"Michael Jackson was no Hillbilly Rock King Elvis: Elvis (The King of RockaBilly) with more than 40 top ten hits broadcast on popular radio 1950's -1980's (and then some) and nearly 1000 song recordings released, his music fame including and not including all his corny movies ("as the other actor"). Michael Jackson? King of quat? ("twit") with all that crowning, fame ("a fake plastic face") and money a two song waddler. ("and he sure the hell was no Rolling Stone" ("and he never would be")."

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Michael Jackson KKK allied, Musicians, the mob, John Lennon, Hollywood & Mexican Slavery

Was Michael Jackson culprit behind the sabotage to the all too famous and popular "in demand", still in demand, other, which would still be in demand, Blues, Blues orientated, Blues orientated Rock, Blues Pop, Funk, Soul, Disco, real R&B music, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Blues other Music sabotage? Was Michael Jackson involved in murder, illegal entertainment cults in Hollywood & throughout the United States? What happened to the music, music's musicians and our music future? What would music sound like today? Why did the United States murder England's John Lennon of the Beatles?
*Why did Michael Jackson buy up the all too famous "The Beatles" music (in Public Domain), music rights & publishing rights in the 1980's and lock the music down (out), keep from further promotion, nostalgia gatherings, Beatles revival and other associated, lock down radio play, in store and internet sales etc. throughout the 1980's til 2000's? Not that anyone may care for "the Beatles".. *Which other music, musicians did Michael Jackson and his illegal Hollywood networks sabotage and keep from the world? Where is music supposed to be in the past and present? What is the world we are missing? We're not the World, We're not the children, We're not the Music..
*Hollywood stole billions from musicians & independent musicians they've sabotaged throughout the U.S. & other.
*Hollywood now sells Karaoke & Rap artists and intentionally bad sounding band musicians with intentionally badly written dreadful music compositions and songs. Want a "Krunk" beat & Rhythm? ( more Rap and Karaoke sales. These artist aren't going too far) There's not much talent and skill required for mostly all Rap and Karaoke, other "computer generated music". Easy fast cash?
*Consequently more sales, resells, retreads of "Hollywood" pre owned o'l pirated music hits where *"Hollywood" (& company) obtains the illegal royalty rights, illegal contracts, which keeps the illegal same o'l rich family getting richer. White Hollywood keeps all the money and keeps billion dollar unknown talented musicians out of work, debilitated, broke, homeless, imprisoned, dead and in extinction. Why should they work any harder? It's too easy and the crime pays.
Black on Black & Black on White crime? Black & White crime to the Blues? :
Keep the Spaniard as the Slave workers for the town of Hollywood CA. Beats eating rattle snakes in Mexico. see articles: illegal White United States mob allied with Mexico for Slave importation. Slave farming in Mexico & Slave farming in the United States.
More than 30 million Mexican Slaves populated in the U.S since the 1980's.
Blacks don't want to be Slaves no longer, Whites and other don't want the "low paying" "Slavery Jobs". The illegal wealthy and the forced endangered welfare and welfare live free in the United States this way. "It's a free Country" see this real fact:
Slave Condition
The United States of Jesus doesn't want to provide (gift) Mexico with farming resources for them to eat and live happily ever after as their own proud nation? A tracter?

*Was Michael Jackson secretly working for the *KKK and all their props?
*Did the White (& Jew?) and other "Hollywood Networks" who made billions off Michael Jackson partner with Michael or without Michael to falsify Michael as a Homosexual child rapist for reasons to increase absurd illegally insane sabotage called entertainment industry "Security Tactics" for reasons to sabotage millions and billions worth independent and other potential entertainment business coming into Hollywood CA and elsewhere?
Michael Jackson's old days as the MTV hit video star and his voice was finished anyway? ("for sure") Michael Jackson in his 70's trying to still get it on the year prior to his Oxycontin related death. ("murder" ?) Well Mick Jagger did it in his 90's. But Michael was no Chuck Berry ("he never was") or close enough ("not even") without Van. ("who's Van?") Was "Thriller" and "Eat it" really true "Billboard" and radio hit songs? ("Proven 20 years later no").

*Hollywood's family of "Kid" "suicide bombers"? White Hollywood & White world networks kindly keeping billions all in the whole White family through sabotage, murder etc. PURSUING MUSICIANS, ENTERTAINERS, FANS, TOURIST, Hippie cultural cults, others BEWARE! see
Hollywood's illegal society portrayed investigations illegal sabotage to "non in the family" entertainers and pursuing entertainment business people years decades on end. Many out of business unknowing to what hit them, others including frame work plots drugs, prostitution, mob and gang initiation frame work and setups, recording sabotage, housing sabotage, secret enemy allied business partners and enemy allied band member sabotage. Much other business sabotage by the secret enemy and their alliance etc. Totally innocent business people victimized through use of "Gang Stalking" false society, false business relations public and private. They come in singles to multitudes.
Exp. RNM technology: Your precise walking trip, destination, arrival tracked via RNM GPS. They known you were coming and were going to try the new chocolate coffee swirl Coolotta with a dash of cyanide before you ever spoke a word of it and placed the order. They made your thirsty for it to begin with.
See: "Remote Neural Monitoring Robots" used on victims to control victims thoughts, read thoughts, control mind, body, functions, responses, actions. RNM used to frame, debilitate totally innocent individuals and their networks for all sorts of *KKK setups. What possessed you to sign that?, What possessed you to say and do that? Why you and your best friend and business partners begin fighting. Why have you been sleeping all the time?. All that sleep caused you to miss your business opportunities. (see: RNM induced sleep) Are you fat? (see: RNM induced hunger and body function control).
No it's not God it's "Remote Neural Monitoring" illegally obstructing mass business and said lives of millions unaware in the U.S. Is the illegal Jew, illegal Christian parties the only culprit? Are Jews and Whites up to their old tricks and schemes once again?
*Blacks (25%? Blacks have the
"Slave condition" though maybe unaware) Are Blacks allied with their past history Slave masters offspring and partnered in crime with Whites and Jews? What a tremendous scheme who would ever guess? Their schemes aren't meant to be obvious (the millionaire bag lady).
The three former portrayed enemies: the White scum (she's so pretty though) the Slave Black (still broke) and the poor old rich Jewish people (ah they love Gwod.) (and caused themselves ("more others") the worse of times and suffering ("how dare you")) Free money, crime money, blood money, mo money party party party SEX SEX SEX. Free food, free cars, free homes, free land, free everything. Who pays the bill?
*Are Jews in America illegally portrayed as "refugees" when they were actually criminals of war? Illegal aliens? Do you believe everything you read without seeing the evidence, the facts? Where are the refugee farms, reservations for "refugees"? Why is the U.S government jeopardizing the quality of Americans lives, life, the nation and citizens security by allowing "refugees" freely into American society with such privilege, access, business privilege and access as U.S citizens when they're not? Come be a U.S citizen in a days time. It's ok if your doing Slave businness & crime for the *KKK? Where is the citizenship and security process. A workable matrix of process to become an American citizen (you would think it should take up to fifty years or more) Why aren't former refugees being returned back to their own nation? Make your nation out of mine? Steal my home, my job, my land my life for yours? Force me to live in a refugee camp a refugee city? Ship a White family to China to live forever.
Is the Jew a Trojan horse or a KKK alliance?

All Musicians, pursuing entertainers, other See illegal Hollywood entertainment cults throughout Hollywood CA. & elsewhere in the U.S:
www.hollywoodham.net : Hollywood CA sabotaged and sabotaging our would be Stars, the lives, careers, work of talented skilled musicians over the past five decades alone. It doesn't matter if you're the best independent musician, actor or best potential who came to town. You're "not in the family", they make more profit selling their families worse by keeping the "just as worse", the "just as good", the "better" and the "best" out of business and out of opportunities with the for mentioned tactics. Tactics include Radiation Poisoning and Remote Neural Monitoring framework setups etc. throughout Hollywood and elsewhere. Billion dollar musicians and their would be networks as well as other victims rendered useless, debilitated, afflicted, dead!
What Hollywood and others may claim to oppose is irrelevant. Stop this illegal Nazi use of technology and it's violations of. Sell, use your RNM "Kid" pornography and other RNM programs and abuse to subscribers only. We did not subscribe to this!

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