Medical & Mental Health Industry allied with illegal United States Slavery Industry? : 
People in need of financial assistance from government and other is outrageous as well as the homeless rate, job related injuries, good employment, throughout the U.S., starvation crisis in the 1980's, 1990's and recent throughout the U.S. Many are commonly referred to and turn toward Mental Health Services specifically for financial assistance reasons. It's portrayed by physicians most practical simple way to receive welfare, emergency funds, food and shelter funds, other benefits for many regardless. More than 50 million Americans are receiving Social Security benefits this not including millions more receiving other living cost benefits from local state and town welfare, insurance, charity etc. Contrary to popular beliefs Social Security is not intended for retirement but for those in need who have debilities and those other recipients automatically eligible after age 65. Social Security for many in poverty circumstance who are physically handicapped, physical debilities including the *"Slave Condition" and Radiation caused physical debilities, viruses, diseases, air pollution victims, starvation victims etc. see also parasite victims on MDS.
Facts & Speculations: Mental Health Services verses going through expensive, excessive and dangerous physical evaluations and testings which the individuals haven't no insurance and no finances for. Otherwise just unnecessary and most practical this way. As they're all in starvation, shelter crisis and "Mentally Disturbed". In return many become victims to the Mental Health crime network and are debilitated by these physicians before they can take any legal action and or save themselves from this trap. Do you want food stamps and shelter cost assistance from the United States Government because your in need of food & shelter and suffering job recession because of some condition you have? Good chance you're safer begging food on the slum streets of the nation.
Nazi orientated "medicine"? : Possible motives to false diagnosis listed by physicians:Fraud: Physicians involved in illegal networks for reasons to have jobs, make money, accomplices to the crime working to secure the "Slavery" industry throughout the United States. Example patient participates in physician care in return physicians make money through doctor appointments, hospital care and sales of unnecessary and or poisonous pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, other profits and reasons to the crime including more jobs and paychecks for health care workers and all their networks. Considering the employment crisis, recessions in the U.S throughout the past four decades most poor or financially insecure would be on welfare without their jobs including Medical Industry physicians and workers. We already have enough or excessive "Mc Donald jobs", and other jobs. More jobs than we need to secure the U.S NAZI nation. Become a U.S Nazi citizen and get a job working for the mob! On the Patients (the "Non Preferential Slave") end of things the patient is typed with some ridiculous disorder/condition and labeled, blacklisted through their lifetime for reasons to prevent the "Non Preferential Slave" from recovering and making any significant achievements, placing the "Non Preferential Slave" at further life jeopardy and likely or preferably into extinction.
Perhaps "Remote Neural Monitoring" jobs along with "Mind Control" maybe used as extortion, threat, and blackmail to secure the Multi Billion dollar U.S Fraud Industry. The technologies been reported capable use for murder. Death by Satellite. How much profit is your illegal network making and saving off the "Remote Neural Monitoring" scandals" Fact is "Remote Neural Monitoring scandals amounts and assist to a multi billion dollar illegal Nazi orientated industry in the United States alone. Hijack my billions for your profit.
Other patients being scammed or involved in the scams and "trade offs" get free shelter, food assistance, other. Some get large money compensation settlements through employers and insurance (in the millions for some) as well as Social Security benefits. I've hear one Social Security recipient receiving $5,000 per month free! Though many are poor and receive barely nothing, a trap but still *"good ultimatum" for those in poverty with no immeadiate money making potentials, education, career, business skills, work related injuries & conditions with no legal assistance, those at threat from United States ghetto environments etc. (Rather work in piss McDonald's for the same amount of money?) (see McDonald related crime, hazzards articles & employee law suits), those seeking early retirement? The U.S Medical Industry is multi billion dollar industry and fraud is a large peace of the "Slave Industry Clock Work".
Traps to keep the financial desperate and intelligent individuals under their thumb in the U.S Nazi Crime Nation: Want to make a deal? or this is your only choice take it or die or take it and die! See "Gang Stalking" articles on MDS, illegal secret gangs of all financial classes throughout your societies public and private secretly conspiring, victimizing and controlling your life and business, intentionally stalking and wreeking havoc to "Targeted Individuals". Working as the alliance: You unwillingly been initiated into the "mob cult" this is your life we've chose and organized for you, these are your duties and assignments. This is your paycheck! Now kill or be killed & *kill and be killed. A Nazi trap? or a bit more contrary perhaps more on the innocent side?
Physicians out to make-shift a badly broken system? Job related law suits could take too long, cost money and valuable vital time which the individuals and their attorneys don't have. Too many financial settlements not amounting to enough. Persons being placed in life threatening situations by "illegal employer networks" who are at threat for big money (millions) law suits per individual case. Mental Health Industry known to hide the tracks of job related job caused PTSD and job related, job caused physical debilities to protect "illegal employer networks" from big money debts and law suits by labeling victims Mentally Ill and causing victims to appear and be Mentally Ill through NAZI prescription poison drugs and "Remote Neural Monitoring" including other electronic weaponry. ---Most other poor and physically debilitated are as well loaded with mental stress from their physical conditions, poor finacial situation and inhumane United States ghetto living circumstance such as drug gang, racial wars and police brotality environments, deadly pollution environments, malnourished, starvation, a life of sabotage etc. and they're at forced need of food and shelter cost assistance from the U.S Government. Mental Health Services are portrayed most practical and are a main resource in many states for impoverished individuals in need to receive Government shelter and food assistance. A victim is born everyday to the "alliance" NAZI Mental Health Industry fraud and it's crime awaiting.
Post traumatic Stress Disorder
(PTS) is the most common mental health condition and has also known commonly disregarded, misdiagnosed, under diagnosed, no regard for and uncared for. Nearly all "Slave" citizens have "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" which they unknowingly live with. It's an intended part of the Slaves life and brainwash program effects. It's intended alongside the "Slave Condition". PTSD commonly misdiagnosed treated as schizophrenia and other fabricated false psychosis for those Slaves demanding for medical attention. You are now a a bit wise a "Non Preferential Slave" and we will now label and classify you as schizophrenia or other, terminate and destroy you. You're a Slave dud a defect to the "Slave Condition" and "U.S Slavery". A "dud" 'Slave", a "bum" "Slave" to the United States of America Slavery Nation. See other conditions caused by the setting of the "Slave Condition" set at your birth including Mental retardation, Down syndrome, Autism , Death, other. So many Slave duds and cracked eggs during the process.
Also see top secret illegal U.S cult information on pertaining the "Slave Condition" this is a physical condition intentionally set at birth to cause brain impairment to predominantly none White race, White mixed race and mixed race individuals. Example: the Mexican race throughout the United States. Obvious reason to run the intentionally Medical Industry impaired as Slaves and perhaps other excessive "Non Preferential Slaves" into extinction. Those who are witness to this cult crime, oppose, have evidence, and potential to expose the crime and the crime party's are included as "Targeted Individuals". Among tactics including assassination would be to frame individuals for crime, frame the individuals as "Mentally Ill" and drive the individuals insane including through use of "Remote Neural Monitoring" technology for reasons to hide evidence, crimes, and avoid, evade investigations by legal societies and legal government. You can hold evidence and or be a witness unknowingly.

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