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Original title: Emergency notice to FBI head administration, captain etc.‚Äč  Parental Guidance  * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities not mine or don't read on ModerndaySlave.net , anywhere at all. Enjoy! **** 

If you know who are doing these crimes as I've reported you are taking too long to stop these assailants.
Do you know? example: Mental health Services
Research as fast as possible
name hidden and her history of psychiatric physicians, name hidden her Maiden name is hidden and her history of psychiatric physicians, name hidden and his history of psychiatric treating physicians. Purposes to find identify the names of physicians who link in my assailants. Note: U.S Mental Health workers of major facilities state they know nothing of "Remote Neural Monitoring and "Nazi U.S Slavery Mind Control Technologies". Could be true for many of them though a secret operation. 
Again I assure if physicians they are running Nazi terrorist crime hijacking via technologies detailed describe at my website www.ModernDaySlave.net.  Meaning fraud services and flat out terrorism. Scare tactics, blackmail and death threats are made to victims. Falsifying and portraying schizophrenia Example Sexual abuse and fraud sex machine falsifying pedophile other to continue out the Nazi crime. Maybe falsifying identity swap of individuals on their kept records if any.  
Their practices are no evaluation nor treatment practices. 
These out-law felon terrorist attacking children in childhood pre-programming pedophile tactics, God tactics and other for later KKK slave security use to attack, sabotage, control and blackmail "Non Preferential Slaves". See the slave condition listed at http://www.moderndayslave.net/modern-day-slave-pg3.html 
RNM frame work to to assist in crime and sabotage "Non Preferential Slaves" 
RNM robotics are also used to falsify  "mental illness" and cause portrayed "mental illness" conditions even obesity and many other health conditions. 
"Slaves" are ran on particular assortment of programs and control manipulations. 
 and  see how "Function Triggers" and "Function Memory Stores" robotic triggers are controlled and stored in the human brain  http://www.moderndayslave.net/how-remote-neural-monitoring-operates-on-the-human-body-and-its-popular--common-uses-of.html   this link describes how they run "Pedophile" Robots on human slaves and other robots. 
"Memory Stores", "Function Triggers" can be set present or all the way back in childhood. Example: "Pedophile" "Kid Robot" played on adults for amusement and crime purposes.


Craig Zito

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