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See below: Police, Government Report & Notice.

March 16 2015
From: Craig Zito 043-66-3839
To: the addressees, Government Police Departments, Attorney Generals, Government etc.

I Craig Zito has & here is Demanding for immediate investigations from "you" the addressees & recipients of this "Notice/Report" for this here-in describe circumstance/s, including: ASAP, reasonable as possible, appropriate response & correspondence. 
Craig Zito From , my website which pertains in-depth detail to my situation. I have & tried contacting many government agencies especially the past four years. The "Electronic Harassment", "Remote Neural Monitoring" (RNM) terrorism still continues. This includes RNM sexual hi-jacking, RNM "VTK" harassment ("VTK" is termed as Microwave Hearing & "Voice to Skull), neurological system harassment, death threats, VTK abuse, intentional RNM induced stroke simulation, other. "Gang Stalking" & attempts to portray as Mental illness &"Pedophile". This includes "RNM robotics" as detailed described at my, Craig Zito's website:  
While in Hollywood California as a resident initially & solely for Business purposes as a Professional pursuing musician, studio engineer. For 13 years and the past four years excessively while resident to Hollywood California, the "RNM assailant/s" attacks include  harassment, hi-jacking attacks include 24 hours per day obstructions to my work, life & business as a Independent Hollywood Professional Musician, Model, recording studio engineer, my life in general. A independent business & *individual who has been extremely sabotaged by "RNM terrorism", other "electronic weaponry" etc. A world history top Blackjack Card-Counter where RNM terrorist continuously attempt sabotage, harassment to this business as well. I'm  Must see my detailed situation listed all throughout  for detailed description & investigation.
This Notice is authorized by Craig Zito and is intended, requested, demanded to be documented as a government, Police report, Notice, additional report, information etc.
"Carbon Copies"s of this Report/Notice will be sent to various government, agencies, departments, organizations, other etc.
Sincerely, Craig Zito 

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                "Slave Condition" Detailed description, information & personal record  

  As recorded on Yale physcians: while at Dr. Segal's facility, Dr. Segal & his staff intentionally gave me an electronic concussion during a stated harmless test/exam. Deceptively during the EEG test about three men barge in to the room attacking me: I'm calmly laying on the EEG testing table with like 100 wires *glued connected to my skull. A polite female EEG technician with me in the room who was doing the the stated "harmless" EEG testing. Somethings going wrong, I started noticing shocks to my right ear and remember white thick fluid like ounces begin coming out of my right ear. At this same time the technician wiping the fluid from my ear. Maybe cerebral brain fluid (?)."The men"; first someone sneaky quietly behind me grabs and cuffs my arms to the table "huh" then three men as I recall barge through the door. I recall kicking while they were placing my legs into restraints. I also recall a tall huge fat black man. The men attempted to place my physical body back into the "Slave Condition". I last recall screaming "fire" in attempt to alarm persons outside the examination room for help, then being gagged by Dr.Segal himself placing some black object in my mouth (maybe black rubber object of some sort). During this time I some how blacked out, knocked out. May have been struck on the head. Waking from this my body, my brain left in a concussion, confusions, dazed walking stupor state, my ears ringing extremely loud. This "first" attempt to place me back into the "Slave Condition" did not hold, set, and once again I escaped this physical body skeletal "Slave Condition" setting after leaving Segal's facility; though still left in this concussion, stupor, dazed state. I recall driving around my town for hours dazed in a stupor, disorientated, confused, lost in all direction in my own home town not being able to find my way home.

Initially I was sent to Segal who is Yale School University neurologist by Jacobb & Jacobb Law firm for a portrayed examination after being hit in a car crash by a military personnel while I was stopped at a red light.The driver claimed his flip-flop slid off his foot and causing him to hit my vehicle. At the time of this crash I was out of the "Slave Condition". Overwhelmed of my discovery to this "super human", my discovery and physical body release of the "Slave Condition". Though going about my life normally as I secretively securely could for the most part. Though being *stalk by "gangs", police, government , perhaps CIA, others. Let's see here: these probabilities: escape from "Slave Condition", Military personal, flip-flop, Dr. Segal incident.. 
Note: Some of the stalking was related to myself as a Casino Card-Counter and other discoveries of the illegal "Gaming Industry". (See my website ) though Illegal Government, other, KKK & Jewish Slavery cults are involved in this Worldwide fraudulent corruption as well.

Later again hi-jacked and placed back into the "Slave Condition" by another doctor. Dr. Papas. After the Dr. Segal incident 
not trusting this situation I dismissed Jacoob & Jacobb and while still disorientated, dazed from the concussion sought a 
different attorney who was attorney Levy. Levy was referred to me by my family. Levy sent me to Dr. Papas for exam. Dr. Papas a Chiropractor & MD or other who also had me see various other doctors including a neurologist. Conducting chiropractic therapy to my body. One evening during a closing time appointment with Dr. Papas after many chiropractic treatments by Papas; I was hi-jacked by papas with his assistant where they portrayed to be doing a chiropractor adjustment. Placed me on a special slide type of table where papas and his assistant then placed me back into the "Slave Condition" by sliding my body on this "slide table contraption" and pushing my rib cage up and scapulas up simultaneously while pulling my shoulders back into the "locked" (settings) position which is "the false sockets on each scapula" this holds the shoulders placed locked in front of the clavicle (collar bone) this all holds the rib cage into this "locked" "Slave Condition" setting. The scapulas as well are locked into false *rotated position on the clavicle.  Therefor keeping the rib-cage stuck in its false raised position; this all positions the first rib bone at the top of the rib-cage to be locked into its false position for purposes to compress, push a neck vertebra (maybe the seventh vertebra in the neck) (this is verified by the hump on the back of the "Slaves" neck and the position of the shoulders located in false sockets on each scapula. Shoulders positioned more in front of the clavicle. Also take note the clavicle (collar bone) is positioned at a 90 degree rotation on the "Slave".) The neck "hump" noticeable on most Slaves of this setting is cause by this "overall falsely positioned locked skeletal placement". The "hump" is from the first rib bone pushing against the neck & it's vertebra.  

This "first" rib bone which compresses, pushes the vertebra into false position which is "locked set", causes: either and or 
both: nitrogen to be trapped into the skull as well as compresses nerves, compresses, slows, restricts proper artery blood flow supply to the brain. The trapped nitrogen, may also assist in this "Slave" setting by compressing, causing dysfunction to other functions such as the pituitary gland of the brain which is located near the bottom of the skull. Maybe thyroid gland dysfunction, overall neurological dysfunctions, impairments, musculoskeletal dysfunction, joints, inter-vertebral disks, etc. Overall neck vertebrates and spine vertebrates throughout are not sitting aligned properly, not anatomically correct. The "Slaves" skeletal system is also left stiff, no where as near "flexible" as the human skeletal system supposed to be. "Stiff" especially noticeable in the upper body, torso region compared to "Non Slaves". 

The "Slave" does not have the same musculoskeletal physical capabilities in strength, endurance and flexibility, coordination.  How high can you jump? How well and fast can you dive & swim etc.  Literally, "Slaves" have extreme malfunctioned slow learning & brain processing powers when compared to "would be equivalent otherwise" "Non Slaves". The difference is overwhelming. The Slave as well is way more susceptible to physical stress related injuries such as physical work, sports etc. "Slaves" are more likely to health conditions and are more disease prone. Many Slaves are loaded with diseases, conditions which they would not be otherwise, because the sole fact of system & health malfunction due to the "Slave Condition".

Coincidental note: It's rare to see a "Slave" with a "Non Slave" spouse or sexual partner.

Other dysfunctions may be caused by trapped "nitrogen" which belongs mostly in the bottom of the spine as with the normal "Non Slave human" "anatomically correct human", contrary to the "Slave" human, much of this "bottom spine nitrogen" is trapped in the upper spine, neck and skull. Did you ever here the expression "air head". 

Note: oxygen can not exist in "nitrogen". Also note the "Slaves" heart rate is higher then the "Non Slave". If there's not 
enough blood and oxygen supply to our brains we die. To compensate this "Slave Condition" caused malfunction of blood flow and oxygen depredation which causes much of the impairments & dysfunctions to the "Slaves" brain and body. The brain signals the heart to pump more blood so the "Slave" doesn't die, hereby we have the "higher heart rate" & artery blood pressure for the "Slave". 20, 30 or more beats per minute higher! The "Slaves" heart rate and artery pressure is at "running mode state" even though the "Slave" is at "resting state" moving slow, sitting, laying down, slow walking around the house etc. Note: heart-rate and blood pressure results can be faked to give false readings during common testing procedures. Also RNM can control heart rate.

The pelvis on the "Slave" is positioned, "turned", rotated, like inverted somewhat. The male Slaves penis appears inches shorter than it actual is because of this pelvis rotation, false position, *"inversion", much of the Slaves penis is falsely positioned upward in the pelvis region. The female "Slaves" pelvis is also in a false *rotated position which leaves the female Slave with a curved *"inverted" false positioned vagina. Other dysfunctions on male & female Slaves include digestion, bladder, intestinal, glands, various other malfunctions, impairments. 

Verses "Non Slaves" : female  "Slaves" may experience more irregular painful PMS symptoms, unconformable or less or non pleasurable sexual intercourse when compared to the "Non Slave".     

 Healthy "Non Slave" functions, capabilities, advantages compared to *"healthy" "Slaves", of or near equivalent otherwise, are like super human, "a" Super Man. Though "Non Slaves" will typically mostly always hide fake their natural powers, natural talents when around "Slaves". If & when necessary will go through great, extremes or all extents to keep this secret hidden from the "Slave". How can they live without being guilty? 

How I first discovered & released myself out of this physical body setting of the "Slave Condition" to begin with: to be continued

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