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Los Angeles Police Report

To: Los Angeles Police Dept.

From: Craig Zito

03-25-2015 Report and information contains excerpts from www.ModernDaySlave.net

As referred by F.B.I, for I Craig Zito to address and report this issue of "Electronic Harassment" commonly known as "Remote Neural Monitoring" with my local police department/s.

Also referred by New Haven Connecticut Police Dept.  to report the issue to my local Los Angeles Police Dept. in first attempt so they may initiate a possible investigation in Connecticut. Brief incidents of RNM attacks have occurred while I resided in New Haven CT more than 13 years ago. Brief meaning, four occurrences which only lasted a minute long each which were obvious incidents known as VTK.  VTK is detailed describe on www.ModernDaySlave.net. Briefly VTK refers to: voiced sound & audio transmissions which are electronically transmitted to the victims hearing, auditory system. VTK has been stated as used in "Remote Neural Monitoring". or other additional "electronic weaponry" commonly used with "Remote Neural Monitoring". 

RNM attacks may have initiated, originated coming out of U.S states of Alabama, Georgia as other investigation holds and trace as suspect.

Though initial brief, minute RNM attacks date years back, I have had no such extents, natures in the past of current "RNM" attacks until my recent business in Hollywood California over the past 13 years. Heavy, extreme RNM attacks, RNM sabotage didn't occur until my existence in Hollywood, while in "progress successful business" as a Professional pursuing Musician, recording engineer, entertainer, model etc.

Melissa Kiley my wife/girlfriend of more than 20 years who has been with me throughout my business in Hollywood California, has witnessed the RNM issue, situation and the extreme sabotage to our lives & business which the RNM terrorism situation has caused.   

As documented in description on ModernDaySlave.net, severe RNM assailant attacks (meaning beyond just "secretive" spying etc.) began four years ago during my work & business; "time crucial entertainment work", including a lifetime of artist work in much successful progress. Working as a Professional Musician etc., including works with other artist and business partners. The RNM sabotage has amounted in career time lost, enormous artist work/s and life lost to myself, family, business partners and others. A hard working athletic body and health sabotaged. The damages have literally amounted to priceless. Including harmful damage to my health.

Extreme "Electronic Weaponry" sabotage attacks dating five years back and beyond are here stated including five years ago during artist major work contracts & professional recording arrangement. Professional recordings were to be released as scheduled within one year thereof as an independent artist, record label,  ASCAP registered Musician & Producer. Contract/s included work and investments with a potential guitarist, drummer, multi talented musician from France who is Sebastian Ahado. More than $300,000.00 were invested in me as a artist & business during this time frame alone between the years 2003 - 2010 during my location, business in Hollywood. Sole Investments into my music business including for this purpose to be located in Hollywood California as a potential pursuing major music industry artist. Sebastian Ahado most likely lost priceless life, life crucial work and career crucial time as well, due to the RNM terrorist parties. 

Also see Dept of Water & Power Radiation report and investigation report at my Hollywood Home & Music Studio located at 6539 De Longpre Ave. Hollywood CA. 90028. The report shows lethal levels of Radiation saturation throughout the property. This report can be found documented on ModernDaySlave.net. All working Artist at this Music Studio premises and household were being made sick by this radiation. These levels of radiation as listed on the DWP report are documented by Radiation health experts to make anyone sick at term exposures as well assist in & cause cancer at rapid rates.
My website: ModernDaySlave.net Is a must read for all investigators as it contains a "book full" of thorough information pertaining to my situation. Printing & mailing out the information and all it's details to all the pertaining Government agencies would not be all that practical, resourceful and time convenient. 

The RNM electronic harassment assailants electronically victimize, electronically rape and harass 24 hours per day as description detailed throughout www.ModernDaySlave.net 

I have made phone reports as well as walk-ins to report the situation recently & in the past to local Police and other government agencies, though I have not received no correspondence pertaining to any investigations of the situation. No correspondence in regard to: such as who is "the", or who is the possible "RNM" assailants, parties, agencies, organizations etc. Nor any information provided of known process to stop the RNM crime and technology use on my body .

During only one of many phone calls to government agencies, an NSA National Security Agency agent who's identification is #66 stated to me "we are investigating the situation". Though I have not received any appropriate follow-up, no correspondence since this conversation.
This is a serious time lapse situation which needs immediate fast serious government and technological investigations, and considered a near emergency as the RNM terrorist parties are de-sperming their prey as well been stated causing heart attack, stroke and death to the victims. Reported causing other victims to commit suicide. "RNM" portraying healthy individuals to plain out appear as mentally ill in physical form, sabotaging other life vital business. The RNM terrorism is a great threat for mass population hi-jacking & hostaging. 

I have placed up a website which pertains reports in detail & reports, documents, articles, descriptively to my situation. The website is www.ModernDaySlave.net and is a necessity to read for all investigators and to all it pertains to.
The website includes important investigations, evidence, motives, reports, articles throughout. Though much of the site is presented in a "entertainment" manner for comprehension purposes, public attraction, public awareness reasons, investigative purposes, and other; the website is serious and straight to the point. Much pertaining to "Remote Neural Monitoring" operations, "RNM" investigations and probable, possible, and factual motives of the "RNM" assailant/s attacks of "Electronic Weaponry" etc.  directed to me as an individual and their other prey as well. www.ModernDaySlave.net includes sustainable speculative investigations, & sustainable theories as to: who are "they".    "RNM prey" throughout the website is termed as "Targeted Individuals". 

Important information on www.ModernDaySlave.net refers to links titled the "
the Slave Condition". My discovery of this fact, myself as the evidence and the information listed including other information and evidence I contain are of main motives of the terrorist parties directed attacks and frame work toward me as an individual.

Also noted on www.ModernDaySlave.net I am "www.Stratking.net" who is a world history top Blackjack Card-Counter and the owner inventor of the Stratking.net strategy. Listed here as "Stratking" holds more, other possible motives to the RNM terrorist parties pertaining to my situation. The Stratking card-counting strategy is a "never released" before Blackjack strategy which yields a enormous advantage over the Casino game of Blackjack. A 8% advantage compared to the popular market strategies which yield 1% advantage. I also have a more powerful than 8% advantage counting strategy in the making which will also beat continuous shuffle machines at the game of Blackjack. Other including, I have invented a occurrence probability program which is still in making. The program allows to detect and prove card cheating, fixed decks, magicians, trick cards etc. in real-time games in action and "any" past recorded Casino games of Blackjack, other games. The program predicts next card occurrence, next outcome and facts of other occurrences. Will detect fraudulent  games solely by card occurrences and other game occurrences. This power program eliminates the need to see proof of card magicians, slight of hand, "caught in action", caught on video, and other proof of cheating mechanisms etc.   

Simply aside from these motives, Casinos are well known, reported, documented for harassment and stated responsible, related to past history crimes including murder onto Card-Counters.  MIT Mathematical Institute students who were Blackjack Card-counters have reportedly claimed to have been victimized and harassed by RNM terrorism. Though I doubt or seen no substantial evidence which suggest most or the other RNM victims are Casino patrons, casino other. Of course this would be ridiculous to believe RMN terrorist are solely targeting card-counters. However, the RNM assailants do use a anti card-counter program as part of their arsenal.

Of my RNM experiences so far, including my unknown knowledge pertaining to "RNM electronic capabilities of transmissions", suggest there could be more than one or multiple RNM assailants; as in a victim receiving harassing & prank calls from unrelated multiple parties, a computer interacting with another, a hacker etc.

Also see Medical & Mental Health industry corruption articles on www.ModernDaySlave.net. RNM harassing assailants also use schemes to portray patient confusion mix-ups to the individuals which they're targeting. Such portrayals of health treatment for stroke, mentally ill, other. If such experimental treatments exist and are being portrayed administered for medical health purposes, the RNM parties are indeed intentionally "confusing", mixing health records of individuals for sole purposes of intentional malicious attack, crime to their prey. If such medical practices exist, it's a total resource in it's "loop holes" for secret crime parties who have access, accessory to cause this havoc. 

My investigations show the initial "RNM" attacks and other were pre-meditated - malicious- intentional- for sole purposes of sabotage. The RNM assailant/s express their reasons for attacks as: profiled hated, a personal vendetta, prejudiced, a total vengeance. Nazi, racist insanity orientated.

As stated the situation needs immediate investigations, by authoritative and Government investigators including investigations by technology experts in this field.

This Police report will be sent to other government agencies and to others who it pertains.
Please document this letter/report as a police report appropriately with L.A.PD

I'm also currently writing other detailed reports/articles pertaining including further investigations. Example: in the year 1970 my step sister were victimized by this or similar technology in the State of Alabama. "RNM" attacked by an expressed religious party. Other recent research is pointing to a mass Christian cult, stated of, pertaining to Pat Robertson of the 700 club and Billy Graham organization. Information states their network/s are secretively involved in or associated with Remote Neural Monitoring parties/networks. These parties are known originated out of the U.S south. Other information states these Christian cults, the organization/s of Pat Robertson and Billy Graham have been direct associated in the past with and networked with Ku-Klux-Klan. The KKK also well known as another "Christian enforcement" cult/organization and it's known prevalence in the state of Alabama. 

Other information reports Robert C. Gunn, PHD 2004 Hogback Rd. #16 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 phone 734-786-8079
responsible for much RNM terrorism throughout the U.S.

Other investigative suspects to my individual circumstance includes Yale New Haven Medical associated and Connecticut Mental Health Center of Yale New Haven. These networks have been stated involved in conducting illegal secretive experimentations & "Nazi orientated Medicines" on the society of Greater New Haven and other.  Other medical industry networked suspects include Cedars Sinai of Beverly Hills California. Saint Rapheals Hospital, New Haven CT.  A Hartford CT Doctor "Levitz" or "Levis".

To further many investigations, the mentioned parties and other may require Government investigators as well as other private investigators.
Correspondence can be sent to me at the listed physical address, email address & phone.

Sincerely, Craig Zito 

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