"Not just only looking at the price tag but considering the precise ingredients to eat healthy and get the best value is not against the law. How knowledgeable are you on the ingredients you purchase and eat?" "I'll buy that one!". It's not illegal to "count cards". 

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Why Card Counting is Not Illegal, Casinos, Lottery, Fraud, the Poker ban & more:
It's illegal for a casino to harass Card Counters as harassment is against the law throughout the U.S nation period.
Casinos are attacking Counters via Remote Neural Monitoring technology. 
BJ21.com states MIT (Mathematical Institute) Card
Counting students were harassed by Illegal Casino industry networks including with the use of Remote Neural Monitoring
If you attempted to use Remote Neural Monitoring against bank tellers to confuse and cause, or attempt to cause, the bank to
unintentionally dump you free cash this would be a felony. If a bank used Remote Neural Monitoring to confuse
it's customers and cause, or attempt to cause, the customer to mistakenly dump the bank free money this would
be a felony as well. Same holds true for same Casino circumstance. It supposed to be common sense.
It is illegal for any Casino to throw out or ban Card Counters from casinos for reasons of them counting the cards as in the
game Blackjack. The Card Counter is entitled to shares of proceeds, bank, "pool" of the "Game" just as the Casinos and other
gamblers. What's the share policy? Must be within legal reason Example: Crabbers policy.
This would be against our Constitutional rights and illegal policy tacked to our United States funds to restrict or not allow a
person from using their thoughts and brains abilities for making strategic decisions. To enforce such policy, laws would be
illegal.  *Nazi orientated.
What if I told you are not allowed to add up and check the prices in your grocery cart? Or use your brain to make a stock
purchase decision, purchase a car etc. I could tell you anything but to enforce you to an illegal policy, law or deceive you with attempt, intentions to fraud, cheat you out of your money, life (including health) and business, opportunities, obstruct your business would be illegal and would constitute fraud and felony. (And yes, wagering U.S funds on Poker games of bluff is illegal just as it would be illegal to allow games of Russian Roulette with real harmful deadly bullets.) Yes the U.S government is supposed to confiscate your "World Poker champions" funds and all U.S funds participated in games of Bluff Poker, games of "bluff". To Bluff is to defraud. Bluffing does not include Card Counters using camouflage tactics against a casino to hide their play or themselves as a Card Counter for reasons to prevent harassment and wrongful business against the Card Counter from a corrupt Casino/s and it's customers, others. Casinos and others dealing Poker games of Bluff, advertisers to the bluff games, radio and tv stations, promoters, others etc. and many players to face criminal charges including confiscation of funds, assets, accounts, properties, transfers, sales, trades, gifts, past on inheritance etc. It is illegal to offer, deal, play games of bluff with U.S funds or anything of monitary value.  
"Why does the Government allow such known illegal business? A sting operation? Example: A top secret government Hollywood Ca. trap to lure "Homosexuals" (Homosexual are considered ("many secretly labeled") medically "Legally Mentally ill" ("shh don't say nothing") & gamblers, drug users, prostitutes, alcoholics, sex phens, musicians etc.) A illegal trap to lure the innocent made & labeled into controlled government controlled, regulated, electro medicated, secretly medicated, security monitored top secret environments and societies. See Nazi medicine articles on MDS.net. Who's secretly controlling you and running your life around? This would be illegal of government, police and society. See: the *Jew is the *Nazi articles. Illegal Catholic, Christian cults throughout the U.S." What? Traps & lures for the "none preferential Slaves?" see Slave Condition
Blackjack is a fair game of chance, a game of investment and a game of skill where casinos legally only supposed to keep reasonable shares of the pool. (reasonable fees for housing, banking, insuring, service, up keeping the game etc.).
The service of "games of wager" offered to the public includes slot machines, sports betting and other games.
See also: Illegal state fraud lotteries illegally price gouging and illegally keeping shocking pool percentages for profit.
Charging totally unreasonable, illegal gaming service and product fees. Example: 3.23% return to the players on instant lotto tickets. The "state" keeps 96.77% profit! ("this is murder!") See also how investigation detects inside lottery company fraud through use of math. Do you work for a state lottery and networked? Are you allied to the network? Want a free million dollar winning instant lottery ticket? How about five million?
The Blackjack play "the Counter":
Most all players in the game of Blackjack tally up (math information processing) the totals of their dealt cards and then
calculate and play a strategic decision (more information processing) to play their hands. They've already seen the cards
and the information on the cards before deciding a playing decision which they feel best with or play their pre seen cards
according to some strategy which they use or a belief they have (religious, superstitions, wild guessing). Card Counters use
additional other math information processing from the pre seen cards to make play decisions. (Card Counters not meaning    
Tarot reading Card Counters) though Tarot Counters can play too, with their Blackjack Tarot strategies if they want to ("accordingly"). 
Not just only looking at the price tag but considering the precise ingredients to eat healthy and get the best value is not
against the law. How knowledgeable are you on the ingredients you purchase and eat?
No you can't make your own Rules:
Illegal policies, rules, and laws cannot be placed on nor used with our U.S funds.
Bet Raising, tossing out bets and "Flat Betting" illegal restrictions:
To restrict a player from raising their bets and not restrict all other players from raising their bets (according to the
same "LEGAL" rule, policy, and law) would also be illegal policy and laws placed on our U.S funds and business of U.S funds as well including illegal discrimination, business obstruction to the parties, and individuals.
The Black man cannot drink from the White mans water fountain holds the same concept:
Because for whatever reason (other than him being illegal and illegally drinking the water) we don't like the Black man. She can raise her bet but you can't! Many laws are broken from restricting bet raising and throwing bets out. To be Continued.
Blackjack and Water Rights:
If there's not enough water then why offer it as you do and in the manner you do? (a scheme? a fraud?) As long as she's
likely to lose and you're not? Or she can take three gallons if she's so lucky but you only get two cups (is two cups legally
reasonable with all that water you have?) (his, her and your "legal" entitlements to the game. Legal entitlements to "the water".) We don't mind if she loses one gazillion dollars (one gazillion gallons of water) to us (the "game" "the pool" ("water pool") nor if you lose one gazillion dollars to us as we have no intentions or expectations for her to win (drink) and we have no
intentions for you to win. We make more money this way and don't need no one to win! Fraud.
If a casino really didn't want Card Counting they could easily change the game or rid it ("not really"). They don't have to
allow players to make playing decisions. Card hands could be played to fixed rules where the players make no play decisions of their own. Auto play. Betting rules could also be fixed (same for all players). Same rules, same, game, same advantage for
all players.
If a Casino/s "rid" the game or change the rules to Blackjack what about the accumulated "pool" of $100000 Gazillion Dollars$ which the Casino still withholds? No it's not theirs! And no they can't keep it for themselves! It would be illegal. Felony Embezzlement and Fraud.
** Lottery:
Clearly illegal Fraud *No one who purchases instant lotto tickets are under the impression nor expression of such illegal "odds". "Truth" of "odds": (the actual win percentages the game returns to it's players). They go to further extents of fraud by loading the tickets with large sum cash prize amounts colored in G,OLD.000.00, sing yourself a lullaby and flip the ticket over. What do you get? Oh how nice of them.. they express and imply  they're so honest to tell the public "Odds of winning any prize" is 1:3.50, 1:4.43. Looks like (most definitely implying, expressing) they got their math all down and are such good, very honest people to share this information ("the odds") with you (everyone). By this time we're all so happy and confident now. (Got some peanuts and a soft drink to go with that?) Since they're so honest to share all that much math accurate information to us (we the public) why weren't they so kindly honest and nice enough to (just as simply) share with the public ("the hidden big secret" "you nigger sucker"  much allegiance here signed by Cali state Gov.) they keep 96.77% of ticket sales. (96.77 % of the pool) Aww how nice of the illegal California Slave State. 

The State of California Lottery is Fraud. And no I the public did not purchase a lotto ticket for charitable donation as I've done that by hand outs to  your pathetic population of countless panhandlers and homeless victims of the "state" (who have plenty enough of "Education" and the other enough education to further self educate themselves)  loaded all over the streets of L.A . You need to tax the illegal Wealthy for that and raise the Slave wage. Confiscate their illegal funds BMWs, million and  multimillion dollar homes etc. and order the "Wealthy" to do their share of necessary Slave labor work, which they owe!). 

More education "expense"? (Education expense scheme!) With today's technology and already excessive resources available so cheap so free to everyone and easily accessible. (Free public libraries, already made and paid free computers worth priceless. I supposed to pay all that money for an incompetent "Slaves" education to become what? A Rocket Scientist? Quat? A hilarious bad joke?) Irrelevant!  I would not waste all that time (life) and effort trying to win the lotto just to donate all mine and others hard work, hard earned gaming funds and everyone's lotto pool to "Charitable Education  Fraud" nor charity period. Aww the state of California educating their California impaired Slaves while murdering the leftover Slaves. Isn't that nice of California. Who's bloodshed, time and lives are you wasting? Let's play Ring around the Rosie with the *KKK. see the "Slave condition"articles.

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