*Pedophile definition: A false fabricated over exaggerated, "man made created", "disorder", "mental illness condition". "Created" by insane psychological, religious and or *Nazi orientated parties. Enforced practices in the United States among illegal Medical Industry, illegal societies & Government. Included among other: Brainwash, Slave control tactics & war tactics to frame, target, illegally control, including "Mind Control", "Restricted Thought Control", Sex Control, Population Control to innocent Americans, others. "Bi Age Sexual", "Bi Age sex" & "Bi Age" sexual intercourse does not represent "Pedophile" nor a rapist or wrongful sexual conduct, "condition" nor "disorder". Under Legal age sex (*"written law" or standard rule.) "alone" does not constitute a rape, rapist nor wrongful sexual conduct. A accidental, coincidental, sexual experience which "may appear" as wrongful sexual conduct does not constitute, establish a rape, rapist, wrongful sexual conduct. *An actual "true" case "Pedophile" is a rare case such as "the Elephant Man". Unlikely in most accused. It's completely "normal" for everyone to be "Bi Age Sexual!

 It doesn't mean your "sick" nor have an "illness", "condition" to *be, *play *"Mick Jagger", other, etc. ( (?) Fact: *"Mick" rule (activist and protest won) *established *1960's, *Chuck Berry Rule *established *1650's) Fact: *"Written law" does not "establish" *actual "Law". 

It's ok to sing "Kids" songs about "Jesus" (be careful this cultural practice has been proven very damaging in most cases) though not primitively & world natural. It's ok to sing "Kids" songs about cadillacs, though "primitively natural" (?).  Chocolate ice cream invented 1600's (?) enjoyed & pleasured by all the "Kids" who've tried it. Crack cocaine invented 1980's ? and illegally forced on the innocent by illegal RNM *KKK networks. Xbox created 1990's. (enjoy or hate as you wish). Warning to all: Musicians and confectionaries, others & beyond we are being extremely illegally targeted, sabotaged, murdered by illegal  *KKK "Gov." cult. with RNM & similar technologies with illegal uses, operations & practices of. As well as gang "stalking", profiled and targeted, "framed". "Entrapment" is a law and also illegal. Note to all: It's not illegal to be, practice, experience "pedophile", "homosexual", "adultophile", "heterophile", "bi-age sexual", "Brittney", "other" even if you were "actually one". (of course within bounds of "law" ("actual law"). "It's completely "normal" for everyone to be "Bi Age Sexual"!

*Chuck & Jagger's "works" are real cool! Praise, worship, practice & *Enjoy "as you wish" "Kids"!

End *KKK/*Nazi/*Jewish orientated crime! Fix our broken, incorrect, "out of date" wrong "laws" & "laws". We & you are obligated to do so! (to all the degrees, extents of "our" responsibilities, work, up-risings & circumstances. RNM networks! Stop breaking the "Law". Stop your felony & other crimes. It's not "legal lenient"! RNM licensed, permitted "subscribers" users, operators, researchers, subscribed specimens, end-users, "subscribed" participants only. I & we did not subscribe, consent to you plugging a telephone into our *asshole! If you thought we did, "I" & "we" opted out of services!  

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures, etc. not actually or not necessarily in its original intended potrayed form or representation as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout ModernDaySlave.net)

 Shame on the U.S

see: Why immediate evacuation from the "nation" may be necessary and recommended. Many already left! Nov 15 2014

* * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches and share, use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities or don't read on ModerndaySlave.net , anywhere at all. Enjoy! ****
Parental Guidance
ModernDaySlave.net *works for & investigates your U.S government and societies enjoy! see this real fact: the Slave Condition
The *KKK can not tolerate their own reversed psychology, abuse, their own medicine! Craig gives them a great big taste. Well Well Well.. too bad. Shame on the U.S.

New articles:

How Craig Zito "Rocks Hard" & investigates illegal U.S *KKK government and their "Sex Machine" Read the shocking new information from inside investigation by Craig. Craig moans in pleasure and enjoys hard core sex with the hottest "Kids" in porn..  read investigative report & the shocking fraud of *your U.S gov. coming soon!

*KKK  Government using "Sex" tactics to sabotage, extort, frame, blackmail & murder. Key witnesses , political activist, investigators, Musicians, Card Counters others etc.  who obtain the "evidence" and willing to expose *today's *KKK U.S government & their crimes. Key witnesses are being targeted & tormented severely! Illegal Torture in the U.S. by Remote Neural Monitoring (a U.S *"Nazi" technology used to cause intentional strokes and heart attacks, accelerated premature aging to victims, RNM induced death, cancer other etc. Victims are tortured with religious *Nazi & *Jewish illegal "Mind Control" and made dependent to RNM "Robotics" "Memory Flashing" , allowed & disallowed controlled learning. RNM "Mind Programming & Deprogramming"). Many  victims are controlled with "RNM Robotics" to appear and robotically behave as "schizophrenic", "pedophile" other *Nazi "psychosis" etc. see also *Nazi Medicine & illegal U.S medical industry.  Warning this is not medical treatment, medicine nor used for humanity, safety, nation security. It is indeed "anti American" *Nazi weaponry. "Actual Felony", used for Slavery, torture, harassment and murder!  To control Slaves, target and abuse "Non Preferential Slaves", other crime. Many current uses of RNM (likely most)(including *other similar, related, familiar, defined technologies, uses, practices of & conduct of) does "indeed" constitute "Actual Felony". *U.S Government is and has commited, committing 1st degree Felony against U.S Citizens & others.

 Many victims legally express themselves wanting, & threatening to "shoot" murder, kill, bomb "the government" do you blame them?

 Also see who's the shocking allies to the "U.S "Empire" "Ku" "Klux" "Klan". 

What's taking Washington so long to confiscate all the illegal United States funds, inheritance, properties, industries, bank accounts funded, related, used in "today's" and past U.S Slavery history?  Where's the Illegal Slave funds, properties, etc. past on to illegal Whites & others throughout the nation and world? Why is the U.S Government, stalling,  refusing, ignoring, denying & delaying to get African Americans full financial compensation which they legally "owe"? Why have they refused to provide the majority of the the African American population quality living environments quality other which they "owe" them for more than a century and still in recent times. see American poverty and injustice. Hell in the United States created by the "White". Forced race segregation, murder, including, to segregate a race from it's own race. 

U.S Justice: Why aren't Whites being penalized, and prosecuted for obtaining, using "the" illegal funds, properties and illegal inheritance etc. Why aren't their funds being revoked as justice requires? see: lifestyles & luxury of the "illegal"

*Why the Jews predicted a day would come and their "Slave" running religious schemes would be revealed.. and wrote the "prophecy" (the threat) such as "Armageddon". How many "Armageddons" already took place in World history? (the scheme goes on) See: why the great *"villain" Hitler insisted to give the "Jew" *"a taste of their own medicine".. Who's "creating" and running you? see: who made "Hitler".

Why does the *KKK love Jesus so much though hate *their allies, (their secret partners in crime)?  (*Jesus a character created by the Jew in the big hit Jewish top seller book (the "Holy Bible" used in, for the biggest illegal Slavery schemes and brainwash in all world history). See: the "Slave Condition" accompanied by brainwash.

Why does the U.S government tolerate such religious nonsense in politics. Where's immediate legal action taken against illegal religious organization practices throughout the U.S.
Who created the U.S government? "God's people" "high jacked" and "murdered" the Indian Nation (now termed the "United"). Do you really believe they're "God's" people? "United" to who?

How many billions per year?:
Where's law enforcement on "Charitable Favors" , the value of the donations, funds, gifts, purchases, value of business and reasonable acceptance, profits and reasonable use, expenditure of. Can I buy your $10.000,000 for $500.00. or can I have it for free since i'm a member of the illegal "Gwod" scheme & trade? Unreasonable charitable acceptance, use of, storage of, the value of trade, gift and donation. Reasonable cause and use of. Can "Gwod" please have 10 or 100% of the poor woman's welfare check and food stamps so she and her family can starve and die after? Can I buy your retarded sons million dollar diamond ring for only one dollar? No! Unreasonable, trades, purchases, sales, gifts, donations, acceptances.

You can't live on my land to kill me and no you can't buy it for a slice of cheese it doesn't matter what I, he, she the writing said, says or doesn't say!

See why: "American's" despise American government and society.

Why "system reform" (new "game" "plan") is immediately necessary & why it may be necessary to intact expiration policy, laws on funds to some natures, degrees, extents.
These funds used for food and those funds used for marbles, those funds are being illegally restricted in business, those funds are being used in illegal "loan sharking" & those funds are going to great waste. Is your retarded family supposed to stay rich for all eternity? Hurry up Washington! ( I mean Microsoft). "Expiration dates" to be reset accordingly to new party, parties once "new party" "legal transactions", (& "legal" transfers) are carried out. "Expired funds" (digital?) to be confiscated appropriately by Government for appropriate use or destruction of. All transactions tracked & recorded. Legal extentions of funds circumstantially ruled and possibly accepted privileged accordingly.( % "percentages" taken from? "New date reset" to "remaining previously expired funds") etc. etc.. (no more brackets (?) & less tax work & maybe no more income tax, tax other, *no need to receive the "as is" all famous "Social Security" & other "welfare" checks,  gov. school loans, other, etc. no longer.) Everyone gets a free "welfare" check (farewell) including Bill Gates (in the same amount ?). Wow! Farewell Checks will be based on a "percentage" of Government revoked "expired funds" (?).. something like this. All rights reserved Patent pending Craig.

to be continued..




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