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Letter to the White House April 30 2016

Addressed to the United States White House  (for public viewing) (Contains American Profanity)

White House has stated for me to contact F.B.I. Pertaining to the crimes listed at my website which is ModernDaySlave.net. F.B.I is playing retarded. I've also contacted DARPA and NSA. Of this pedophile fraud scandle and illegal Bait Entrapment Lure. We are not Pedophiles we're Bi-Age-Sexual Normal as everyone who is normal is supposed to be. It's not illegal to be Bi-Age-Sexual and is not a psychological illness. This is not totally funny as it's *NAZI terrorism. A pornography toy scandle , Nazi torture, attempt of murder and Religious heist of the American Nation. I'm Native English American and Native Cherokee Indian American as well Cherokee recognized by U.S Law. Apparently the nation has been heist by an out-law Religious and Medical networks and I'm victim to this anti-American heist for more than thirteen years especially coming into Hollywood CA pursuing my music business at age 28. "Mick Jagger and Elvis are pedophiles"? This terrorist party is insane. Now we have no Modern Day Elvis nor Rolling Stones. 

The party is heisting males, female who are still supposed to be mating with a fraud pornography scandle. example pornstar adultophile teen, Kid "RNM brain sex clone toys". Though some do exists in reality Cartoon orientated etc. I personally don't know of any "under age" who I would have sex with nor have been attempting to acquaintance such a practical opportunity, affair.  Just a Mick Jagger who were out in Hollywood pursuing my music business at the time of this terrorist attacks. They even went to the extent to burn out my voice. Which I'm a professionally trained vocalist. Stop and assassin these terrorist as soon as possible! Trust me they are no Americans. See legal and full information at www.ModernDaySlave.net  *If such a sexual outrage exist, under legal obligation the U.S governments were supposed to have established "Sex DMV" licensing registrations required to all sexual affairs. This would have been appropriate legal procedure not RNM heist . RNM heist is felony out-law anti-American, NAZI operations, procedure, process. It's not illegal to be a Bi-Age-Sexual nor a Pedophile. "Pedophile" , for the most part, this is religious stuff as in Jew-ism, catholic etc. not American not Law.  Craig Zito of ModernDaySlave.net 

The LAW: *U.S Governments of town, City, State, Country were and are 100% legally obligated to and have established "Sex DMV" of such sex issues It's necessary! (surely be-time the 1970's). Under much circumstances they've felony broke the law by not doing so. Neglecting their legal responsibilities and obligations so they may run, participate, allow out-law Religious and "Slave law", organization and establishments (Catholic, KKK, Jewish, Christian, other *NAZI orientated, etc.). Many of these former and present Government individuals, enforcers, political parties, other responsible are to be penalized and many assassinated to date for these felony Slavery Crimes and participation, including all properties confiscated! Yes this includes the Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Obama administrations and beyond including local town, state, city governments as well. Law is in order of appropriate procedure not felony procedure. Example: KKK sex prop to control population of Mexican Slaves in the state of California and Hispanic Slaves throughout the Nation. (And if you don't like this you felon Jew-Klux-Klan Slavery runners, too bad, fact & freedom of and too my speech!)

To F.B.I Pissed  April 30 2016

"This is total bull n#gger sh#t! what the f#ck% is going on with my case??? And yes this is a serious inquiry! And the attitude and language is legally appropriate! As the disgusting service I received through many FBI representatives. Be sure to send this to the FBI complaint center as well along with all notices documents you have received. You allow a scum bag to destroy a multi billion person? (anyone for that matter) No return calls nothing. White house including, local police, N.S.A, U.S Military has told me this is a FBI issue. Now if it's not then you need to figure out who is suppose to be investigating this and let me f#ck%ng know! Also where is Information of freedom act request filed six months ago? Craig Zito 31x-xxx-xxxx ModernDaySlave.net You're in my Country not yours! Can you do your jobs handle your business or not? You want me to terrorize the FBI and their families with Remote Neural MKULTRA mental health pedophile fraud! Quit acting as dumb! Is it the hillbillies at DARPA? not then who? Get on the ball!"

"We're not the culprit, you're mentally KKK/Jewish/NAZI/Catholic/Irish
Slavery Running ill
*Saddam Hussein and the Pope wants to be Jesus..
End RNM Harassment it's a felony.
MKULTRA - Paperclip - MK-KKK"

"Craig is Anti-Gay
Anti-KKK & Anti Catholic

"We're Bi-Age-Sexual like Mick Jagger & Madonna
Support Bi-Age-Sexual it's normal"

"I'm not in the KKK I'm not Black, Jewish, Russian, nor Irish

Help end Mexican Brain Impairment & KKK In California"

"We're not Catholic, Jewish nor Christian"

"The United States is a International Business Country
Are you going to attack Japan too & their sexual culture?  www.ModernDaySlave.net"

Do not allow Jews, Catholics, Christians, Blacks, Irish etc. to Heist the U.S.A 

"I'm U.S Cherokee Indian
This is not your country!
You're privileged here by business and actual law only!

​"I did not fraud your government! 
"Your government" defrauded me 
and murdered my mother! "
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A multi-billion dollar fraud medical industry paid on your taxes!

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