Bait, lure entrapment is a crime.

Example: Police gives, lures seduces, addicts one to drugs for purposes to frame the individual as criminal or other criminal intentions. Example: sabotage ones legal business, life. Normal life etc. Criminal intentions. see medical industry Slavery cult allied.

*Adults meaning over age 16 who "would" have sex or had sex with particular "Teens", "Kids" does not establish any correct medical science nor legal correct as "Pedophile", mental condition, disorder. 

The known RNM "Sex machine" for Pedophile evaluation purposes, other  is a fraud. A criminal designed program & uses of.

No designers, operators are this retarded. You can't be that retarded unless you literally were retarded.

Parental Guidance: Contains some profanity, sexual language etc. Read all of at your own Liabilities or don't read. Enjoy!

this box contains profanity, profanity warnings may not be labeled always.

United States Law says: You can fantasize about sticking your "dck" in anything you want to, fantasize, dream to stick your "dck" into.  Same for females fantasize anything into your "hle". If you don't like that to the degree, extents your going to attack Americans with crime and felony crime, RNM crime. Then get the "fck" out of the U.S and stay the "fck" out! You want us to  RNM attack your brain, bodily functions for fantasizing about "Jesus Christ"?

Legal point: Mom gives her "Kid" permission and buys her "Kid" an adult size dildo to use.

12 year olds have adult size penises.

Yes "Kids" for most of you this is as big as your penises will get in size your lifetime.

It's not illegal to be "Bi Age Sexual" or even Pedophile in any U.S territories, just as Heterosexual, Homosexual, other. No parties including government, religious parties have legal right to hi-jack with RNM, other technologies for reasons of Sexuality, Culture etc.

Don't believe nor tolerate!  Illegal parties, societies, including illegal government who say and state else-wise. Shall we hi-jack you for being Christian/Jewish. 

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures not actually or not necessarily in their original intended portrayed form or representation as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout

"Maybe Baby"

Practice Harmless Safe Sex

*Pedophile definition: A false fabricated over exaggerated, "man made created", "disorder", "mental illness condition". "Created" by insane psychological, religious and or *Nazi orientated parties. Enforced practices in the United States among illegal Medical Industry, illegal societies & Government. Included among other: Brainwash, Slave control tactics & war tactics to frame, target, illegally control, including "Mind Control", "Restricted Thought Control", Sex Control, Population Control to innocent Americans, others. "Bi Age Sexual", "Bi Age sex" & "Bi Age" sexual intercourse does not represent "Pedophile" nor a rapist or wrongful sexual conduct, "condition" nor "disorder". Under Legal age sex (*"written law" or standard rule.) "alone" does not constitute a rape, rapist nor wrongful sexual conduct. A accidental, coincidental, sexual experience which "may appear" as wrongful sexual conduct does not constitute, establish a rape, rapist, wrongful sexual conduct. *An actual "true" case "Pedophile" is a rare case such as "the Elephant Man". Unlikely in most accused. It doesn't mean your "sick" nor have an "illness", "condition" to *be, *play *"Mick Jagger", other, etc. ( (?) *"Mick" rule *established *1960's) Fact: *"Written law" does not "establish" *actual "Law".

* * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! ****

"Maybe Baby" ("A  Perverted sexual phrase" (or other similar) I believe it's popularity, from 1920's Jazz & Blues era (& previous, Ragtime etc.) heavily popularized up to the 1990's (similar included, adapted in "Rock & Roll", "Rock a Billy", Country & "Rock" music lyrics & "Culture", other (no, not *"Christian Culture" *("silly") (maybe bi-Christian). (sex phrases created by Whites & Negro Americans? What's wrong with that?) ("My Baby Rocks Me", "Lets Play House "Little" Girl", "Rock Me Baby all Night Long" etc. Lets play "Kids", "play" & have sex "again" like we used to really do, want to, always did or always wanted to, some literally supposed to (Is Mick Jagger A "rooster"?). Other similar "come over "Little girl" (or "Baby Girl") & rock your daddy all night long" (similar White Country music Stars, Hank Williams & others (*"I got a "little gal" who wears her hair up high") (the "Little girl" having sex with the older males). (He can sex you best cause he knows how). The *Jews, the *KKK, *Nazi,  ("Slavery parties, cults", Religious cults (including "in the closet "Religious" & "portrayed" Religious parties (all nut cases & greatly outlaw practices) don't like this. Are they right to interfere with "freedom", your, others legal "Culture" practices, legal life experiences & Religion? What country are you living in? Also see "outlaw laws" still in use, in practice and enforced by criminals, criminal government & the insane.

Get out the lipstick, blond wig, panty  high mini skirt & high heel sneakers. 1950's, *Shape up, Micro-derm (an old, once secret technique to remove (shed) aged & damaged skin mostly throughout the whole body if desired to reveal the "new skin" (flesh) beneath (new under layer) (Micro-derm also stated to build and restore skin collagen), pro make up, manicure, pedicure, super duper facial & special effects photography. In 1950's *an old fifty year old Marilyn Monroe (a professional ("horny"?) Hollywood entertainer) in the attempt to "appear" as a sexy young age 20's ( an *"old lady" & a professional at sex, portrayed as a young girl for purpose to sell "sex" from the "United States". or?..   
These practices still extremely popular in entertainment to date with even more realistic (deceptive?) appearances & personalities. (see:  How young or younger do you want to go? What's really practical? Not impossible? A new craze or same old one? A new insistent protest to our freedom from "Pedophiles", "Adultophiles" , naturalist, "freedom activists", others? What's all wrong with trying out or doing the Sushi thing? (chocolate ice cream (or juicy blueberry kool-aid with that "little girl"?) (Black & White sex? or "Bi Age Sexual"? (are you a "in the closet" "Bi Age Sexual"?) The "Kid's" want it as always. What's your opinion in the 1960's & to date Mick Jagger? (or does it matter?) Do you want to do it for real or for fake? Now lets see, *why is the *"Government" costing priceless, illegally, excessively,  disturbing, obstructing, sabotaging, life, the lives & freedom of "Americans" with these questions, *Nazi "mind & life control" and absurd ridiculous, ignorant nuisances? Pre meditated malicious crime to cause harm & with intent to cause harm via electronic, electrical & satellite harassment. Is it for the same o'l, good o'l boy United States *KKK illegal Slavery Government Power reasons, tactics & reasons to fight against "Black Power"? Who is "this" or "the" American enemy?
see articles:
"Adultophiles" , "Pedophiles", "Jews" & the *"KKK" , also: Real reasons behind illegal sex age law enforcement





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