The Sign Says
Sun Dec. 01 2013

Erewhon's Natural Foods, sign incident: With my girlfriend and partner Melissa Kiley who stopped into Erewhon's to grab a bite to eat (salad and coffee). 

If the sign said Ebay that's OK? If it were a tee-shirt which said ModernDaySlave.NET that's OK? If it were a tee-shirt or same sign which reads "Erewhon's Natural Foods" that's OK?

Just going about my business to get a bite to eat with friend as a customer (not soliciting) though with my coincidental tee-shirt (same difference) which read ModerndaySlave.NET and my baby carriage! (OK, I didn't have a baby carriage).

If someone ask what does your tee-shirt say? Are you as a customer in violation to show your tee shirt so they may see what the tee shirt says? Store was near empty and my small sign was not obstructing any traffic throughout the store. If my sign was a baby carriage that's OK? If my sign was a large purse that's OK?

Coincidentally the one Mexican worker did not like my sign because it didn't say Del Taco and told me I can't be in the store with my sign, even if I kept it to ground area next to my legs. The other Mexicans and White workers (seven or more) said nothing and coincidentally viewed my sign in laughter (funny I don't know why). the size of the sign is only "20 x 30" inches x two 8ths inch. Nothing more than nearly wearing a top hat or caring your book-bag with you.

GEE wiz, I guess you're not allowed to go into Erewhon's on Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood with your tees-shirt which reads "The Rolling Stone's" as it's against store policy.

It's not soliciting because I'm a customer and not going into the store with intentions to advertise my Rolling Stones Tee-Shirt!

Funny thing I must mention about Erewhon's on Beverly. We're speaking here of a store where female customers literally go into wearing only their panties and tee-shirts and that's just fine and dandy with Erewhon's on Beverly.

​What a joke..

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