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Addressed to: FBI additional suspects in RNM case‏       

Other suspects in RNM U.S terrorist heist: These suspects withhold some sort of evidence to my RNM assailants or the RNM crime. 
Micheal Burton of West Haven CT.  Race Black-  to my knowledge Last known resident to West Haven CT. 1990's
Other a Puerto Rican suspect goes by the nick name Tonto a neighbor of mines friend (Sherry & Sue) of 800 George St. New Haven CT. I believe Tonto resided in Bridgeport CT around that time period. CT known portrayed for mass Latin King gang-Cult. Tonto & Burton portrayed to be friendly acquaintance to the residence.  Just about every Hispanic of New Haven portrayed "Latin King".
*"KKK"/Jewish/White cult are linked with Slavery Rings, crime rings throughout the U.S  "Slave Condition" this is a physical condition intentionally set at birth to cause brain impairment to predominantly "non White race", "non Jewish" "white mixed race" and "mixed race" individuals.
New Haven Police Dept. has history of police corruption Rodney King style beatings etc. Tonto & Burton may be illegal Religious network, gang network & or corrupt Police, mental health etc.  Burton & Tonto portrays to be "good guys".
Craig & elder siblings were "kidnapped" and held hostage from our homes throughout childhood by corrupt D.C.Y.S *Nazi/KKK networks. I trace early RNM stealth attacks while in a Nazi German foster home in Meriden CT.  Blackstone Village. 
Foster parents were Gertrude & Eugene Reynolds. These nazi networks insisted upon segregation of the siblings. We were used as "MKULTRA" orientated experiments & Remote Neural Monitoring Slave experimentations. Our Mother Argie M. Walls was also RNM victimized.
Sabotage & murder attempts were made throughout my lifetime by secret association. I withhold "the evidence", the assailant/s portrays holds a vendetta, & or a mission, Anti-Law, Anti-American practices. 
Assailants currently RNM harass with identity swaps & ghost house RNM effects. Scare tactics as to portray a frame job, terrorize etc.
ModernDaySlave.net Excerpt:
" "U.S KKK Slavery Cult", anti-sex cult targeting "NPS" (also see frame operation RNM sex-toys at ModernDaySlave.net) allied  with U.S *CIA, *FBI, other runs Illegal Anti-American Nazi operations (MKULTRA "Mind Kontrol Ultra" & "Remote Neural  Monitoring" to Bait Lure Entrap Jail, hostage slave citizens to the U.S, institutionalize, debilitate excess quota of  American Slave Citizens, "Non Preferential Slaves" (Example: "NPS": You're not KKK, Jewish, Catholic, "Nazi American"  conformed other conformed, you have threatening evidence against U.S Slavery Cult such as ModernDaySlave.net, you have  potentials more than just the Slave they've only intended for you to be, you're not *nazi/KKK, U.S Nazi/Jewish conformed  preferred Slave, see other descriptions).
*CIA sued by Canadian citizens & gov. for MKULTRA use on Canadian citizens. *FBI also been exposed for murder frame job to  innocent man, others.  
Setup RNM Programming operations begin early in American Slaves life, Slaves childhood & throughout lifetime. When particular  Slaves are found to be a "Non Preferential Slave" for any reasons, they become a target, to be portrayed, cause as "Mental  Illness", targeted to RNM sabotage learning, work, school, physically debilitate, frame as criminals, drugs, theft, alcohol,  etc. Frame as welfare, SSI, SSA fraud, other during or if they make a health recovery, other fraud, portray as pedophiles,  absurd pedophiles, targeted to be murdered, radiation poisoning, RNM debilitate etc. "NP's" can be setup in any situations,  circumstances. Example: Army, intentional car accidents, intentional job injuries (why you were hired at that job to begin  with),hospital doctor hijacking, knocked unconscious during appointments (do you really remember your office visits?),  drowning, poisoning, explosions, disease, Crime setups, RNM & gang stalking harassment. 
Nazi RNM technologies have been portrayed use to the public for investigations, security, safety purposes, law enforcement,  health treatment, house arrest when not the case, intention nor purpose at all. 
 "Non Preferential Slaves" are lured by secret illegal RNM, allied people, gangs, MK prostitutes, drugs, work place, school,  home business etc. Targeted Individual Sabotage could be plotted & planned years, decades, throughout the NP's childhood &  life.
"Gangs ("Gangstalkers") are subconsciously &/or consciously secretly allied, some or many are "MK" (MK, RNM controlled)  controlled against their own knowledge by U.S Nazi, KKK, catholic & Jewish Illegal Slavery cult/s, U.S *Nazi/KKK Government,  Religious Slavery Cults, etc. Read: how RNM operates on the human body & mind. "Ganstalkers" consist of "Slaves" & Non- Slaves.
See description: How to identify an "American Slave" (the Slave condition). How to identify a "Non-Slave"  www.ModernDaySlave.net!!Warning!! Many "Non-Slaves" are very crafty, fast secret professional actors. Many with extreme  capabilities. This includes adult and child "Non Slaves". The "Slaves" brain is impaired *50-90% compared to "Non-Slaves".
Other MDS investigations include "MK Cloning". A Slave can be mind cloned to great extents. Which "clone-bot" might you be?
Secret *KKK Slave Security operations are "MKULTRA" orientated (Mind Kontrol) included with "Slave Condition" RNM programmed in  childhood & throughout lifetime to be triggered, controlled throughout the Slaves life. 
Slaves are RNM, other pre-programmed, set for later program/s use in lifetime or immediate use if "Non Preferential" for  "Kontrol", this includes RNM sabotage, setup/framework operations, portrayal, cause mental illnesses, including death &  stroke programs to NP Slave citizens. Stated: CIA's "Black Officer" is authorized to execute RNM death programs. 

Why Craig a target? Craig's is a "Non Preferential Slave", mixed Royal English, Cherokee Indian Italian race, been a gorgeous Hollywood Model, A rock mozart on piano, a  professional vocalist, champion card-counter, inventor of some amazing secret inventions. I don't need to join the mob, do  crime for money, nor pay for prostitutes scumbag! Go Die Slave running Bitch! Gee, I'm such a probable suspect ???? Oh I see  I might be the "Anti-Christ".. 
Note: many "Slave" musicians, card counters, other businesses potentials targeted. "Musician"  a "loop hole" , opportunity for potential "Slaves". Note: the U.S music industry after the 1970's. Less & less "Slave Condition" music stars (look closer at those photographs). Hence RNM terrorism was not in mass operations till the 1970's." ModernDaySlave.net

Also see: How RNM terrorist portrays frame job for murder & harassment tactics

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