People who most people cannot relate to having sex with: 

A Jewish/Catholic Nun

A Doctor

Army & Nazi personnel

A Police officer

*Hillary Clinton in her 30's 

A News Cast, Host

"Unnatural Conformed   Humans" etc.

​It's not illegal to be "Bi Age Sexual" or even Pedophile in any U.S territories, just as Heterosexual, Homosexual, other. No parties including government, religious parties have legal right to hi-jack with RNM, other technologies for reasons of Sexuality, Culture etc. See article:U.S Justice & Bi-Age-Sexuals.

MDS & it's content, articles etc.,  are not to cause chaos, but to assist, including with public to solve the mystery, "their intentional caused chaos", exposure of, attempt to, unravel crime parties, their networks, the responsible and deceptive people, gov., orgs. behind today's U.S & other ModernDay Slavery. Inform the entire public as emergency action, notice, investigations, awareness , need for immediate attention to the terrorist & their ongoing escalating secret  terrorism . The nation is under hijacked control, illegal power.

Not for those to be misinterpreted!

Craig is not a "Pedophile"

Many of the articles pertaining are for purposes to describe the illegal RNM terrorism as stated elsewhere previously.

Remember Bi-Age-Sexual is completely normal not to be confused with "Pedophile"

*Just about everyone learned this one & already knows how & always will.. just about anyone can learn it & enjoy!

If you're seduced by an excellent Margarita and you drink does that mean you're ill? 

*Coming soon!

Should China payNegro Americans compensation for U.S Black Slavery so they may live a Wealthy magic carpet ride in the great o'l U.S.A?

Should America continue to pay out of their current illegal U.S Slavery funds for the Jewish Wealthy?  "Compensation" which "Germany" "owes" the Jewish. Allow the Jewish such enormous illegal U.S wealth, business access, power?

Should China Slave, die and kill themselves for African Americans to receive U.S Slavery compensation?

Why are "Americans" Slaving & killing innocent "Non illegal inherited"  Americans, others to pay for the illegal Wealthy Jewish, Whites etc., the illegal inherited?

The poor helpless borders stole & murdered my land, my home, my money, my business, my life, my family!.. Who's the "Nazi's" & Slavery runners?

Why is Legal Government taking so long to uphold the Law & confiscate the illegal inherited, their illegal inherited properties, accounts, funds, businesses, industries, properties etc.? 

Illegal Anti-American Felon United States terrorists trapping Pizza only for meals on Americans. How nice of these guys. Oh by the way these educated Slavery runners believe in Jesus & Hell! "Really smart  people here"..

​​​​​​​​​If necessary &/or for investigation, forced trapped.. Bill & "everyone" can "relate" to it.. *No, Bill is not a homosexual.. Not that I know of.. *Howard Stern states he loves "cartoon sex"!  A real study: Trap "XXXXBox gaming" on everyone for life, what's the results? Oh well "Kids", looks like we haven't no choice, Indulge! Want another slice? .. Yes my very very sick Master, my dearest Gwod oh mighty,  I agree.. How nasty, Yum Yum! Oh Yes master, I want a real one like that.. Ots da mata" you don't looka so "PHD" smart using pizza I mean *"teens" only? What criminal morons! No! I'm not bowing & praying to any Jewish Gwod for your sick minded satisfactions! These people need the electric chair. Firm to my "opinions"  & *"the R&R protests"!  Since such a demand and "issue" U.S needs to permit , license, safe appropriate those competent adultophiles & "pedophiles" to their American freedom which they so truly deserve & desire. Stop this criminal felony "profiling", targeting, felony terrorism, Slavery crime.  The ill RNM assailants need to get into reality & stop breaking the Law!  They're still outraged over the *Elvis movement like it's 1952. How insanely ill & absurd..  Sex & Slavery in the era, year 1952. WOW! you people are way out!

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures are not actually or not necessarily in its original intended portrayed form or representation, purpose as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout

Coincidental note: Madonna does not have the "Slave condition" as displayed in the photograph. Though Madonna not the best depiction for "Slave Condition" detail.


     * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! **** 

"Adultophile", *"Pedophile", "Bi Age Sexual" is part of, sects of developed and developing "Rock and Roll", Pop, other orientated etc. (blues, jazz, rock..) culture."Rock and Roll" is established as a "religion" and culture. Americans of all ages have legal right to practice, participate, experience this religion and culture just the same as Jew-ism, Catholic other. Emancipation Laws, Freedom Rights Laws, other allow this. All ages "Rock and Roll" shows, concerts, gatherings public and private does establish "sex" with "Kids", others. It's not illegal to practice your religion, culture your entire lifetime if you want too, nor dress publicly and privately as a Jew. 

Definition for "Rock and Roll" is "SEX" and other meanings.

"Kids" : In the state of California "Kids" are those under age 18 (better finish up sex with those ten year olds before you turn 18).

Rule of some Jews, "Kids" are those under the age 28 (does this mean many Jews are "Pedophile"?)

Hollywood "Kids" are those (?) under age 50 includes Stars, actresses, actors, rich natives to Hollywood, other). 

("Wait a second") Keep reading all of ("ok").

Protest still continues by some to practice Jew-ism in its full religion form, other sects, practices same as "Rock and Roll" protest continues. American are legally allowed to protest their entire lifetime.  It's not legal to practice Jew-ism in it's full blown, complete form. Sexual freedom laws are still being established, revised etc.

RNM Sex Machine does not establish, identify a pedophile nor a disordered pedophile. Victims enjoying the "Sex Machine" only establishes they like sex and can "relate" to it to some degrees extents. Mostly everyone can. Though not capable of identifying a "pedophile" the RNM Homosexual programs on "Sex Machine" "may" indicate Homosexual. RNM can seduce and influence. Same as I inject you with heroine. RNM "Sex Machine" does not establish "would have been", "already was", is now" by running "Sex Machine" programs. RNM, if not now, into future years "may" indicate or prove ones possible previous, current sexual partners. Can also be used for mob corruption to frame, accuse, portray individuals of rape, murder, other etc. Can be used to falsify indication, prove one with sexual partner/s they've never been with sexually. 

Non subscribe RNM in writing, contract as a legal cable tv contract, agreement is illegal.
Assailants use RNM and RNM "Sex Machine" for harassment purposes, pre meditated crime, intentions to maliciously attack and sabotage innocent "TIs" sex lives, business life and health. Used in frame work, Slavery and other crime. Illegal Religious organizations have been reported culprits as well a NSA, illegal police & "illegal government". RNM programming and deprogramming the victims mind is illegal, "Anti American", illegal Jewish orientated practice, other. 

Psychopath doctors, investigators are playing Russian Roulette, rolling lethal dice on innocent, profiled public, societies, other hopping for lottery hits.

To practice Jew-ism to full extent/s, sects of it's Religion is illegal and would establish Anti American, Nazi orientated power & crime.

RNM in it's known practices is inhumane, not practical, unless perhaps you're an active Jeffery dahmer, a armed bank robber etc. dangerous fugitive on the loose in need of restraint and capture. 

RNM is not known safe for security, investigation, entertainment purposes. Known to be lethal and dangerous.

RNM is also used to run U.S and other nation Slavery and to target, frame torture "Non Preferential Slaves", other TIs. Used in Slave programming and control. Illegally run societies, people to ones preferences not laws. All reported cases, uses encountered, researched by constitute anti American, Nazi orientated crime.

RNM reported illegally used on California prisoners.

Note: "Non Slaves" can easily learn RNM programs including the harassment schemes, portrayed investigation schemes, robots etc.

See: RNM Kunta Kinti RNM U.S Security. The Slave is escaping to freedom. "Pop Him" with RNM.

Update ​further information:




                      *"Relate" Victims are trapped on and to the "Sex Machine". Frootloops, Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerio's are served lunch, breakfast, dinner and snack. Your only alternative is to eat a "can of earthworms" or starve to death. Can you relate to eating earthworms? If you don't eat you starve to death and who knows what else. Victims are forced to "investigate" RNM attacks on their bodies. Anyone can relate to teen sex and sex as young as nine years old. You had sex at these ages right? You're forced to play "Pac Man".. you already know how. Question: What does it take to be a actual sushiophile?

Second sustainable situation: For 1-3 years or more you are trap on the 911 airplane and the hijackers have guns to everyone (or box cutters. who knows what else in store.) "Kids", "Teens" on the planes clothing will all be taken from them used in cut up rags in replacement for toilet tissue. If not used for tissue the hijackers will throw the cut ups out either way and "kids", teens will still have to sit by force, & or by threat sit in the nude. All those who have to use the toilet are given one choice! You either use the cut rags to wipe your anus or you're not wiping your anus at all. Can you "relate" to wiping your butt with cut up jeans or not? Take your choice either way. You're not wrong to wipe. The "Sex Machine" is totally insane absurd for any party to use such a tactic to identify a "Pedophile" attempt of warrant, prosecution, evidence. RNM "crack cocaine" Mental Evaluation. Bait & Lure. The results of this nonsense is not of legal value in any legal court of law other than proof of  the premeditated intentional felonies of  the RNM terrorists done unto to all victims. Remember it's completely normal for everyone to be "Bi Age Sexual" Especially when it comes to supreme "Porn-stars" & heavy seductions. Don't be fooled by Illegal Nazi/Jewish/KKK/Religious networks, U.S society who mentally ill lie, super unnatural de-sex themselves & force themselves to pretend else-wise.

Remember the sex machine runs automation modes so they can eliminate all sounds of pornography and still force automated sex, orgasm etc. on the victims body, but the assailants don't typically do this, meaning eliminate all sounds of pornography. If the victim desires sex, they're allowed to only choose the ultimatum, The can of worms or fruit-loops etc.
These programs portrayed for investigation or mental treatment purposes are fraud, used for harassment, slavery, sabotage, hijacking a nation, blackmail, threatening extortion, "Bait Lure Entrapment" Throughout the U.S. Some reports state RNM is used in stroke treatment. Also fraud as either most victims initially did not have a stroke or the assailants intentionally caused stroke with violent RNM attacks. 

Assailants also Known to portray themselves as the Army, draft is illegal in the U.S nation and is always supposed to be kept that way. The U.S could afford to pay for their illegal luxuries, wealthy, sports & entertainment salary absurdities, much more. So you fcking scum government are going pay our Armies as well. If "drafted" don't fall for it! It's illegal business to draft! I have my own career fields and that's not my interest so why would you bother me with your business failure? You fcking scum!

Other RNM portrayals include "Your in the mob" and this is "God". All sabotage to the targeted victims life, health, business. RNM is known to be lethal as well stated intentionally used as a death weapon. One report reads CIA "Black Officers" use RNM for assassinations. "Pop him", that "Slave" is out. Other used for premature aging the "Slave" population, population control, murder. To portray, debilitate make a "Slave/s" as older age than they actually are.

Use to premature age the "Slave/s", a gradual kill, murder off, control the size & proportions of "Slave" population/s. Target "non preferential", particular genetics, higher intelligence others. Used in "Slave Breeding" and control. Example: murder off the negro royals, blacks of higher intelligence, higher power, reproducers of these genetics.Typically non White raced people, mixed White raced and mixed raced people.

*""Kids"? Who are they trying to victimize and take advantage of anyway? Retard? "Smoke a joint smoke a kid". It's not like it's practicably impossible. Many who've tried it ages 9 or so up "Adultophiles" & "Bi-Age-Sexuals" love it and want more of it. Though skate boards, VW, Subaru, Porsche, sport cars & bongee jumping are not for everyone. Don't try this at home? Hey, have some respect, many "kids" love it.."

"Welcome to L.A and the new out of the closet trend. Who wouldn't doubt it! Are you "trying" to get retard, someone, legal protesters including "Kids" in trouble? That's such good U.S citizens of you. License for Hot dog stands, bumper cars, race ways for hot-rods, rockets to the moon, Jet vacation, Slavery, free ride for the illegal wealthy & others, kill & kill us all with air pollution & radiation, a U.S Nazi Nation.. Since this is the case just license, permit & allow those "porn-star kids" to safely have their fun & fck. It's not as everyone is Jewish anyway.

That solution were already supposed to be resolved and it's sweet 13 not 16. Elvis Presley, Steven Tyler, and the countless others didn't see it wrong, a problem. Jerry Lee in his golden years says he has no regrets. Get on with real issues it's not 1950's no more daddy old. Drive safely. 

KKK orientated & secret networked illegal Jews, Catholics & other deceptive portrayed religious orientated included their hospitals, medical centers, churches, illegal networked police forces. All are high suspects to the RNM sex & Slavery crimes, illegal cult and illegal RNM networks. Why are you bothering me and others with your problems and this nonsense. Quit being Jewish religious orientated  if you can't stop taking your mental illnesses which comes with that out on Americans who choose not to be Jewish.

Quit the classic, ancient world illegal Slavery brainwashing: As to portray the Jewish the Catholic, the Christian, other, including: "their" higher ranks in their illegal religious "Anti-American Slavery cults", other "Anti-Law", out-law cults, government, police, society, practices; their created & illegally enforced imaginary, delusional Religious "Dungeons & Dragons" games which they've, created & play real illegal war with. Quit illegally portraying your religion, your ignorance and "your" people of "your" religion, it's members, family of and "your", religious societies; the higher ranks, members, people inside "your" religion cult/s, churches as "authority" "expressed religiously" and "religiously expressed as Law and higher powers of Law, including:  to illegally portray as kings, royals, authorities and higher powers, people of American societies, other. "Illegally religiously expressed", "illegally religiously portrayed", "religious orientated powers". The out-law, "illegal demand" for forced "absurd respect"; this delusion & mental illness of. The form of religious, "religious game", illegal intimidation/s, especially this fraudulent deception for the purposes of Slavery, power, deception, money, swindle and illegal control. Including this portrayal of "religious power" in Slave farms, "camps", Slave cities, towns, societies, throughout the U.S & nations around the world. No!, the pope, the rabbi, Billy Graham, the president, the police, the people, the government etc. in his/her/their "religious form/s", "religious practices", religious beliefs etc. is not & are not my god, not my "higher power" nor my law authority in any religious form, religious representation, religious game. Quit your illegal mental illness felon practices of religion; the deception of religion/s as the Law, Laws and "real Law control" (illegal terms, rules, agreements, force, contracts, establishments etc.) "inside & outside" of your religious practices, game/s. Quit this illegal Jewish/Nazi/Catholic orientated Slavery , religious enforcement/s, practice of.

See "RNM function triggers" as described on
Example of illegal Los Angeles and other "Bait Lure Entrapment" Run "Sex Machine" programs to the target which they're out to sabotage. example a card-counter or those with the incriminating evidence of the illegal *KKK, the Jew-Klux-Klan  & other secret society information facts example
"the Slave Condition". 

They illegally run the "Sex Machine" programs, other on the target victim/s. And attempt to frame the victim with prostitutes, "underage teens" etc. Also defamation of character, slander to the target and their reputation. Programs to type their anti Jewish/Nazi/Catholic, anti Slavery prey etc. as mentally ill, cause stroke, nervous breakdown, portrayal of mental conditions etc. Other setups of "bait trap & lure" with RNM include drugs & other "crime". Strip joint prostitution, drug setups, theft etc. Anything to target those who are non favorites, "non preferentials", "non conformed Slaves", those who are threats to their illegal religion-culture/cult, their illegal business.

It's still secretly the year 1800 you're Black, no and's, if's, but's we're not doing any other business other than the Black race being nigger Slaves, no business which benefits you substantially, benefits your quality of life, nor living any pleasant life with you. We may use you as a "prop" if necessary and you conform. Prop meaning to assist us as a deception in our secret crime (the U.S Nazi Slave Nation). Nothings wrong here in the great ole U.S., don't say nothing or you're dead! "Are you in?"

Program includes robots placed on the victims body: "Synchronized Robots" can also be used between two or multiples. See "function triggers" describe here on MDS. Example Synchronized robots malicious uses include causing conflict between two or more robots with "Function Triggers", thought, mind control, bodily response, various interactions more. Assailants can instigate intentional conflict between target/s and cause battle. 

"Synchronized Robots" also use in "sex crime setups" Example: John Prostitute Setups. Also use in Pedophile setups to portray victim as a pedophile. Example cause the target victim/s portrayed sexual responses,forced controlled functions, other. As in "Pedophile" "setups" To portray the target is pedophile when they're not, possibly cause target to become pedophile to some extents or other. Example: Interracial sexual partner setups. "Interactive Function triggers" between one or multiple robots. See full detailed description of "Function Triggers" describe here on MDS.

 "RNM hijacking control" goes far beyond than just sex..   Continued at "Smoke a Joint Smoke a "Kid""   2 of "Sex & Jewish"

​           Copyright All rights reserved 2015

*Listed here as with other similar for legal fine points, facts & science, dictation, analysis, other, to piss "you" off, free speach etc. Fact Craig doesn't not have nor ever had any sexual abnormalities,conditions such as "pedophile", other (see further emphasis "pedophile" below).

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