This article is here as all pertaining articles on to set forth, establish facts, science, fine points, legal, "legal science", legal fine points, legal facts, etc. The RNM terrorist are hi-hijacking, hostage-ing , trapping their prey, victims on this "sex video game/s" oriented programs and many other programs. The portrayed results would be the same, similar for anyone being victimized to the same extents by this terrorism. "Same, similar" meaning with likely differences, exceptions "Slave", "Non Slave", or perhaps others who have already learned particular RNM programs. Portraying their targets, prey, "absurd", not true,  as "Pedophile" , "mentally ill", over-exaggerated mentally ill, person who had a stroke, and other when not the case. "Portrayed", meaning "RNM portrayed" for reasons, excuses for the attacks, murder and terrorism, excuses for the RNM technology placed on the Targeted Individuals. 

This article and the other articles in regard to "sex", "adultophiles", "Pedophiles" are listed to show legal science, science, law, "actual law", correct law, facts, theories, sustainable legal theories, sustainable legal speculations, sustainable other, investigations, evidence etc., etc.

Plotted, fabricated "Pedophile nonsense" schemes, other as & for "their" accessory to murder.

Most of or all the targets are normal, "circumstantially normal" and have no such exaggerated extents, or no extents, no such extents, exaggerated natures of "mental illness", "adultophilia", "pedophilia", other portrayed etc. The victims or the majority, and/or for the "most part" are normal people who have been targeted and victimized by this NAZI/Jewish crime of RNM.

All or the majority of RNM victims, prey, targeted individuals are totally innocent, leading legal life, culture, lifestyles, life, circumstantially normal life prior to the RNM terrorism. They are victims of these U.S crime parties and other world crime parties of  literally NAZI RNM practices and Nazi RNM terrorism, NAZI orientated practices, NAZI government, NAZI science, experiments etc., NAZI control etc.

Pertaining to this article, RNM  Nazi scheme "Sex Robots" , RNM automated and manual control programs including "video gaming sex" programs are forced used, trapped on totally normal otherwise targets to portray targets as "pedophile" and/or over exaggerated "pedophile". sexual abnormality, sexual conditions. The purposes are for murder, Slavery control, sabotage, cause stroke, heart attack etc. to the targets including "Non Preferential Slaves".

The illegal "KKK/Jewish/Catholic" terrorist RNM assailants, intruders in U.S government & society run these illegal schemes and particular RNM schemes, to hide cover their illegal U.S Nazi controlled U.S Slavery society.  "government/KKK/Jewish religious" crime/s. 

"A Nazi RNM scheme" : Reasons, motives in attempt to escape their liabilities, hide evidence, keep secret of the Nazi murder crime done unto to you and others: example: They have committed and are committing murder, running secret Nazi murder schemes. To escape their liabilities and hide their crime/s or murder crimes and crime toward you, they're going to blame the murder on you, meaning: RNM portray you as the murderer or attempt to turn you into a murderer for reasons to murder you, reasons for other RNM crime to you.  

Other example: A official U.S Nazi police officer robs a bank for 1 million dollars. Then finds his target or a innocent target,  shoots the target in cold blood and plants a gun, including one hundred thousand dollars on the target. May plant the entire million if this is what the target is worth, or in other such case necessary to hide the crime.

see article: The ongoing secret cult and their secret U.S Nazi murder schemes. Each man alone regardless of poverty which he may be trapped in or live in can be worth minimums between 500,000 to 800,000 dollars. Kill 10-20 men you get, save 5 million to 16 million dollars in minimums.

"Murder Schemes" : For reasons of "Slavery enforcement", power including (to secure any successes of "U.S trojan horses") * "Hitler and secret allied orientated *Jewish order", KKK etc. , to overpower and run particular races, people into extinction. A single mans life and targeted groups, individuals of  higher intelligence could be worth priceless to their illegal networks for the crime purpose. 

Practice Harmless Safe Sex

It's not illegal to be "Bi Age Sexual" or even Pedophile in any U.S territories, just as Heterosexual, Homosexual, other. No parties including government, religious parties have legal right to hi-jack with RNM, other technologies for reasons of Sexuality, Culture etc.

Don't believe nor tolerate!  Illegal parties, societies, including illegal government who say and state else-wise. Shall we hi-jack you just for being Christian/Jewish. 

*Pedophile definition: A false fabricated over exaggerated, "man made created", "disorder", "mental illness condition". "Created" by insane psychological, religious and or *Nazi orientated parties. Enforced practices in the United States among illegal Medical Industry, illegal societies & Government. Included among other: Brainwash, Slave control tactics & war tactics to frame, target, illegally control, including "Mind Control", "Restricted Thought Control", Sex Control, Population Control to innocent Americans, others. "Bi Age Sexual", "Bi Age sex" & "Bi Age" sexual intercourse does not represent "Pedophile" nor a rapist or wrongful sexual conduct, "condition" nor "disorder". Under Legal age sex (*"written law" or standard rule.) "alone" does not constitute a rape, rapist nor wrongful sexual conduct. A accidental, coincidental, sexual experience which "may appear" as wrongful sexual conduct does not constitute, establish a rape, rapist, wrongful sexual conduct. ​*An actual "true" case "Pedophile" is a rare case such as "the Elephant Man". Unlikely in most accused. It doesn't mean your "sick" nor have an "illness", "condition" to *be, *play *"Mick Jagger", other, etc. ( (?) *"Mick" rule *established *1960's) Fact: *"Written law" does not "establish" *actual "Law".

                                           ***  U.S Justice & Bi-Age-Sexuals
Parental Guidance * * * Read all facts, speculations, sustainable theories, speeches, share and use all the information at your own risk, discretion and liabilities or don't read on , anywhere at all. Enjoy! ****​   

Studies show at least 50% of "Kids" from ages 9-15 are adultophiles, Bi-Age-Sexual, and would have sex with *quality, "pornstar class adults" , "modal class adults", other adults if they've had the "surefire" opportunity.
At least 80% of Adults from ages 16-32 are "Bi-Age-Sexual", "Pedophile" and would have sex with "pornstar" "Kids", "Bi-Age-Sexual" "Kids" from ages 9-15 if they had the "surefire" opportunity.

Don't believe it? Irrelevant! 
United States Courts you now need to prove these studies incorrect and provide the actual scientific "sexual facts" and Modern Day sexual facts of "Bi-Age-Sexual" U.S societies.

For the time-being click here to view a lot of porn videos of the highest quality Pornstar "Kids" ages 9-15 with "pornstar adults" ages 16-32+, the "hottest" "Bi-Age-Sexuals" in porn. A class XXX
For educational purposes & whatever, other you agree you are at least 18 years of age before entering!

The majority of "Pedophiles" (Bi-Age-Sexuals) are not rapist nor "child" molesters", they're into to sex with competent "adultophiles" not the other "Kids", "Teens", not rape. Just the same as the majority of other sexual orientation, genders. 

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