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 *Another *40 odd year old in the year 2001 who appeared as an 18 year old girl in 2001. Yes it's Britney Spears! See for these amazing tricks how Celebrities knock 20 years off their ages also other anti-aging secrets of the "Hollywood Stars" 

Bon Jovi the hot sexy *40 year old Rock culture, teen sex star in 1987 sporting Microderm Skin Abrasion. See for Appearance & Health secrets of the "Stars" 

Also see articles "the Jew-Klux-Klan" illegal cult of the U.S

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Real Reasons behind illegal sex age law enforcement
With all the slander "Craig Zito is a "Pedophile"" by the highly outlaw *KKK Cult & Slavery Cult societies throughout U.S (who high-jacks " Americans" and threatens to BOMB the U.S if American Slaves gain access, power, and their legal freedom! Slander by the illegal cult, lies to frame and use of NAZI robotics on Craig "Zito" to portray Craig as "Mentally ill" (the intentionally attempted driven insane) and true "Pedophile" (*Martin Luther King were a pedophile too!) (irrelevant), that Craig raped "Linda" (who?) more lies, more liars, maybe to protect her true "assailant" if any?, or a fabricated "*" "KKK" prop to get the "half breed White Slave". Get the new born half breed Slave. A King Slave? Maybe..?  
See: Craig's ancestry owned castles throughout England. Craig's Grandfather is King Edwards of England.

*An actual "true" case "Pedophile" is a rare case such as "the Elephant Man".

You can eat fine and there is nothing wrong with you, but instead we're going to force feed you!

Though Martin King not all correct (forced racial integration can & does accumulate to racial segregation (a vacation, business affair or ?). (segregating a race from it's own race is racial segregation) (does and has accumulated to "other" crime among running a race, people, families into extinction). We "need" peace, money, equivalent business opportunities, quality life & land, freedom and opportunity for our people.  Irrelevant, Murder?

*Martin King Assassinated! Another "accessory", another political protester and activist.

Craig here releases new Slavery information:

Reality reasons behind absurd illegal Sex age laws and illegal law enforcement throughout California & elsewhere: Musicians, Artist, non White Race & Mixed Race Males coming into Hollywood California BEWARE! Illegal police stalking and frame work by illegal Cult society. Illegal entrapment to frame individuals as "Pedophile". Note: Sexual intercourse Law in California is age 18. Plenty of 20s, 30s, & 40s year olds who look and appear "ages 18" and below (if you want to try this newly revealed popular epidemic health & beauty secret of the "Stars": visit no surgeries needed! Hollywood's (& *NAZI) scandalous secrets exposed. See Articles: "How old were Elvis, Brittney, other celebs really?"

 Innocent Males are being victimized throughout the nation. Check to see if you have the "Slave Condition"see newly added detailed information: the Male Slave has one additional locked setting in the neck vertebra which differentiates from the Female Slave. (Which Slave were supposed to be the more "smarter" & capable?).

 Speculations & reasons behind illegal absurd sex laws, sex age illegal law enforcement & Tactics:

Americans are not "free".

Not listed in priorities.

1. Slavery Control

2. Population Control

3. An extra brainwash power tactic (you've been fooled). 

4. An excuse to control, obstruct and sabotage "Slaves" business, freedom and healthy life (the wise Slave teaches the young Slave (now you're empowered & perhaps networked).

 5. Take away extra accessory keys to the "Slaves" freedom (less networking & accessory for Slaves). 

6. Excuse to control and enforce illegal laws including tactics of frame work to "Targeted Individuals" (do you withhold top secret KKK/NAZI information? Are you an escape "Slave" with good business potentials? Also see: Incoherent ("dumb") Slaves working for/empowering the *KKK to/and against their own knowledge. (they don't know they're "Slaves").

7. Rape Control & terror tactics (Slave "Teens", "Kids", "Adults". Why should we be so scared to have naturally normal relations and business together). See articles: "What happened to the Music cultures, Music accessory to live free & fight against illegal government through our freedom and cultures) Also see: staged rape and murder props by "*KKK". "NAZI Sacrifices" (they intentionally murder some of their own so they may gain an extra "power accessory" to Slave and kill all of *you). 

What's the real story behind that murder & "rape" of today and yesterday? Example: 1960's, It were stated the Charles Manson gang murdered to persuade race segregation enforcement in California. Also stated intentions to murder the "Beach Boys" (similar known artist Jan & Dean) ("The Beach Boys": an "Adult" fun sex orientated Rock Pop vocal group portrayed evolved around and for "Teens" expressions of lifestyle, culture & sexual freedom). The crime were to be placed on "Negros". 

Other speculated: Political freedom Musicians/Activists mystery deaths of the past:

Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Richie Valens, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Fuller, Sam Cooke, Brian Jones, John Lennon, Randy Rhodes and others.. (the Gov. doesn't like/want Rock & Roll Gods? Through their business they provide too much accessory to the Slaves freedom?). Yesterday's crime still today?

8. Illegal Welfare control and illegal enforcement (they don't want to pay more out of their illegal excessive absurd profits. They need the best life, multi-million dollar homes, yearly brand new deluxe kars, the absolute best life money, Slavery & murder can afford. The best life which they've never earned, the "Best life" which they have no legal entitlements to.

9. Tax control to the Wealthy. Save (Keep) (*steal) additional welfare taxes (& other profit shares) as profit to stay & get Wealthier. *What belongs to you anyway? What they owe you anyway.

10. Population control over the dominant White Race (we must not let this ever happen. Certainly, you might be doomed (this may be true)).

If more Slaves were busy having more sex perhaps this would mean & they would be:

1. populating more? (there's already excess Slaves on the U.S assassination death list) 

2. More time for sex less time for work, more territory needed (they have it).

3. Better paying jobs? or worse paying jobs? (don't tax and cost the illegal rich no more, they'll kill more. The poor can not be taxed any or much more they're poor enough (they may kill more too). 

4. Better business relations? (Wealthy Whites have lots of sex and the best business networks (surely we can't allow this).

5. Surely more "welfare" and more sex!

6. Maybe "system reform" (welfare for everyone (minimal housing, food & living cost (other?) practically free to everyone?) (the lazy Government doesn't want to do the creative work so everyone can live in a free & murder free civilized nation? Too much work?). (How about the Microsoft team?).

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