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Assailants harass with the portrayed "Burt The Bird Man" by simulating Burt bloody murder on my living room couch.
Burt of former corner of Blake and Fitch st. New Haven CT. 1990's
Burt claims to have killed a Rodney King Beater orientated police officer. Quote Burt, "It were either going to be me or him" In defense against this disgruntled cop Burt claims to have saved his life by shoving a crowbar through the "Pigs" head in justice. "Rodney King Police" these orientated police officers and mafia police departments were famous throughout the state of Connecticut and the town of New Haven CT. Burt claims to have been proven innocent of murder charges and let free from prison. "The Bird Man".

"The Bird Man", Fact or fiction? Possibly a made up story with RNM "gang-stalkers" whom could be in RNM alliance with illegal KKK-Catholics, Billy Graham, Illegal police, RNM Christian Slavery cult etc.  Or could be a true story. "The Bird Man" does have the "Slave-Condition". He may have no alliance to the RNM assailants. 
Related to "Bird"  previous sent to F.B.I May 07, 2017 
Assailants simulate a RNM "Brain Clone" whom person identified as JD and a White bald man whom resided at the corner of Fitch & Blake St. New Haven/Westville CT. during the 1990's
The assailants simulate possibly this White bald male having homosexual sex with JD.

Eric Zito known of these individuals a bit as Eric's Eli Whitney high school friend Mike Foley were relatives/in-laws to JD and or the White bald man. 

This simulation as above JD Homosexual is one of many ways these assailants RNM harass & terrorize.

The assailants likely frustrated, disgruntled hung-up" over sex and sicko-path thrills themselves with the RNM sexual harassment. 

Additional Murder Attempts: 
Also note here, coincidentally,  prior to these RNM assailants total malicious attacks about seven years ago yr. 2010 Cedars Sinai Medical (Jewish) of Beverly Hills were filed law suit by me and criminal charges were brought forth against this medical establishment and illegal network with state of Connecticut physicians . Note Physicians crimes of Connecticut listed at ModernDaySlave.net and their attempt to hide murder by Yale Dr. Segal and Dr. Papas of West Haven CT.  Mafia orientated crime here literally. Details listed at MDS.
The assailant at this time have also RNM Robotic-ally hijack my wife (RNM Battle Bots) in a possible RNM attempt of murder to me through the RNM hi-jacked Melissa at our residence of Hollywood CA. Note here described at MDS.net RNM Battle Bots, where Melissa, out of unsuspected circumstance as "Dr. Jeckle" attempts possible murder by attempting to and firing a large Pyrex glass bowl to my head while I were sitting down at my piano. Also note here at the Residence "the death trap radiation house" as tested by DWP of California.  

"RNM Battle Bots"  popular used in game on Negro Slave-Condition Americans to cause racial conflict.