Example of RNM Terrorism. The girl is not identified as "Wanna"

Rating: Mature, Contains American Profanity 

Coincidental other note: The gang here, just a hand-full of the many Manson Gang, all have the "Slave Condition". A Nazi setup to profile and RNM target Slave Indian-whites during the 1970's? Which Manson is similar to someone you know? After all the U.S owes U.S Indians priceless..

see articles: Did you know Elvis Presley lied of his age and staged a fake Army draft along with U.S Gov. ? It just wouldn't be fair if Elvis didn't go with the rest of the boys.. A top secret lie by U.S Gov. 

seeHollywoodham.net  Elvis

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RNM assailant & the "Charles Manson Case" 

- another example, one of many low life plotted RNM harassment , hijacking, sabotage

Addressed to F.B.I for Public viewing ModernDaySlave.net case May 02, 2016
Other probable evidence: Family relatives own RJ Reynold's tobacco co.
Other:  Wanna Gale Walls (Walls is not her last name but mothers) where she's RNM victimized in the year of 1970 *after (?) the Charles Manson crimes. This was before my birth. Note Wanna has a split resemblance to one of the girls in the Manson Gang as displayed in the attached photo. Including other coincidence. Wanna moves to CT around this year, She's Indian White as apparently many other of the Manson gang, also her and husband have stab wounds around same time period 1970 (wounds Not sure what year exactly). (Charles Manson also is under "Remote Neural Monitoring" Electronic Harassment ) Musician as the "Manson's" Her (Wanna's) husband was also a stated to be "pro" guitarist (maybe small music acquaintance , co-writer to the once famous Blondie or other as stated by Wanna (could be B.S)(Husband Glass was later murdered)  Reason for mention assailant plays RNM Manson scene and "RNM Clone bots" including "RNM Brain Clones" of Wanna. Scene includes "PIG" in blood written on the wall. Suspicion: May Wanna have been profiled by CIA FBI, other which initiated the RNM attacks to family?  CIA, KGB and other is stated Known for RNM era 1960's 1970's which records life off millions of people.  Wanna Gale Glass (Maiden name unknown)

Possible profiled: example: 
1. Stab wounds to her and husband both. maybe same time period 1969 - 1970
2. Identical image to girl shown in photo.
3. Same squinting in eyes detail as in photo (note wanna has vision trouble her lifetime)
4. Wanna is Indian White as many of the Manson Gang are displayed. 
5. coincidentally: portrays meets up with her husband from Georgia in small town of New Haven CT around era/year 1970.( Her husband is hillbilly like Wanna, what's the odds of this affair in 1970 New Haven CT?) profiled? they were on the flea of the crime scene?
6. Husband is Guitarist and "Hippie". Later period (*1980-) her husband Willie Glass was reported murdered with his throat cut.
7. Wanna claims Willie as musician songwriter who's songs were ripped off by famous others as Blondie the rock band and others. as well her husband Willie had sex with Blondie and many girls. (*Wanna's full of exaggeration and lies, but who knows) (Charles Manson as reported stated, claims the Beach Boys ripped his songs and music off and was a initiation for the murders, also reported stated to have the murders blamed on Negros.) 
8. "Willie's family is in the KKK".. 
Other mystery Wanna's daughter Marty who is also RNM victim (?) Changes her name to her mothers name. (reason to cover Wanna's RNM records ?) Note: assailant bounces around identities. 
9. Willies family stated to be of wealth. *Wanna has family who owns the RJ Reynold tobacco Co. farms owned and other wealth access. Granddad owns 100 acres of land at the time. Why would Wanna and Willie ("hide out" ?) in the ghetto of New Haven CT. as poor.  Mob protection?.. Disgruntled family?

Other: while I'm in Hollywood CA pursuing music business year 2003 -04. I meet a musician acquaintance named RJ of Hollywood (Ronald Joseph) Ron suspiciously accommodates a large white Bible which is same similar to Large white Bible which wanna possessed. How many people does the average person acquaintance toting around a large white bible with them? (that makes two for me) (Note: "RNM Clone Bots" of Wanna, Clone Bots can also be triggered to have some response to same similar activities. See ModernDaySlave.net "Porn Bots" for example). Ron brings me to a junkyard and trashes this bible. Ron also states suspicious or nonsense "you're in the mob". Ron also portrays as he's mafia investigator, detective. (Ron is a Hollywood movie actor)  Note to add a Cloned Bot of some others identity and time date back track, the person may have to "*Pop" similar occurrences as the clone (the "White Bible"). Example move a knife around as if you we stabbing someone. Blood illusion of the cloned murder will show, appear on the knife, now we have a recorded match and could confuse, hide RNM records and identities as who is who. (?)  Also note ModernDaySlave.net "Gang Stalking" actors portraying plotted occurrences to sync in with the "RNM Bots". 
    Note Ronald's "friend" Haji Ahkba (horn musician, claims to have gigged and recorded with Van Morrison, Ron portrays knows Tony Bennett as former friend and displays photos of himself with Tony Bennett).  "Haji brings me to a friend of his, she lays in floor as Wanna portraying mentally ill, (same similar mental behavior as Wanna reading a bible). RNM assailant also plays some clone record of a Black woman speaking to "the RNM clone" (maybe church), stating, "you might go to hell" Wanna attended black church. Other profile (exaggerated):  Wanna disguises her nervousness of the murder by attending church. She's "Saved", her cover of  nervous tension from the murder. "She's a "nut case" "born again Christian" good hiding place for a murderer , they're all nervous paranoid church freaks, who would guess..  

Harassment Mind Games by the RNM assailant? Why wouldn't the assailant just destroy the recordings instead to bounce identities to hide a murderer? RNM is like a open phone circuit? Other's have the same recordings?  See more Electronic Harassment , sabotage and pertaining at ModernDaySlave.net

Also note other bazaar coincidence in the below photo, the male has similar characteristics of a possible "Gang Stalker" named Louis Wylie. Wylie were in a acquaintance relationship with myself and Ronald Joseph RJ of Hollywood at the same time period. "Wylie" were a hired drummer of mine. 

Additional MDS Excerpt added:
"Is the photo a fake staged by the RNM assailant? That's not a funny joke considering ... this nature and extent of abuse, the Currant U.S Slavery ran by freeloading White United States "PIGS" of the nation (motive for the 911 attacks, Manson? huh), other and such a "joke", practice to be made public on MDS. Want me to go kill the 911 victims with RNM?

Help stop once and for all Slavery running Felon White and Jew PIGS of the U.S Indian Nation. Stop the illegal White, the Negro and illegal immigrant Heist! Just because your Black, doesn't mean your not a "quote".. Just because your paranoid doesn't mean it's not true.

 "Need another seven astronauts is a practical joke" Public domain, not unreasonable (1980's NASA). Ka poof! : ) Freedom of speech. 
If the NASA victims cant take that perhaps they need Mental Health Treatment or just don't pay attention to common nonsense and humor.  We're not suppose to live and not experience the reasonable. Too bad what a shame and disgust of a people and nation. Craig Zito ModernDaySlave.net " Don't forget to end that Mexican Slavery criminal citizen freeloaders! Where's the marchers? No exceptions, Slave condition, Jesus, anti-sex, Hitler otherwise? you're full of criminal freeloading felon sh#t!

What are you trying to say? Your going to Hitler if you can't freeload?" A RNM teaching? Yeah right

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