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Craig Demands full U.S justice. "George Bush" Justice! This is not a joke!

Full confiscations of the RNM assailants properties, Accounts & full executions!

You've done it to the Afghanistans for their accused felony crime against the United States! Your going to do it to yourselves for your felony crime!


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 New article coming soon Craig's run in with Connecticut, Jewish & White Boston Mafia, Craig as Card counter with run in with Illegal Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun Casino tied with Connecticut, Boston & Police Mob! Murder attempts, a broken neck, Craig's escape and miraculous recovery. Articles are not to cause chaos but to assist including with the public solve the mystery, their intentional caused chaos, expose crime parties, their networks, the responsible and deceptive people, gov. orgs. behind todays U.S & other ModernDay Slavery. 

Public territory is the Public's territory?

Tactics illegal societies such as Hollywood CA use to illegally dominate public territories and public businesses where many are pray to the villains victimizing new residents and business people and others, mainly targeting Slaves who aren't of their conformed Public communities. Slaves period who they do not want often or at all on their illegally dominated Public territory doing business and Slaves just being around learning the environment and it's people.

Gee can have my lunch break here?  Illegal societies such as Jew, Colleges, Whites, Entertainment communities, residential communities, youth communities other.

Example of some tactics: You're in a predominantly Jewish territory or maybe Jewish and White. You're spotted as new non networked individual to public territory which they illegally dominate. You may like the atmosphere for many reasons, maybe a good daily convenient pit stop to your daily exercise regime and other, a study area, may offer food you like, may be an environment you would like to frequent for learning new atmosphere people and the community, Perhaps a new business partner or a hot date. Many other reasons you may frequent these territories. Maybe an artist territory you take interest in etc.

So you are now spotted as a non networked individual for what ever reason they don't want you around example: maybe your skin color is bad for business in the territory. Or you're a Slave (see "Slave Condition") in a non Slave territory, they notice you're doing or attempting business and learning to extents they don't want Slaves learning and doing business and think you're a smart enough Slave to make discoveries which they don't want you to make. Slave are supposed to be conformed being Slaves and there knowledge is supposed to be limited or granted by the Slave societies, their slave masters and Nazi controllers. Slaves are under physical, psychological, electronic control. Of course most all Slaves don't realize they're a slave or least not to no extent of actuality, truth and especially no nothing of the  "Slave Condition" until they find out here. If you were born retarded would you know if no one told you or gave you enough impressions, knowledge you were? Even then so you wouldn't know what it's actually like, and the actual difference of not being retarded.

You're a Slave with potentials and are spotting in an illegally dominated public territory and Public business territories by the illegal community. You're learning too much Slave forbidden knowledge. They don't want you around, only for purpose to use you as a Slave of course, and even then so their preferences are Slaves to their own network and some cases only Slaves from their own Slave network breading grounds. If you're around to acquaintance friendships mind as well throw in the rag as non-Slaves typically do not socialize with any Slaves to this extent. It's forbidden, it's a rule.

Tactics to illegally chase you off the territory to extents of attempting frame work against you and fabricate excuses to sic the illegal police of the community on you maybe including FBI. Tactics are used strictly for sabotage purposes they don't want high potential Slaves and Slave achieving beyond Slave policies. The more your business potentials are worth as a Slave can mean the higher target you are to be victimized.

Victimized by tactics to portray you as a gangster, menace to the area, child pedophile, rapist stalker, racist,

prostitute or john, a in crazed pervert, other etc. Tactics to make you appear off, mentally insane and unacceptable.

 They don't mind stopping in 7 eleven to get their quick goodies though with out calling the police. Including other known pan handler, prostitution and crazy homeless people hangouts. Though these areas can be Gang Stalking area as well.

Oh and they're all subscribers to cable / satellite TV and and addicts to the great violent , explicit, soft porn, hard porn, profanity Hollywood movie productions. Subscribers to much more. 

Tactics include frame work and psychological games, even being drugged, and the use of radiation, and other electronic technology on your body. see Remote Neural Monitoring.

If you're victimized they may fool you to believe they're just playing a friendly comedy games with you.

They work in groups so beware! These groups and individuals can be referred to as "Gang Stalking, Gang Stalkers" and could consist of few to many multiples. If you're a really big target, groups may even consist way larger(a whole downtown area for example). You can be spied on in your own privacy by these stalkers and then stalked to all your destinations while the "gang stalkers" have a new game plotted out for your trip and arrival.

Warning Signs to take notice:

-Kind of like you being on the old TV candid camera but can be hard core. Most are bad actors so you should be able to sense this but they have crafty framework plots. Illegal Traps attempting to lure you into or your attention to.

 Entrapment is a law and is illegal.

-Drug setups of course. Do you want to buy or sell some drugs to me or for me? Do you want to share my cocaine (Bisquick) snort it all you want. Be careful it may be the real stuff. Want to smoke my candy cigarettes or have an O'doul's? No I want to try the real stuff.

-Prostitution setups. Hello I'm a prostitute cum with me or give me your number. She's either ugly or damn I may not mind paying for that! hmm, I'm a doctor conducting a study or I'm a doctor who feels sorry for you go ahead and give it to me.

 Craig is against prostitution and never paid for sex. Sex is supposed to be free, coincidental and coincidently made plenty available to you, but in extreme case of trap and seduction, deprivation who knows? We were trapped on Gilligan's Island together. The blue lagoon? What do you want a seashell?

The Nazi party illegally deprived you of sex all your life and now they offer you a prostitute. How nice of them.

-Sex tactics and magic tricks: may try to portray you as pedophile. Example: Girl across the street from where you are standing or sitting is (she is hidden from "Gangs Stalkers" camera) dress to kill and flashing her sexual expressions your way may even expose nudity to you. In the meantime her child accomplices, walking by you dress in their beach outfit with bright light flashing green sandals and shorts or something like that (high end outfit made by Playboy for kids) and as they walk by you they may call out your name or a stone hits the ground at their feet or other tactics to draw your attention more to them. This is more old fashioned methods/ style to frame victims on camera but a good basic foundation set here as it still holds basis to high tech new tactics. read on

Super tactics include
Gang Stalking with the Use of Remote Neural Monitoring, emf control, or other technology on your body. (your penis is remote controlled) As in the basic plot example above must I explain further into a great prank.

Use of this Technology on your body is extremely dangerous and illegal without your prior consent and agreement. Want someone to secretively dope you with an acid trip?

Violates High jacking laws, your privacy laws, other laws and Constitutional rights laws period.

Warning! they may try communicating to set you up for prostitution and other portrayed crimes with the voice to skull illusion communication Neural Monitoring technology.

Remote Electronic Sex:

Illegally induce electronic sex with you and see if you give in or your opinions and thoughts to the experimentation. And then may try to set you up for prostitution. 

They also could use the Super Technology to stimulate sexual functions and pleasure. to give you, euphoria, sedation and

drugged effects: crack, alcohol, pot, electronic acid trip (to portray a sane individual is mentally incompetent. Are you

competent on your acid trips?) other etc. To portray one as pedophile Gee that orgasm felt good give me another pretty please! Thank you God and Satan and Casper the horny ghosts.

Portray and cause neurological attacks by causing Electro Neuro Brain Impairment and then make intentional noise and motion disturbance to disrupt your neurological system further.

Same old same o'l Illegal NAZI-mob government and illegal societies using sex tactics and magic dck tricks to sabotage their rivals and opposers. We're talking slavery, death, NAZI US crime and they're firing SEX ARTILLERY! What's dat gotta do wit da facts? Give a kid an ice cream cone and then murder him after. Sure why not Santa-Jesus and Washington DC. your so nice!

How 'bout before you kill me I want real ICE Cream not artificial jackDonnalds please! Is that a deal? These people are insane. Sex and ice cream is great but wait a second..

Electronic Gang Rape:  Want to try some sushi? Sure let's try it and see what it's like. Also see bottom page more on the Sex Machine. 
Her electro pussy cat is already on you and she stuck your penis inside her in .5 seconds, you're poisoned with electronic V
iagra and electronically induced orgasm. Don't worry shove it all the way in and  just screw them (like you have a choice or planned to have sex anyway) there's no off button. Don't worry it's not illegal on your part to use your own thoughts, even along with others thoughts they place inside your head and no it's not a mental competency test because any results mean nothing though they can cause you to be or appear as mentally incompetent.  

Encourage the "kids" to fck you harder:  

The fives too young the 7 year old may be too tight so give me the 10 and we'll ball all night! and that will make it all right.   

Make certain to give these scum pigs a taste of there own medicine which is mind games they use on your body along with electronically induced sexual stimulation on your body and inducing endorphins on your brain.

 Being high from snorting  Oxycontin is not so bad after all. It's known to be very addictive. I don't recommend using Oxycontin though but you may be electronically forced. Want a Oxy-kid? Sure why not. No I mean want some Oxycontin?.

 Typically you will be conducting investigations yourself throughout your forced experimentation.

Updated future post will include *cheat program (it's not really a cheat program as what the hell are you cheating at, a game you don't want to play? but program to combat attacks and undo the electro induced brain impairment like cheat codes for your video games. Make sure you cheat the hell out of these dirt bags pigs of people.

Remote Neural Monitoring is a fabricated false science. Science of bullsht. Used for sabotage and frame work by Illegals. How many times should you watch that movie. Should I put a gun to your head and force you to watch that movie all day and night all year long? The Nazi psychopaths high jacking people using this technology believe they're God of all people and they have the power to use their God toys on you to feed their sickness and sick powers.
Sex Machine: Another great video game for XBOX? No but may not be a bad idea in addition to all their other great games. Oh come on XBOX.
 On your end of things it's a forced experimentation. They may swap portrayed different characters and ages on you in split second timing. Oh so good she's the best one why did you swap her! Give it to me.

 You may be attacked by these psychopaths while you're having sex anyway with your girlfriend. Like every time you're going to have sex. This could go on for months years on end. What are you to do not have sex because your Nazi controller? Go ahead and fck me though I prefer not.

By sending electronic brain waves the technology can stimulate sexual functions, pleasure, pain, Induce endorphins, euphoria, sedation and drugged effects: oxycontin, crack, alcohol, pot, electronic acid trip other etc. 

Don't fall for the bull which illegal law authorities feed you as excuse saying they need to use this technology of such to help search for and prevent missing abducted people and children, rapist, murders other. Don't fall for illegal written laws neither.

The average missing teenagers and some younger are competent runaways not abducted/ kidnapped or murdered.
Some may be staged intentional props in attempt to try to swindle their illegal government (illegal invaders/intruders in American government) to pass illegal laws to use illegal Nazi technology on Americans.

The Oklahoma City Bomber, other bombers, Jeffrey Dahmer, September 9 11 (said to be staged by American Gov.) other. Staged props to push excuse and use of NAZI technology on Citizens? Wouldn't be surprised. (White people are good people! Call themselves Jewish Christians then come here and murder all the Indians and steal our land, hunt Blacks in Africa chain them in blood and gut, stock pile them on top of each other and ship'em here to run as Slaves. Whites are still running Slavery today in America.) You trust your White "government"?
​Example: They murdered them intentionally because Whites thoughout the American nation would love to place Blacks back into chained slavery. (Charles Manson). Maybe not their top priority, though for them to run the present mass Slave population and establish better conformed United States Slavery in present and future and to run excess and non preferential Slaves into extinction. All this this includes older generation Slaves and new Slaves such as the Hispanics, Chinese, Russians, Italians other etc. For the time being they must portray otherwise until they can obtain more written illegal law power and access. Illegal laws such as to use of Remote Neural Monitoring or similar on the mass population of American Slave citizens. 

Another "catch 22" scenario: They murder them intentionally because they oppose Nazi technology which is currently being used on Americans. Well you want to portray innocent Americans as child molesters, potential murders, and insane with your technology for excuse purpose to sabotage and control them and mass others with your technology. Just for that we'll show you real murder and child rape molestation. (doesn't really go here but consensual sexually competent people having sex though maybe written to be age illegal is not rape nor molestation example: Elvis) Could be both of the above.They're full of bullsh*t as there's plenty useful and more than sufficient other technology and surveillance available for these purposes.
They can tap into anyone's phones, computers, emails, mail, have high tech computer camera surveillance technology including Facial Recognition, thumb print systems, track any motor vehicle with GPS, microphone taps, have plenty capabilities to rid cash and track every financial transaction and products purchased. The use of Remote Neural Monitoring and other similar technology is wrong, illegal, inappropriate and not necessary for use on civilians.

This technology harms and kills way more lives then saves. It's used for Nazi crime, torture, murder, slavery, scams, business sabotage, mind games used by retarded liers with their prop technology portraying their investigators (if you played Scar Face on XBOX does this mean your intentions are to become like Scar Face? And even then so if your intentions to wish to be like Scar Face did you actually do?) , common sense, Remote Neural Monitoring is a Nazi orientated crime and technology.

More Motives to Craig's attacks, attackers and stalkers by illegal cults including government.

 Apart from the "Slave Condition" as seen on this site  though Craig will add more information pertaining to the Slave Condition at some point. Where Craig got out of this physical body state of the "Slave Condition" and where Craig were high-jacked in medical facilities and place back into the Slave Condition including given an intentional concussion and broken neck where Craig was left in high level pain,  stupor and waken walking coma like state handicapped which taken nearly fifteen years to reach good recovery.

 Attacks on family Including three Rodney King type beatings by New Haven Ct Police Department.  One where Craig's brother had his jaw broken by police officers (opposite to Rodney King officers were Black) and other injuries including extreme psychological trauma which greatly effected families life and his life completely where he never recovered. Police Department paid him a lousy $2000.00 for compensation. 

Another beating done to my brother in-law where New Haven Police Department knock his eyeball out while beating him repeatedly on the ground. Which also traumatized family and members severely. A year later after he files for legal suit his throat were sliced and he died.

Another done to nephew where I don't have all detail only witnessed his head swollen the size of watermelon after police brutality.

These beatings would amount to multiple millions in legal settlement from State of Connecticut and town police department though family nor victims have never received any compensation.

Good lawyers can't be found when needed for some of the most serious issues problems or they're involved in illegal networks themselves and or at threat themselves by illegal networks. Can't figure much other explanation.


Craig also been victimized by police brutality and illegal profiling, harassment, slander and stalking throughout his lifetime by police.

Craig and brother were also illegally taken from their home as children to be placed in abuse State foster home where children suffered extreme verbal and physical abuse. One home of a literal Nazi German decent family. Traits can be passed on.

Craig as card counter:  Casinos making life threats to Craig during and away from his Blackjack career this includes casino from Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Connecticut as well as Las Vegas casinos. Also stalking by illegal police and investigators once Craig became discovered as a skill player and discovered cheating scandals being ran throughout the nation from major industry casinos to smaller casino establishments. Note various casino were caught running Blackjack cheating schemes over the past 2-3 decades. One Big name includes MGM of Las Vagas where muli- million dollar cheating schemes were being ran in the casino by casino staff.

Cheating Casinos cheat players usually in excess either for the casino or to dump the excess off to networked players or both.

Craig traveled throughout the country as a professional card counter.  One instance among many where Binion's casino made threats while playing to crack my skull open. Note Binion's Las Veges Casino were also found responsible for beating and paralyzing another card counter.

 Artist, musicians and Card Counters throughout the nation have been victimized of similar circumstances  as witnessed , documented, as well as statistical records can prove.

other motives other parties

Craig's family likely entitled to big money compensation as family have owned thousands of acres land throughout the United States including cotton, tobacco, forest industry,  maybe coal and other. Could be another motive for cult sabotage.

Craig stalkers in recent years attacking with Remote Neural Monitoring or similar type technology, other including excessive radiation on home and Hollywood business to portray Craig insane cause health problems for  reasons of course to sabotage business and hide a key witness and the evidence.

Overall Cult and racially motivated attacks and sabotage. Too much potentials to much skill too much talent too much work for Craig and family to have been living in such low quality and bad circumstance. No doubt achievements should have been much more long ago and by this time.

 Where's the intelligence and enough good in American society and government to have caught the obvious evidence, the red flags  of something is wrong to mine and other Americans lives because this makes no other sense.  Something is terribly wrong indeed. Why would Americans try to hide and deny the facts and circumstances? Because they're great pirates, villains and thieves. Perhaps these red flags mean a nuclear explosion coming today or shortly as the evidence is being revealed.

Racial attacks:

Many similarities to the past and present White on Black crimes deprivation, discrimination, profiling racial attacks etc.  Relations to  same sh*t same story. 

Maybe Whites prop to say Black Americans are liars and full of  bullsh*t. But Craig is not White enough so they thought or portrayed (recent DNA testing shows Craig is predominately White English.)  But skin White enough to fool "non White races"? Though Craig is not Black. Burning down my church, intentional  sabotage to life and business.

Maybe a prop of  Blacks and the other races to say Whites are full of Bulls*t and Whites themselves can't escape Black poverty in the United States.

How about a secret cult of Blacks and Whites teamed together running today's Slaves? Blacks chase you up and Whites chase you down.  Or how about the Chinese teamed with the Spanish (don't think so) the Japanese teamed with the White. Who knows who cares?

see excerpt secret entertainment cult

Racial integration has become Racial Segregation. Race segregated from it's own race in America's circumstance appears to be certainly wrong. New world law in order every race is to be proportionaly  mixed or how about we trap them to mix so we easily have access to corner and kill them off being as true minorities having least racial and society security.

Why Have Americans made me a target, victim and used me as an example, specimen then attempt to keep me hidden? To run hide from their fears to extents of murder, each race fears he is and has the evidence against us? 

I'm not John Lennon I mean Jesus Christ.

see more read further  on Remote Neural Monitoring, Electronic Harassment and framework. 

More on the Sex machine used by morons with sexual mental problems attacking innocent American citizens
Sex machine pornography as, dungeons and dragons, Xbox virtual reality imagination games, Sex-machine includes using electronic induced sexual stimulation, simulation functions to body and brain. Virtual reality feel and touch response. Includes forced electronic Viagra for those hesitant to get started. Game played into your brain via Remote Neural Monitoring Gaming Technology.

​Game , starts off with real Microsoft(?) surround sound technology thumping, pounding, pulse pumping, sex voices which voices having an average voice age range from 15 years old - 30 year olds to as young as 5! By the way Craig is a professional vocalist with a trained ear.

Let's take a ride back into your childhood. You will magically be transformed into a 8, 12 year old boy or girl again or other. To have a wild sex orgy party similar as you did when you were actually 7, 10 and 12 years old. Do you remember how horny you were and all the great times you and your friends all had together? Oh you're one of those who missed out? too bad, poor baby.

​Stimulation includes to magically turn your body and emotional state back to these ages. Sex characters in the orgy room full of extremely hot, hard, dripping wet, horny sex characters. includes age ranges from 5 - 30. So boys and girls get ready to unfasten your seat-belts and fck your brains out.  

​Want to join in the party for the experience, fun and sexual pleasure? Why not these were some of the best sexual experiences of your life and childhood so don't miss out. Oh by the the way, you're forced to play anyway. 

​Do you want to eat cockroaches and bungee jump off of a 1000 foot bridge? Sure why not. Someone is going to push you anyway so minds will attach the bungee rope and get ready to cum. If you're a bit shy don't worry as to get you started and the party hopping, your very first and many orgasms will be not be psycologically induced but electronically induced. Isn't that nice.

​Voice expressions include but not limited to: Fck me, don't take it out, stick it in, want to put your dck in me, fck me harder, i'm cumming, includes virtual moaning pleasure and orgasm voice effects thunder body shaking, trembling and so much more great horny expressions and virtual feel. She's on your lap and she's rock'n it. Other options include to add your own expressions! Wow!

​Now, now don't be too fast to discriminate and anticipate having hot hard wet sex with the different age characters as the 8, 10 and 12 are some of the best fcks in the game! The 18 year old is great too. The Sex Machine by XCocks is engineered to Rock your socks off! Oh by the way, you don't have a choice you have to fck them anyway.

​Sorry but at first you don't have much options to choose your favorite fcks. as in the great Sex Machine game you have to screw all characters in the orgy party. Don't worry if you're really shy, uncomfortable, first time nervous and hesitant despite your electro Viagra induced hard-on, or wet-on you will be sex handcuffed, and drug with electro heroine injections to help you get along just fine.

​So what's the purposes of all this?:
A prank?, Porn Gaming for enthused, the FBI trying to frame a pedophile set up? the FBI trying to train you to be a pedophile? The Government taking votes as they plan to lower the legal age for sex? Train you to be a child sex/porn star? How 'bout it Brittney, were this part of your training?, train you to be a porn star?, Train you to fck kids better than you normally do? You put in a job application at your local porn shop and you're hired? Illegal Government trying make citizens sexually immune?

To see if you're a good sport, truth or dare, dare devil. "Fear Factor"? Sure I'm not scared I'll Fck your kids for you!
Modern day prostitution. Here's a sample enjoy!

Oh that's so nice of you thank you very much.

​Psychopath doctors and police with sexual mental problems attempting to type you insane? The dyke cop portrays she a lesbian though she's really not. Just excuse to hide from her sexual mental problems. She doesn't like sex with men nor women and doesn't like men period. Serious problem. Cops with sexual mental problems attacking innocent Americans, a cry for help?, jealous of watching everyone else getting more then them. Oh no you don't, You're not Madonna or Mick Jagger. Congratulations Mick to your latest born by 16 year old.  

​ Mentally ill NAZI American Slave Society Enforcement Authority giving citizens sexual mental problems for reasons of Modern Day Slavery, Slave Society Enforcement and Mind Control Purposes.

​ Illegal sex and age segregation. Less and restricted opportunities life and business for Slaves. NAZI tactics used to sabotage Slaves achievements in NAZI American Society. 

Well I wasn't thinking nothing of such degrees but now that you mention and have insisted to give me the experience. hmm..

Again Elvis rules. Consensual sexually competent people having sex is not rape nor molestation. Should under age 16 start wearing emancipation bracelets? The United States Government loves Elvis.

​Craig is a doctor, investigator, entertainer, politician, dog and human and is one of his many businesses.
​Why are they attacking Craig with such tactics?:
1. The NAZI American Government and NAZI Society Party is worried that Craig is the Messiah?
2. or The NAZI American Government and NAZI Society Party knows he has the evidence. 
3. Standard NAZI American procedures to attack and sabotage Slaves?.
4. All of the above?

Most all Slaves don't realize they're a Slave or least not to no extent of actuality, truth and especially no nothing of the  "Slave Condition" until they find out here.   Go to "Slave condition" click here    More coming so stay tuned!

Content copyright 2013-2017 All rights reserved. Feel free to share the link

 Below excerpt from :

Beware. If you or someone you suspect is being attacked victimized with this technology feel free to, or make certain to refer As combat tactics and information for electronic signal jamming equipment will be posted. 

Aside from electronic shocks and other body tampering Voice to Skull Harassment including sound and surround sound effects including pornography, playing loud noises such as army, war, prison, gunshots, slamming jail doors, simulating small and large people crowds.

Remote Neural Monitoring induced surround sound Auditory Ear Illusion. Electronic Felon Weaponry Known as Microwave Hearing.

Programming causing auditory ear illusions to speech, so people speaking gives the literal sound illusion as they're saying words they're not. Other illusions includes example: crowd of ten to sound as a crowd of 40.

Programmed Word illusions example: peoples voices, conversations, spoken words sound a set repetitive program of words. So if the program is You shot the president, you like chocolate, he's cute, you're dead, don't say nothing, you're going to jail, you're good, you're bad , you suck etc., typically like a hundred different words and phrases programmed. You will hear the programmed words consistently repeating every time spoken voices are in hearing range. Even 100 feet away.  Many times illusion program running in  excess modes where you can't make out any actual words people around you are speaking at all only pre programmed words.

This included with many other tactics in attempt to cause you a neurological breakdown and or make you appear schizophrenia.

Mental Health industry network. Accomplice to the crime.

Note mental health establishments intentionally labeling people who have PTS Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as paranoia schizophrenia and other. The abused, chained up, malnourished, poisoned, dog is a Paranoid Schizophrenic.

Just about everyone will have PTS to some degree or another. PTS is not necessary permanent condition or permanent debilitating impact. Example your mother died. Or PTS from childhood where symptoms could diminish and go away into later adulthood exp. several or 20 years later. Among many other causes of PTS include circumstance such as bad American poverty living conditions such drugs, gangs, starvation, rape, consistent police and society brutality around you etc. 

Mental health industry in the United States known to type and cause or portray impoverished people, Slaves as having conditions not true, portrayed types of permanent mental conditions portraying conditions are genetic when not true. Of course reasons for purpose is Slavery enforcement and to significantly reduce large sum government law suits which would otherwise cost millions more per year to pay the victims and their families compensation including multi- million dollar legal settlements per individual case.

To restrict a Slaves achievements.

Example: a American Slave who suffers PTS from American poverty circumstance. Individual receives or establishes more financial security, enough with in a safe time frame to escape the environmental cause of PTS enough security to make good achievements and live a healthy normal life thereafter. Though for slavery enforcement on American society and to evade large government law suits the Mental Health Industry will stalk you throughout and use tactics other than prescription drug poisoning to portray or even cause you to have a mental debilities which are not true or would be true otherwise. Slavery enforcement. It's evidently obvious.

For many victim oppressed American families, government financial aid has become a way of life and survival. It's the only life and access they know, have, a life they're trapped to, the only offered or practical way in their circumstance for survival. Though many will be ran into extinction from societies and the United States Government crimes.

 The impact and cost of Modern Day Slavery in American society.

      ​Mind control: "I Yam what I Yam I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!"

Training humans are you a cat, dog or circus animal. Why don't you just have a mind of your own?

Slave Masters training and controlling Slaves then societies Slaves subconsciously training and controlling Slaves and their

societies from Slave Masters pre-programs.

Are you the junkyard dog or the friendly household dog? Want a cracker banana love and sex or a great big slap in the nose? How 'bout some hand cuffs?

Your natures people not around all the time (*or at all) and they can't help with things they would have naturally been intended to because they're Slaves, you can't help yourself with everything you're naturally intended to because you're a Slave too.

Is your personality yours or does it belong to someone else? Of course it does you're a Slave.
Did your Slave Masters make you and or others gay and homosexual? Did they use homosexual personalities and other personalities, maybe its your mother you wish you had or never had or just to add some comedy into the recipe, how 'bout happy, angry, good and bad mother compensation or being gay helps along with other tactics to run Slaves and to run Slaves into extinction. Too many Slaves could be out of proportion for a workable system.

She's not your mother. She's the Devil, and the devil is God and God is the Devil. No wait a second she's your Nazi controller.

Personalities to help, cause confusion and frustrations, to train you and assist in Slave society conformation, similar like a computer virus or program, conformation known as Mind Control or more classically known in simple words as brainwash. You could be similar as a robot you've already been made half brain dead (see "Slave Condition" next pages) maybe now you need Mind Control!

​Note: "Mind Control" also refers to controlling and programming your brain, your thoughts, way of thinking, your personalities, learning restrictions other via Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Technology and other. Keep reading for more information.

Illegal government using illegal mental health network to attack, poison, sabotage and murder unconformable, unusable, non preferential Slaves and higher intelligence individuals. 

Your politicians aren't all there or there at all.
  Your being poisoned to sick health and death. 

Why do you cope better in some locations or times of schedule and not others? Territorial electrical codes are being used on your body controlling your physical and emotional state. Is this an all race all ages show or just the White Day festival. Have you been sitting too long at Starbucks trying to enjoy your coffee Coolatta. What in the world is rushing you to leave it's Sunday and you just got here, you haven't much else to do for the moment and you didn't even finish your coffee Coolatta after spending five dollars. No wait a second it's Monday and your name is Marie? Electrical poisoning? 
                                                                                         Enter  to see next pages.

also see next pages "Slave Condition" the physical body manipulation done at birth to you and your new born.

Remote Neural Monitoring or similar brief: Advanced Technology which is capable of controlling ones body functions such as gastrointestinal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory system, vision, simulate vision, sense of smell and sound hallucinations, simulate emotional state of mind and body, auditory, sexual function, neurological system, voice to skull surround sound effects.

Known as Electronic Harassment, mind control, electronic warfare. Constitutes high jacking. Likely used by mob, cult, illegal police and government networks, illegal medical industry networks, illegal religious networks, psychopath physicians, psychopaths, morons, secret communications etc.

The technology is commonly used for sabotage purposes, harassment, frame work, abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, induce false schizophrenia, many conditions, can neurologically induce uncontrollable sexual stimulation pleasure such as orgasm etc. (perhaps not so bad if you're a subscriber) by sending electronic brain waves which control bodily functions. Vice versa  can also induce sexual impairment. Could be used as population and sex control by NAZI gov.

Also beware x-ray technicians intentionally  poisoning males with high levels x-rays to cause sexual impairments. See later articles "Death-rays" victims who've been attacked with intentional with x-ray poisoning. Serious symptoms may show up two weeks or years later. Heart, kidney failure etc. 

Hence technology includes sex machine. If you're attacked by this be sure and screw all characters and all ages. Just to say F#%! You to illegal gov. control. Why don't they just make this available through pornography networks? Real cool! that's so nice of you.

Used to portray one with and cause: mental illnesses, neurological disorders, mind and learning control and impairment on Slaves. (Did you learn too much?)Threatening, extortion, perhaps to frame one for crime. Can induce intentional heart attack, stroke, health problems, impairments.

Can be used for programming ones brain and remotely running programming from computer and signal source to cause repetitive physical, mental, auditory responses from sight, sound and speech which the targeted individual experiences throughout his/her day. Example: can induce sexual stimulation, and other functions at the sight, sound , smell of a garbage truck. Great prank. Not funny if you're the target.

Can be used for extortion and blackmail.

Gaming related:

Can be used by casino industry assisting in or attempting to cheat card counters and others as well can be used in combination with older known cheating schemes. Can be used to cause influence heavy gambling addictions induce gambling influence other habits, addictions alcohol etc.

ModernDaySlave.netis over all based on Modern Day Slavery in the United States the "Slave Condition" as well is a real Remote Monitoring information website, not another phony website on Remote Neural Monitoring propped to tangle search engine results, waste your time, hide the truth and feed the people misinterpretations and confusion of what the actual United States NAZI Remote Neural Monitoring, Electronic Harassment is and used for. Be certain to bookmark this website and share its link with as many you can as more information will be posted. 
​ While Craig is still recovering from serious spine injuries, brain concussion and undergoing cancer treatments for the past several years and other, Craig is being attack by scum mentally ill pigs using Electronic Harassment technology. Note EMF is not good fields to be in especially while in treatment for cancer like wise Remote Neural Monitoring as known to sabotage cancer treatments and heath recovery as well as cause cancer at rapid rates. The cancer societies, doctors and medical industry around the world know this. American society is not supposed to tolerate this. Why not I go to a medical cancer center and induce non treatment Remote Neural Monitoring, and intentional high levels of EMF poisoning on all cancer patients? If someone were caught doing this I'm sure they would be arrested. So why allow the mentally ill pigs of the nation to do this? Are you retarded?
 This website is published by Craig Zito from New Haven Ct 043-66-3839 current resident of the KKK/NAZI, Hell's Angels Cult and Slave society, crime society of Hollywood California . Craig and family have been attacked by United States KKK-Nazi orientated cult throughout his entire lifetime. Craig's race genetics is made up of Royal decent English (King Charles, King Richards, Townley Family, Relative to the RJ Reynold's tobacco Co. Family, My Grandfather King Edward) Italian and Native Cherokee Indian. (this land is my land, it's not yours)
Craig and family have the convicting evidence Of the United States and their cult. After many attempts of murder including ("
Slave Condition Related") a broken neck (by Yale Physicians network, Medical network and Jewish Network: Jacobs & Jacobs law firm New Haven CT. Leonard Levy Law Firm New Haven CT. Dr Siegel Neurololigists New Haven CT. (also see Networked accomplice: Ceders Sinai Hospital Beverly Hills CA.) (of near 15 years, which made a miraculous recovery), radiation poisoning, drowning attempts, car accident murder attempts, other poisoning, and sabotage to work and career.

Craig is currently under attack by gang stalking , Electronic warfare, Remote Neural Monitoring, Electronic Harassment type technology, slander and frame work by the enemy and their allies. Frame work including to portray Craig as pedophile, rapist, gangster, bank robber, terrorist, Sept. 911 bomber, drugs, impersonating a Brittney Spears, all of the above etc. Common Hollywood entertainer sabotage by illegal Hollywood industry cult dating back to 1950's Johnnie Ray, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.

America loves Elvis, He's the King, and Elvis loves it, loves God, loved 13 year old Priscilla (loved sex with many other younglings stated by his closest friends and bodyguards), President Nixon and drugs! Elvis you Rule!

I do plan to blow up the moon one day really, WIll shoot the president! (no not really cause I may get caught), Of course used in a logical speech, logical investigations (attempts of first degree murder) (my discovery of the "Slave Condition"), my therapy for America's disease, entertainment, work, and in that typical Hollywood great good "sick" American fun comedy. Ask Patrick Who? for a copy of the song. My American freedom. Americans just loves Hollywood's sick TV and Movie Recordings so much they subscribe to it and pay for the it!

The United States, the Entertainment industry, others were asking for a great big kick in the ass and now here on you get it! Enjoy reading all these great facts and other. Get armed, get your pop corn (don't choke) and get ready to be shockingly informed and entertained.

Hollywood gave Michael Jackson 200 horny kids to screw and made a billion off him then busted him after he was dead. Only two kids complained. (who knows who cares). Besides "Kid prostitution", Michael's actual crime simply was, "He became too ugly for that", a "monster". Now now, if along Brittney Spears or Miley Cyrus were having hot sex with horny kids, do you think Americans would have been so desperately concerned or concerned at all?

"White people are such good people they're not going to Slave Black people any longer, instead they're going to Slave other races of people. White people are such good people." Craig Zito
Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression.
Craig Zito is: Professional Musician, Pianist, Vocalist, composer, producer, recording engineer, owner of Yatz publishing and Telstar (whos business, work in progress, investments have been sabotage by illegal United States cult) Alternative medicine doctor, Inventor, Entertainer, Comedian, Activist, Public and Private Human and Constitutional Rights Protester, Investigator.
Craig also does voluntary and circumstantial investigations of U.S societies, circumstantial investigations of  U.S public and businesses for the United States Government, F.B.I, Department of Justice and American society, Craig also does investigations of United States Law Officials, Medical Industry and other inside Government Crime. Terrorist Remote Neural Monitoring, Other and any Circumstantial. Supposed to be common sense thank you.

Craig is the TOP GUN Blackjack card counter who out surpasses the Great Revere and Ken Houston, Craig Zito is the Inventor of the Blackjack Stratking Terrorist point count strategy (the Terrorist strategy is twice as powerful as Revere's APC. Revere and Ken Houston both used Revere's APC strategy as portrayed to conquer the casino game of Blackjack). Craig Zito is a world history Blackjack record breaker among many records: Craig made $1,000.000.00 (ONE MILLION DOLLARS) within 24 hours starting with only $1000.00 bankroll invested with max bets placed at $15,000.00 with his "Terrorist Point Count Strategy"

​​​​​    New:  Sex & Jewish info added 04/24

"Bait lure Entrapment" as in RNM "Sex Machine" & "Gang Stalkers" is Illegal in all U.S territories. 

See articles illegal U.S Cult "the Jew-Klux-Klan"

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures not actually or not necessarily  in its original intended protrayed form or representation as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout

(Actual art, cartoons, pictures not actually or not necessarily  in its original intended protrayed form or representation as portrayed, displayed or depicted etc. Throughout Duh!

Illegal Government, Police & Societies use * "the" .3 %* of the nations crime related to prostitution, murder, rape, kid napping, drugs etc. as a prop to run illegal government crime against U.S Slave Americans. *Most murder, rape orientated crimes in the U.S amounting to more than "the"  ".3" (point 3 %) are committed, caused by & associated through illegal Government, Cult/Klan societies, illegal police societies."Who's been killing & rapping you? " 

U.S Medical industry behind Nazi Crime targeting "Non preferential Slaves". "Slaves" of other business preferences, potentials, Slaves other. Satellite Robotics controlling bodily functions  beyond "Mind Control". Robotics to portray & cause various false debilitating physical & mental health conditions including obesity, cancer, neurological conditions & beyond. (Also see: U.S Nazi disease warfare). Stay at home sick & debilitated all day.     No  you didn't hit the lottery with your Welfare, "401K", "Social Security", SSI, HUD, Title 19, Insurance, "Workers Compensation Check"! You're not retired & your not in the MOB!  Read

"Maybe Baby" ("A  Perverted sexual phrase" (or other similar) I believe it's popularity, from 1920's Jazz & Blues era.. read: "Maybe Baby"

Fact: Age 9 years old unless low intelligence (or retarded) can not be molested only competently willfully participated in sex or raped. See article:"Adultophiles" "Jews" & the *KKK..

Males in their 20's & 30's are naturally intended to have sex with females in their teens & 20's including more mates then females.

                     More articles & down that  a way

 Where's the "addiction" warning labels  on alcohol and cigarettes? (more addictive than crack cocaine). Where is the radiation "level" warnings on rental properties & other. Why Washington has taking so long.  Our compensation for our ill health is welfare. (*New free disposable alcohol testers.?  Thanx MDS...

July 3, 2014

Legal Notice: to Ireland and English Government. You are responsible for your peoples crimes in my Nation. You are to take responsibility export your criminal people out of my Nation and hold them captive as the criminals who they are in the English and Irish Nation. Your criminal people have been highjacking The Indian Nation from the time they've came here to the "USA" to present. Their continuous crimes of murder, Slavery.  The damages are priceless. It's not their land nor Nation. Go Home and stay home White Man! Craig Zito.

What in the world does Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley & The Rolling Stones have to to with Say who? the Beach Boys?

Why have Negro Americans failed to sufficiently protest against current Mexican and other race Slavery in the United States? Many are well aware and without the Slave Condition themselves. Are sports & entertainment salaries too good a bribe? or are Negro Americans  just too much at threat? Did they join secret allied forces with the nation wide dominantly illegal White Gov. & Societies? What's wrong with teams of five foot 4" professionals becoming multimillionaires playing sports for the nation? A down sized field, ball, court & net. If they're professionals wouldn't the game be just as good?Fact our best to be had of skill at sports would be among average size/height men. Is this the Special Olympics for sports or the "Affirmative Action" Program? Also see:  * why the popularity of Rap "Music" & who the secret allies to the illegal Jew & White. 

 Sign U.S Petition To end impairment to U.S Citizens, you and your families brain at birth impaired by illegal medical industry & U.S Nazi orientated secret Government & Societies. SLAVE CONDITION SET AT YOUR INFANTS BIRTH.

​If you sat on a telephone line intentionally calling the same party advertising and harassing sex to people all day all year long when they told you to get lost, good bye don't call me no more but you insist anyway even if it were a hired job of yours, you would be psychotic! How much are you getting paid to do this? 

A telephone prank is one thing (least the receiver can block or change their number) but psycho paths attacking you with their sexually mental problems and other mental problems using Remote Neural technology, this only makes the attacker more psychotic. If your job told you to jump off a bridge or push someone else would you do it? You know better than that you sick illegal fck!

Go see a psychiatrist and tell them your worried all day someone is going fck your or someone else kids so you insist to be a fcking moron  intruding, and sabotaging innocent people with your moron super tech CB radio. You need to be locked in a psych ward as you are way out of hand and law.

Get hip and drop dead! get a life you fcking MORON!, You must be old world ancient out of date (1 AD)., another mentally ill ignorant religious freak, surely a scum bag with very low intelligence, very lonely desperate sick persons with no life,  a NAZI/KKK FCK. Now which is it? Logically, scientifically, civilly ignorant and incorrect for certain. Your sure the hell not an American so get your ass out of MY country.     FBI? "Big Fcking illegal idiots". Psycho Cops with mental problems? Lets go kick some ass and break the law! ​

Warning: they may try communicating to set you up for prostitution and other crimes with the voice to skull Neural Monitoring technology. Did he she really say or do that?Have electronic sex with you and see if you give in. And then try to set you for prostitution.

Pursuing Entertainers check:

NAZI robotics technology used on humans to run Slavery, extortion, fraud, frame work, to portray & cause health problems, cancer,  brainwash and death. The NAZI- Moron-GOD is here in the USA!

*Was Adam Walsh and or other a *Nazi/*KKK sacrifice & *KKK prop?

Can you prove that?

If not then who was?

Did you know many Religious organizations, cults & their practices are illegal? Help take illegal U.S religious organizations down. Stay tuned to MDS.

Contains some profanity including sexual language etc. As obvious ModernDaySlave.Net IS A BUSINESS, A news, political, investigative & personal website Parental guidance as nearly all internet retard.  All content may be found offensive, enjoy!

Craig's Uncles at IWO Rima Jima World War 2

If you're seduced by an excellent

Margarita and you drink, does

that mean you're ill?

Precaution! Read view, and use the information at your own risk, responsibility, discretion and/or risk of others not mine. Or don't read at all.

$$ U.S Car Accident mob-cult-gangs-doctors-lawyers purchasing TI's lives for pennies. $$

Could U.S courts prove beyond any reasonable doubt the Japanese Nation is mentally insane for their cultural sexual practices? 

Legal point: Mom gives her "Kid" permission and buys her "Kid" an adult size dildo to use.
12 year olds have adult size penises.
Yes "Kids" for most of you this is as big as or about as big your penises will get in size your lifetime.

Fact: Did you know it's a psychological abnormality for adults to *want to be Police Officers?

Felony Crimes, Felony operations, of the RNM Terrorist  violations: illegal Profiling, Stalking, False arrest.

It's  illegal to force drugs, treatments, evaluations such as RNM other similar in all U.S States, towns territories.  Criminally designing weapons of mass destruction. Criminally distributing, using & operating these weapons. Attempt of murder 1st degree Bait Lure Entrapment with malicious 

intentions to cause life harm. Felony.

RNM Electronic imprisonment, hostage-ing, hijacking, Unlawful detainment, restraint to the extent of felony crime. RNM Assault & Battery with a deadly weapon, Sexual assault, deadly force, sexual discrimination, rape, physical & mental abuse to the extent of felony crime. RNM & "Gang Stalking" Harassment to the extent of felony crime. Medical Malpractice to the extent of felony crime. Illegally operating, executing practices under false credentials, licensing, insurance, permissions, illegal administration, consent, contracts, other illegal grounds etc.

Slander & Defamation of character to the extent of felony crime. Illegal Profiling, illegal investigations to the extent of felony crime. Illegal conspiracy, illegal networking to the extent of felony crime. Illegal use and operations of electronic equipment RNM to the extent of felony crime.Intentionally directing sound (non coincidental), sound electronics, other on property, private property, directed to individual/s, harassment target purposes. Direct intentional unwanted nuisance, harassment, health hazard etc.Obstructing legal business life business to the extent of felony crime.Illegal cultural & religious forced practices to the extent of felony crime.Constitutional freedom & Liberal Rights violations to the extent of felony crime.Obstruction & destruction to legal evidence pertaining. Falsifying , illegal information, concealment, withholding, destruction of legal information, evidence. Falsifying information to law authority. etc. The list goes on..

Do you honestly believe a person who is a Professional Musician, Pianist etc. a Professional Vocalist, a Champion Card Counter, a Automobile Mechanic, Miscellaneous other; Would be so incompetent not to check pertaining Laws, the penalties of "Laws"  and incompetently have SEX with "Kids"? Are you calling me retarded?  What would be the odds of this total improbability?  

If you move to Alabama you don't have to become Jewish if you don't want to. Nor do they have a legal right to force you to become Jewish. Same holds true for all U.S territories. This is the Law and supposed to be throughout the world.

News June 12 2014

Death threats and bomb threats made to U.S Citizens by KKK/Nazi orientated "Remote Neural Monitoring" Attacker/s and their cult for any citizens who speak or come forth of the United States Slavery and "Slave Condition". Threats to frame any individual witness for crime and mental insanity.

Craig recommends to refrain from entering into the United States and taking up citizenship. Proceed with extreme precaution.

 Internet reports millions U.S citizens are under control and victim to Nation-wide KKK oreintated Cult and their technology including government officials and law enforcment.

Most afraid to speak of and witness and pretend as nothing is wrong..

* "The Law" is not supposed to tolerate incompetent, mentally ill  government! *Competent sexual affairs are tolerated by "Law". Also see "Legal Lenient" the Math & Science of Law. You can't make your own Laws Klux. is a Pro-American Website

Comments-Hate Male-Queries- Gov-Fan-mail -Complaints-otherSend emails Here

"MK Ultra no it's  MK - "KKK" & Allied"

​​​​ALCOHOL        Non-Slave Photos

Definition of Mafia, U.S Mob/s, coming soon

Science proves the Jew and their "HOLY Bible" to be a LIE! Can you prove science wrong? The Holy Bible states Africans, Black people are cursed by "God" and states is why "God" turned them Black., states "God" hates the Homosexual more than any men and cannot be homosexual Christians. (yes "God" hates). Is the JEW a NAZI as according to Biblical history? Is the Pope, the Jew & the Christian responsible for satanism, cult & murder? "Charlie & the Kids" really believe this stuff. Why haven't religious leaders come forth? Biblically, gluttony, obesity is a great sin and a extreme hate of "God", as Homosexual and Gluttons will also be cast into hell, yet multitudes of portrayed Jews and Christians practice fat culture. "What pigs!"  read on ​​

U.S President Hawaiian Obama states "Their will be no more secrets kept from the U.S citizens". How in the world would this ever not include the"Slave condition" & RNM hijacking, hostaging? Attention Slave Americans. *Gov & other will try to convince many of you, you're in the mob to assist in illegal work, affairs & in attempt to frame you for crime. Keep you "under their thumb". Don't fall for it. Read these facts on MDS

U.K Emergency Call to U.K  02-28-15 /Nov. 2016/2017

Terrorist RNM hostages throughout U.S  Send international assistance. This is a real police government call! Not a joke and not for entertainment!

National U.S Citizen alliance! Assailants must be killed!

Official Legal order & assassination permissions to U.S Citizens in the executions of the RNM assailants. 

To have ended prostitution & related violence, STDS as Aids, why haven't the U.S Government fulfilled long overdue legal obligations to have opened up "Sex-DMV"?

U.S Whites responsible for mass present Slave factories throughout China. Countless illegal Chinese Slaves imported into America on today's Slave ships over the past two decades alone.

The White House can't stop the nation terrorist government outlaw because they can't get their d#ck out of Jesus! Isn't this nice. Your d#ck does not belong in Jesus! Summary: Illegal nationwide U.S Slavery mob allied Gov. & others continue attempts to hide their Slavery/mafia crimes & illegally escape their "KKK" Mafia ties & legal liabilities with fraud RNM "Mentally Ill", "Pedophile Robots", "Slavery Mind Control" other robots, VTK etc. *Possible tampering editing "Utah Data Center recordings". Murder to key witness Targets & others. Craig continues Investigations for "CIA", "Secret Service"," FBI", Americans, World, other. RNM murder attempts and other crimes continue.

Strokes, heart attacks, are given & stroke threats are made to victims who learn RNM programs including forced fraud "cartoon" pornography RNM "gaming" programs & other programs. Victims are ran as robots with life, death threats made unto them if they don't  "conform". Intentions include, long enduring attempts by the RNM terrorist & their networks of secret illegal religious town cults, "gov" others (typically referred to as "Gang Stalkers".  "Gang-Stalkers" come in all forms which include Adults, real teens, "fake teens", see, real children, fake "Kids", adult midgets.  

Also see top secret illegal U.S cult information on pertaining the "Slave Condition" this is a physical condition intentionally set at birth to cause brain impairment to predominantly "non White race", "non Jewish" "white mixed race" and "mixed race" individuals.

Of these Anti-American secret cult/s, their wicked criminal intentions among many include common practices of long enduring attempts. RNM  Programming Slaves, programming Slave society including "Slave" police, Slaves in government. RNM Robotic-ly  programming other victims as "Pedophile", Gay, other. Sole Intentions to Slave, drive other targets insane, suicide, homeless, institutionalize, jail, sabotage business, life etc.  Illegal police work to the extreme extents of felony crime.  RNM is Illegal Satellite Nazi orientated Anti-American terrorist crime. "Remote Neural Monitoring", deceptively portrayed & referred to as other. Deceptively portrayed as legal and legitimate government operations.

RNM & "Gang Stalker" Harassment, "Bait Lure Entrapment" to the extents of 1st degree felony crime by these secret  illegal U.S Slavery organizations, illegal Religious societies, illegal police networks, illegal government, illegal medical networks other. Targets among many include: those "who are not willing to conform to the secret Slavery conformation & control, "Religious" conformation, cultural conformation etc. Targets include "Non Preferential Slaves", those with evidence and who are willing to expose the  Slavery crimes and the responsible parties. Targets include children, teens and adults. 

Criminal attempts by "Mk-KKK" include consistent long enduring RNM attempts to frame victims with prostitute setup operations, other.

RNM uses, tactics, operations constitute felony crime, criminal lure in degrees of felony crime,  RNM attacks, RNM abuse to the degrees of felony crime by the RNM ("MK-Ultra", "MK-KKK") terrorist & "Gang Stalkers". RNM robotic control, mind tampering, mind altering. "Felony lure", luring "Slave targets" to other crimes including drugs, theft etc. Years of illegal sabotage including  RNM uses & operations with illegal society "Gang Stalkers", illegal consistent, persistent attempts to  persuade "Non Preferential Slave targets" of such beliefs they're in the "mob",  particular gangs etc. Illegal setups & lure to innocent targets include drugs, gangs, robbery etc. "RNM" uses also constitute felony hate crime, illegal profiling.

*Overall "MK-Ultra" (RNM Technology programs) were engineered, illegally criminally crafted in form, crafted uses for secret Slavery purposes, illegal "Mind Control" & "Slave Programming".

Some investigations show popular RNM operations originating throughout the U.S South by KKK and/or KKK orientated, associated parties, illegal government,  their networks of; the United States "KKK Invisible Empire", Illegal United States Government & societies. The KKK is termed a "Christian" network.    

 "RNM Murder" to witness targets, robots portraying targets as "Mentally ill" , criminal intentional attempts  to drive targets crazy & portray targets as insane, other. Cause many to become homeless, suicide, debilitated, committed to mental hospitals, illegally forced & left debilitated on Nazi orientated medicines, jail etc.  Secret RNM U.S  Slavery allied forces include mental Health,  medical industry.

RNM crimes have also been portrayed as "Mental Treatment". See articles: An illegal Slavery allied U.S medical industry, medical societies, other staged as a prop for these premeditated criminal purposes.

  Purposes to sabotage & control; target "Non Preferential Slaves", potential Slaves of other business, cultures & lifestyles. Sabotage non conformed Jewish-Nazi, Catholic, non Christian individuals, others. see articles *Nazi/Jewish/Catholic secretly allied with Mental Health, Medical industry as partners in this *Nazi/*Jewish orientated crime. KKK/Nazi oriented Whites are secretly allied with illegal Religious organizations of  Jewish/Catholics/Christians others. Religious organizations "staged" as a "Religious prop" for Slavery & Slave brainwashing purposes. See articles: the "Nazi allied Jew" as a secret U.S Nazi Trojan Horse. Ancient Slavery scandals, schemes continue today. "False portrayed Jewish refugees", illegal U.S Jewish borders, others. More & full information at 


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