for reasons to sabotage and frame professional pursuing Card-Counters for crime. Card Counting is not illegal.Example: If any Casino dealing a good game of Blackjack did not throw me out of the game nor limit my winnings or use tactics to sabotage my game play such as cheating, if I then so chose to I could win all the money the casino has to offer in a short period of time even with a very small starting bank roll.

Also see top secret illegal U.S cult information on www.Moderndayslave.net pertaining the "Slave Condition" this is a physical condition intentionally set at birth to cause brain impairment to predominantly none White race, white mixed race and mixed race individuals. example: the Mexican race throughout the United States. Obvious reason to run the intentionally Medical Industry impaired as Slaves and perhaps other excessive, non preferential Slaves into extinction. Those who are witness to this cult crime, oppose, have evidence, and potential to expose the crime and the crime parties are "Targeted Individuals". Among tactics including assassination would be to frame the individual for crime, frame the individuals as "Mentally Ill" and drive the individuals insane including through use of "Remote Neural Monitoring" technology for reasons to hide evidence, crimes, and avoid, evade investigations by legal societies and legal government.

Six years of reports were made to F.B.I and Los Angeles Police Departments, Department of Justice in regard to the Nazi/Jewish orientated felony crimes committed toward Craig, family and business networks from my Remote Neural Monitoring Attackers and high jackers. From investigations the attackers and their practices, portrayal are of illegal Jewish, Catholic, Christian cults. The nature of their practices are religious orientated and U.S "Slave" orientated conformation ("Slave" see Slave cults throughout the U.S) Not legal practices nor health practices. I've also contacted State California's General Attorney's office as well State Nevada's, State of Connecticut General Attorney's office and various other Gov. agencies including Al Sharptons agency in Harlem U.S. Reports were made to police since my residence 6539 De Longpre Ave Hollywood CA 90028. see www.moderndayslave.net link craig's death trap Hollywood house tested by Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power where test results were lethal levels of radiation poisoning on property. Other reports made in regard to illegal intrusion and obstruction to my music studio and music business by various individuals portraying false business relations and false contract. Early reports made six years ago to Hollywood Police Department and F.B.I while while still resident at 6539 De Longpre Ave. Hollywood 90028. CA Other reports were made to several other parties over the past 17 years pertaining to casino industry crime against myself and other card counters. All agencies portray they no nothing of Remote Neural Monitoring and many Government people I spoke with say it sounds Science Fiction to them. State California General Attorney's office stated to me It's illegal for any State California Government to use such technologies and practices and wouldn't be coming from no California State Government Agencies. She also stated me if such situation she is sure situation, practices is coming from an illegal source as such attacks would be un constitutional and illegal, civil rights violation to to all Americans. -continued

          * * * * * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches and share all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine  or don't read on ModerndaySlave.net , anywhere at all. Enjoy! ******

Letter to F.B.I, Department of Justice, Los Angeles Police, U.S  States General Attorneys, other July 29 2014

Excerpt: ("Adultophiles" & "Pedophiles")

The information and statements here are for purpose to protect the innocent and the extreme population of United States "Pedophiles" and "Adultophiles" the author is not a *"Pedophile" nor portraying himself as a "Pedophile".  Read and use the information, tools and everything on this website at your own risk, responsibility, discretion and/or risk of others not mine. Or don't read at all. Law enforcement and all active political society you may be obligated to read all information on this website and keep updated once the existence of this website is to your knowledge.

SEX is my religion, culture and business (including entertainment business) as well as my health practices and my proud perversion. I enjoyed sex as a kid and enjoy sex as an adult. If it's good it's good. I'm not Jewish nor Catholic, "psycho path Christian" so I typically have nothing against typical Adultophiles, Pedophiles, sex phens, perverts, those of other sexual preferences etc. though Homosexual sex to me seems to be of the most disgusting and mentally ill in it's actuality. (I'm not into feces) Not into real rape, have not willfully tried much of fake rape sex play, cool thanks anyway. If *raped for real, I hope she's a clean hot gorgeous mod and leaves me with no bad injuries. If she's ugly i'll be very disappointed and may want to press charges. 

*KKK orientated government/society tactics used to frame innocent people of the public and others as "Pedophile"
The damages are in the millions, billions to priceless per each victim of "Remote Neural Monitoring" also portrayed as investigations by the scum of the earth. )

Fact many "Kids" have just as good sex (fcking) as adults and do it better.. Some of the best sex in the whole wide world is of "Kids"
If legal age for sex is, say 16 (in Los Angeles sex law is 18), by law the underage "sixteen" aren't supposed to dress in sexual orientated clothing nor expose unnecessary nudity nor sexual behavior. The "Kid" is not sun bathing nor at the beach swimming and no it's not that hot in Los Angles nearly ever. "Kids" body is supposed to be appropriately covered\clothed. According to this description and terms "Kids" and or their parents or guardian/s are responsible for either breaking the law or the "kid" is responsible for emancipating his\her self or the parents\guardian responsible for emancipating the "Kid" themselves for sexual, activities, expression, behavior etc. Yes many "kids" and "Adultophiles" are competent to have some form of sex and some including intercourse at nine years of age and some younger. Especially 13 years of age and up. Do you want some lustful lushcious apples? How bout we put some Porn-Star "Kid's" in your face to nudely dance, prance, themselves, play with their bodies and sex you? Say what? You don't like sex to that extent? Can you prove that to the rest of the class? llegal government? Who ever? taking out others legal wrong on the innocent. Cover those apples or allow them to sex "us".
​ "Kids" in Los Angeles are age 17 and under and plenty Hollywood "Kid's" are 21 up, meaning in Hollywood you have plenty of "Kids" who are 30 and up and literally appear 17 and younger, plenty who are 21- 27 who appear 9-17 etc. Though this has been going on in Hollywood the past century, nevertheless much publicly known and popular till the 1990's Check:
www.hollywoodham.net​"Appear literally almost any without any surgeries and with no injections".

*I've done years of professional athletic exercise in Los Angeles wearing jeans and jogging pants in some of the most hottest weather including eight hour exercise regimes. What's your "Kids" excuse? Cover that ass which your legs are part of if you don't want them as participants in the sex show. It's the *law for "Kids" and their parents! Why Jews haven't such issues of no extent with their appropriate dress attire? For those who have a complaint which someone "looked" at your "Kid" ass, I don't even want to hear it so kill that noise! This is the United States of America. 
"I'm a prostitute in L.A (most are) who had my "Kid" dressed as a prostitute and someone looked at my "Kids" ass so i'm calling the police and hope the person gets a Rodney King beating." "The L.A police, L.A government, L.A society need to be hung, what a disgrace! " (close enough) Similar recent expression from a Christian God of the past century, Billy Graham recently out in L.A working for "God".

​​Lets talk about Billy Clinton and all the sin of the century which took place in the White House this past century..





Copyright 2014 Moderndayslave.net all rights reserved

Medical & Mental Health Industry allied with illegal United States Slavery Industry? : 
People in need of financial assistance from government and other is outrageous as well as the homeless rate, job related injuries, good employment, throughout the U.S., starvation crisis in the 1980's, 1990's and recent throughout the U.S. Many are commonly referred to and turn toward Mental Health Services specifically for financial assistance reasons. It's portrayed by physicians most practical simple way to receive welfare, emergency funds, food and shelter funds, other benefits for many regardless.
More than 50 million Americans are receiving Social Security benefits this not including millions more receiving other living cost benefits from local state and town welfare, insurance, charity etc.
Contrary to popular beliefs Social Security is not intended for retirement but for those in need who have debilities and those other recipients automatically eligible after age 65. Social Security for many in poverty circumstance who are physically handicapped, physical debilities including the *"Slave Condition" and Radiation caused physical debilities, viruses, diseases, air pollution victims, starvation victims etc. see also parasite victims on MDS.
Facts & Speculations: Mental Health Services verses going through expensive, excessive and dangerous physical evaluations and testings which the individuals haven't no insurance and no finances for. Otherwise just unnecessary and most practical this way. As they're all in starvation, shelter crisis and "Mentally Disturbed". In return many become victims to the Mental Health crime network and are debilitated by these physicians before they can take any legal action and or save themselves from this trap. Do you want food stamps and shelter cost assistance from the United States Government because your in need of food & shelter and suffering job recession because of some condition you have? Good chance you're safer begging food on the slum streets of the nation.
Nazi orientated "medicine"? : Possible motives to false diagnosis listed by physicians: Fraud: Physicians involved in illegal networks for reasons to have jobs, make money, accomplices to the crime working to secure the "Slavery" industry throughout the United States. Example patient participates in physician care in return physicians make money through doctor appointments, hospital care and sales of unnecessary and or poisonous pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, other profits and reasons to the crime including more jobs and paychecks for health care workers and all their networks. Considering the employment crisis, recessions in the U.S throughout the past four decades most poor or financially insecure would be on welfare without their jobs including Medical Industry physicians and workers. We already have enough or excessive "Mc Donald jobs", and other jobs. More jobs than we need to secure the U.S NAZI nation. Become a U.S Nazi citizen and get a job working for the mob!
On the Patients (the "Non Preferential Slave") end of things the patient is typed with some ridiculous disorder/condition and labeled, blacklisted through their lifetime for reasons to prevent the "Non Preferential Slave" from recovering and making any significant achievements, placing the "Non Preferential Slave" at further life jeopardy and likely or preferably into extinction.
Perhaps "Remote Neural Monitoring" jobs along with "Mind Control" maybe used as extortion, threat, and blackmail to secure the Multi Billion dollar U.S Fraud Industry. The technologies been reported capable use for murder. Death by Satellite. How much profit is your illegal network making and saving off the "Remote Neural Monitoring" scandals" Fact is "Remote Neural Monitoring scandals amounts and assist to a multi billion dollar illegal Nazi orientated industry in the United States alone. High jack my billions for your profit.
Other patients being scammed or involved in the scams and "trade offs" get free shelter, food assistance, other. Some get large money compensation settlements through employers and insurance (in the millions for some) as well as Social Security benefits. I've hear one Social Security recipient receiving $5,000 per month free! Though many are poor and receive barely nothing, a trap but still *(good ultimatum) for those in poverty with no immeadiate money making potentials, education, career, business skills, work realated injuries & conditions with no legal assistance, those at threat from United States ghetto environments etc. (Rather work in piss McDonald's for the same amount of money?) (see McDonald related crime articles & employee law suits) those seeking early retirement? The U.S Medical Industry is multi billion dollar industry and fraud is a large peace of the "Slave Industry Clock Work".
Traps to keep the financial desperate and intelligent individuals under their thumb in the U.S Nazi Crime Nation: Want to make a deal? or this is your only choice take it or die or take it and die! See "Gang Stalking" articles on MDS, illegal secret gangs of all financial classes throughout your societies public and private secretly conspiring, victimizing and controlling your life and business, intentionally stalking and wreeking havoc to "Targeted Individuals".
Working as the alliance: You unwillingly been initiated into the "mob cult" this is your life we've chose and organized for you, these are your duties and assignments. This is your paycheck! Now kill or be killed & *kill and be killed. A Nazi trap? or a bit more contrary perhaps more on the innocent side?
Physicians out to make shift a badly broken system? Job related law suits could take too long, cost money and valuable vital time which the individuals and their attorneys don't have. Too many financial settlements not amounting to enough. Persons being placed in life threatening situations by "illegal employer networks" who are at threat for big money (millions) law suits per individual case. Mental Health Industry known to hide the tracks of job related job caused PTSD and job related, job caused physical debilities to protect "illegal employer networks" from big money debts and law suits by labeling victims Mentally Ill and causing victims to appear and be Mentally Ill through NAZI prescription poison drugs and "Remote Neural Monitoring" including other electronic weaponry.
---Most other poor and physically debilitated are as well loaded with mental stress from their physical conditions, poor finacial situation and inhumane United States ghetto living circumstance such as drug gang, racial wars and police brotality environments, deadly pollution environments, malnourished, starvation, a life of sabotage etc. and they're at forced need of food and shelter cost assistance from the U.S Government. Mental Health Services are portrayed most practical and are a main resource in many states for impoverished individuals in need to receive Government shelter and food assistance. A victim is born everyday to the "alliance" NAZI Mental Health Industry fraud and it's crime awaiting.
Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTS) is the most common mental health condition, though commonly disregarded, misdiagnosed, under diagnosed, no regard for, uncared-for. Nearly all "Slave" citizens have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which they unknowingly live with. It's an intended part of the Slaves life and brainwash program effects. It's intended alongside the "Slave Condition". PTSD commonly misdiagnosed treated as schizophrenia and other fabricated false psychosis for those Slaves demanding for medical attention. You are now a a bit wise a "Non Preferential Slave" and we will now label and classify you as schizophrenia or other, terminate and destroy you. You're a Slave dud a defect to the "Slave Condition" and "U.S Slavery". A "dud" "Slave", a "bum" "Slave" to the United States of America Slavery Nation. See other conditions caused by the setting of the "Slave Condition" set at your birth including Mental retardation, Down syndrome, Autism , Death, other. So many Slave duds and cracked eggs during the process.
Also see top secret illegal U.S cult information on www.Moderndayslave.net pertaining the "Slave Condition" this is a physical condition intentionally set at birth to cause brain impairment to predominantly none White race, White mixed race and mixed race individuals. Example: the Mexican race throughout the United States. Obvious reason to run the intentionally Medical Industry impaired as Slaves and perhaps other excessive "Non Preferential Slaves" into extinction. Those who are witness to this cult crime, oppose, have evidence, and potential to expose the crime and the crime party's are included as "Targeted Individuals". Among tactics including assassination would be to frame individuals for crime, frame the individuals as "Mentally Ill" and drive the individuals insane including through use of "Remote Neural Monitoring" technology for reasons to hide evidence, crimes, and avoid, evade investigations by legal societies and legal government. You can hold evidence and or be a witness unknowingly.

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