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Parental Guidance

Reverse psychology to use against the *KKK cult and their "Sex Machine" along with other various investigations

-Her hole so good
-I love to Fck her 10 year old hot horny hole
- Yum I love "kids" i want a real one, do you have a real kid like that?
- she's so sweet, her pssy smells so good with her black leather boots 
- I love playing pedophile by *"RNM XBOX", I really want to fck some real "Kids" now 
- She so adorable and sexy, she has the best "hole" in the whole world

The more input and the more the victim conforms to the "Sex Machine" the more pleasure the "Sex Machine" will deliver to the the victims body. No it's not psychological, *meaning the victim is not actually pleasuring themselves nor sexual pleasured bodily responses caused by the victims thoughts. 

Though the hijackers tend and hope to brainwash the victim to believe the responses are caused through their own thoughts including through thought manipulations (*millions) and by sending thoughts into the the victims mind ("Voice Sampling" your own inner voice "sampled" with created thoughts of the assailants or other created manipulative voice/s. "RNM Robots" on the victims body are also used example: a "Kid" or other RMN Robot.  See article: How Remote Neural Monitoring Operates On the Human Body and its Popular, Common uses of

If the victim does not willfully submit to sex with the "Sex machine" two occurrences happen: Ether the sex machine will automatically have have forced sex with the victim and or the victim will be "Cut Off" forced into sexual depredation.

Remote terrorist hijackers are hijacking and raping the life out of completely innocent Americans years and decades on end with a forced "Sex Machine" which forces sex on the victims regardless of the victims actions, including sleep and awake state, subconscious and conscious.

The "sex machine" absolutely does not identify nor prove an actual pedophile, homosexual, adultophile other etc. Nor prove, identify a would be..
Though can be used for *entertainment purposes and perversion seduction, a fraud scheme, illegal frame work etc.
*Where's the off switch, subscription contract, manual and terms of "agreement"?

*Victims  are *RMN highjacked, RNM Jailed and may have, or left with no choice but to make the most enjoyment out of their "*RNM Xbox", misery, sticks and marbles which they're in-caged with.

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