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Though proven possible to get out of this "Slave Condition" it may be an extremely dangerous gamble attempting to get out of it as the way the rib-cage, spine, pelvis, shoulders, twisted brain are set etc. on a Slave and grown into his/her adulthood. Though there may be a simple procedure. My original way of escape has not been exactly re-attempted and though the technicalities of this all happening, it happened unbelievably simple and seems simple enough to achieve if done properly. Figuratively speaking as untangling a simple twisted tangle, a gnarled rope. Remember the vertebrates on the Slave all throughout the neck and spine are sort of all or like positioned as a stack of dominoes slanted a bit racked rigid and off their proper alignment, sockets and position. Remember each rib bone attached to these "dominoes" with the spinal cord in between the "dominoes". Though could be dangerous attempting to escape if not done exactly enough such as a vertebra breaking the spinal cord causing paralysis, maybe death, or a rib bone, a vertebra or other bone causing a lethal pierce to perhaps a lung, the heart or an artery. Also keep in mind the spinal cord and brain will naturally move/turn attempting to find its proper alignment/placement once this "tangle" is undone which possibly could cause a concussion or brain damage beyond. If done successfully the two shoulders will pop into their proper sockets/placement on the scapulars/shoulder-blades and your rib-cage will drop, hinge-down into it's naturally intended position, thereafter your legs will pop into their proper sockets on the pelvis and the pelvis will rotate a *seemingly 90 degree turn, all bones, joints, vertebrae, bladder, intestines, pelvis, foot arches, knee caps, ankles, spinal arteries and brain etc. will all go into perfect placement, all synovial fluid (joint & spinal oil) will properly get to all the joints, spinal cord vertebrae nerves will set in their proper positions and become uncompressed, your heart rate will drop to a whopping 40BPM or lower, enormous amounts of nitrogen trapped in the skull, spinal canal, joints and bones will release from it's traps with much loud popping noises as this air escapes  and you will literally turn into "A" Superman with your naturally intended super human powers, super brain and and super flexible body. An estimated ten times the strength, ten times the human being, ten times the brain power . "Non Slave" capabilities. Physical power and cat like flexibility. Ability to simply touchless-ly jump over a car (perfect as a tiger) and the *strength to even flip one over (! Moderate size Non-Slave, this car flipping has been done by the way, it's not an over-exaggeration  note: strength though one could be injured doing this). You would have super Speed brain processing powers. You will be totally overwhelmed and shocked by your powers and to find you have spent your life imprisoned as caged and ball & chained inside your own body and brain. And I wish I could tell you this is psychological but not! There is no psychological escape of the "Slave Condition"!  Slaves are literally, inside our own bodies  in a physical dungeon, cage, a torture chamber and extremely malfunctioned in our brain and body though ironically Slaves don't realize this actuality because they haven't known the difference.

WARNING : I do not recommend one would attempt to escape this setting because of the dangers involved.

Though a good possible idea if the Slave network could expert enough educate themselves in how to absolutely safely give child birth as this would prevent anyone from touching and given the Slaves offspring this "Slave Condition" to begin with.

‚ÄčNote: If F.B.I/other when testing a "Non Slave" for heart rate indication to see if persons are Slave or not, the heart rate could be "faked" to the higher "Slave rates" of 70-80BMP or more, especially faked/increased through the use of RNM. The best way to see whom is a "Non Slave" is through physical examination. X-Rays will also prove this fact "the Non-Slave". 


Fact: "Slave Condition" : The raising of the infants rib cage at birth and pulling the shoulders into false sockets which is done for the purpose of brain impairment and to enslave. Common in the United States. Very common in the state of California and extreme high percentages of this intentional medical industry given condition of impairment among the Mexican Race.

The condition can be visually verified by noticing the clavicle (collar bone) appearing more upside down and examine shoulders in false position which appear and are positioned more over into the front of the clavicle rather than sides of clavicle where they belong. Also noticing a hump on the back of the Slaves neck which is caused by the position of the raised rib cage which causes the first rib bone to push/ compress the neck vertebra which in turn causes the (visually and hand felt) noticeable improper hump on the back of the neck (neck and vertebra are forced into false position). Also note: High percentage of Slaves have slight or moderate curvature of the spine caused by the raised rib cage and shoulders out of placement. Not to be confused with the deformity, disease type of "Scoliosis" type deformity also known as curvature of the spine. Physicians will typically label both as "Scoliosis" but the Slaves spine curvatures are unrelated to disease and genetic deformity and other conditions. Though some Slaves can have both types of Scoliosis though not common.   

I believe it is the shoulders which are placed into false sockets on the scapula's which in turn keep the rib cage to stay locked into it's false raised position. In turn the brain doesn't receive proper blood flow and oxygen supply. Heart rate is raised to compensate oxygen supply. Brain and body functions are left impaired, neurological system and body function are not proper.

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Stay alert to this stuff and keep minimal exposures as practically can.Check your living and work environments for radiation known as EMR, EMF, and other known overall as electro-pollution. Any above 0.5 gauss considered health dangerous from short or long term exposures 1.0 - 7.0 gauss known more health dangerous short or long term exposures. Near 7.0 + gauss known extreme health dangerous even at short term exposures. 

Electro-pollutions causes, dysfunctions, mental problems, learning impairments, pre-mature aging, health recovery impairments, cancer at rapid rates, sexual problems, and other health problems, can or will lead to death. High levels common in cities. You can purchase Electro pollution testing equipment off the internet for as low as $10. or so to $1000 or more. I've found $50. to around $100. meters should be sufficient for most to test this pollution. Though I want the best meter too.

Update: *All IPhone, Phone downloaded EMF App Meters have been tested by on many phones and found to be completely inaccurate! Don't use these "APP" meters for testing EMF! The interfaces look super but they don't work! All Total EMF danger zones tested display false readings as safe.

Beware some of this equipment will give false or inaccurate readings and some only test different types e-pollution and levels, you may be safe from one source of pollution and not another which doesn't show up on your meter. Where you think it's safe can actually be worse! So research and buy a couple or few different testing meters.I've found some meters not calibrated properly to show results for the lower danger zone levels. You may find yourself a physical reaction noticeable health improvement, wellness, even better appearance (after time period of relief from higher levels ) from the radiation relief as accurately tested low as 0.1 gauss which a lot of these meters don't accurately show these lower readings and or range at all.I've found it best to stay below exposures of 0.1 gauss and no more than 0.1 gauss though not practical for most of us.typically the higher the reading the worse and there are significant differences in health response from increments of 0.00 gauss to 0.1 to 0.2 etc.

known as Remote Neural, Monitoring Mind Control. You can research this technology on elsewhere and the illegal violations done with the use and operations of this technology. Be sure to take political action when you can against this Nazi orientated crime, you may be the next victim already!

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