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Hollywood gave Michael Jackson 200 horny kids to screw and made a billion off him then busted him after he was dead. Only two kids complained. (who knows who cares). *Besides "Kid prostitution", Michael's actual crime simply was, "He became too ugly for that", a "monster". Now now, if all along Brittney Spears or Miley Cyrus were having hot sex with horny kids, do you think Americans would have been so desperately concerned or concerned at all?

Why Michael Jackson was so mentally sick:
Contrary to the supposed to be nation wide sex age standard laws standard rule of thumb set at age 13 by Alabama Government (not saying Alabama is close enough correct on all their other laws).
Homosexuality is supposed to be look as an illness of the homosexual people and an illness of the circumstances, environment and society, especially when it comes to adult homosexuals seducing "Kids" in their early stages of pleasurable sexual experiences to become homosexual and trapping "kids" and "adults" in such desperation, seduction, influence surroundings, housing, living and school arrangements and homosexual societies such as in Hollywood CA.
The anus is intended for the exit of feces not intended as a pleasurable entrance for the male organ. Studies show under extreme inhumane desperate circumstances such as created throughout the United States of America, many turn homosexual either willfully or initiated through rape.
With all Michael Jackson's money and resources why would Michael allow his "Kids" to be under such circumstances? *Mike said there's nothing wrong with that.. Is he right? Or did Michael Jackson intentionally create, falsify or allow his circumstance with intentions to per sway law authority to take great action against Homosexuals and their communities throughout the United States?
Is the Homosexual Nazi allied?
United States now manufactures jars filled with feces lubricant & real feces sent for males to rub all over their penises and masturbate. Hey "Kids" & "Adults" you want some? You're sick!
Are White Homosexual people, portrayed Homosexual people and their cults of other races *KKK orientated (illegal Jewish/Christian/Nazi) allies?
Are you one or a victim to them and don't know it?



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