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How Remote Neural Monitoring Operates On the Human Body and its Popular, Common uses, crimes of:

U.S *KKK/*Nazi RNM: Sex Control, Population Control, RNM induced Premature Aging, RNM induced Death, RNM *Nazi Slavery Control, RNM induced medical & mental health conditions, society sex control, learning control and restrictions, "Mind Programming" & "Deprogramming", blackmail, extortion. RNM is used in frame work to attack & sabotage completely healthy innocent humans with attempts, intentions to murder, debilitate, institutionalize & imprison them. Other uses & crime. Other than controlling U.S "Slaves",  "Targeted Individuals", "Targeted Groups",  "Non Preferential Slaves", those who obtain and willing to expose convicting evidence of U.S *KKK Gov. & U.S *White/*Jewish Mafia, other illegal parties & networks. RNM has also been stated use as sabotage & other purposes in the Entertainment Industry to sabotage, control, business extortion of musicians & their music cultures (including their groups, networks etc.) this includes actors, others. Example of suspected RNM attacks in U.S Entertainment industry Micheal J. Fox (RNM can cause or simulate portrayed Parkinson's), *hidden News reports states, pertaining to his sons death,  John Travolta originally claimed being victimized from, and death threats made to him by Mafia.  RNM is also used in secret networking & communications (possibly including "Gang Stalking").  Example: The illegal Assailants & "Gang-stalkers" secretly RNM communicate between their groups, one another, for attacks, plans, harassment schemes, frame work directed to their target/s. No cell phones, bluetooth, wires required.  "Ready go", here he comes, she's not looking get the money out the register, lift the "spoon" now, etc. 
RNM & Viva Las Vagas? Bj21.com states MIT Blackjack Card Counters were also victimized by RNM. Where casino RNM assailants attack the "card-counters" body and mind through use of RNM. RNM is also used in card-dealer casino cheating schemes, other cheating conspiracies. As well used to target innocent players, card-counters, impairing a potentials mind, frame them as cheats, to RNM manipulate, cause gamblers to wager & gamble more, lose more. Typically if your good to win you are a target. Setups such as your in the mob get the money. Or to portray a skilled counter as not skilled. The reason why "Sherlock" isn't winning or never has won because he sucks. They all suck.. According to internet statements RNM is recognized, acknowledged  by  three U.S state governments who have ruled any use of this technology a felony crime. 

Further emphasis & investigations on RNM Assailents:
Illegal *Jewish/*Catholic/*Christian/psychopath orientated *"RNM" Assailants use technologies to literally "hi-jack" victims, individual/s sexual functions years,  decades, a lifetime. Illegal "Sex Machine", Committing *Medical industry fraud & felony, includes other parties illegally using and abusing RNM technologies and similar. Children & Adults are being victimized with this technology. Age 24+ year old males and suspected younger are being hi-jacked and sexually sabotaged by this technology. Many or most unknowingly are being victimized. Sexual sabotage by RNM is only one aspect. RNM sabotage goes further beyond sex alone, as "Mind Manipulation", brainwashing, RNM Human Robots, drugged effects etc. read on..

Important! : Further below this page:  detailed operations of RNM "Memory Flashing" & "Function Triggers", "the Human Robot" How & the affects, effects on the human body & mind. How the frame work & crime is done.
     Also see other MDS articles: "Cloning the Perfect Human Slave", "Are you really supposed to have been in existence?", "The Unnatural Non Intended Human"
Victims sexual functions are hi-jacked to degrees, extents of sexual health depredation. ("sexual depredation" can cause & lead to bad health problems, lead to death). *Typical males ages 12-50 should be having sex 1-3 times per day, sometimes more. Male puberty stages reach well into their 30's & some *beyond.

Note: RNM "Sex Machine" (though considered a essential understanding) is only one aspect of RNM programs & programs of the RNM "terrorist hi-jackers".  

RNM includes:
Sub-consciously & consciously running consistent programs as *"Teen" & *"Child" "pornstar pornography", also reported homosexual, and other programs 24 hours per day, years straight.  Sexual functions are intentionally left hi-jack & controlled inoperative by attackers forcing victims (automatic control modes), subjects, specimens, participants to conform to "RNM *teen , child, other pornography". if victims desire any sex at all they must conform. Through investigations, typically the more sincerity the subject, victim participates the less hi-jacked the subjects, victims sexual functions become. Through sexual hi-jacking & *complete control of the victims sexual functions, *RNM Assailants will deliver best sexual experience to the victim according to their sincerity to participate in the "Child, Teen, Homosexual, other pornography". The less sincerity the least sexual experience, capabilities, pleasure the subject will RNM receive or "subject" is not allowed any sex at all by the psychopath RNM hi-jackers. "Your're grounded", "cut off". Sexual functions can be locked, shut down by these terrorist and their technologies.

Note: these terrorist programs are not used to identify nor treat any mental illnesses, other conditions, nor are being used in legitimate investigations. Portrayed investigations are totally absurd! Drug a person with "crack" and then portray your investigating or treating them for mental health?! If so the doctor/s, physician/s etc. are total psychopath, outlaws. No one is this dumb to conduct such absurd "testings", "investigations".

RNM attackers, assailants such as *KKK crime orientated government may portray otherwise with RNM hi-jacking. Assailants may portray example: Stroke treatment, Mental Health or investigations, to help, assist in the capture rapist, murders, crime prevention etc. Also stated common attempts to have totally normal individuals committed, typed as mentally insane. Targets would include, includes "Non Preferred Slaves", whistles blowers, investigators, non preferred public (though targets are sane & legal), other.

You're Black, Mexican & or have the "Slave Condition" & we don't want you at "our" White public coffee shops, especially socializing or attempting business with our Whites, Jews etc. "Slave" abuse, brainwash, manipulations, "electro-crack". (see videos RNM Gang-Stalkers at Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, independents, other).

A must read Urgent! Emergency! Notice to all public: This is a true fact listed here on MDS see this link: the "the Slave Condition".

Target recovering or recovered "Slave" "Post Traumatic Stress" victims, other who've been falsely diagnosed by illegal Government as other Nazi fabricated conditions. Targeted for purposes to escaped state, city, town and government liabilities. Government liabilities and law suits which would amount in billions and priceless. Target to hide secret Nazi/Jewish popular KKK U.S government crime.  

Other portrayals of this RNM Slavery crime is portrayal of Religious organizations. "Don't say nothing, your going to be "saved" or this is the U.S army. The church of Scientology has also been reported accused as suspects as well. RNM assailants will play endless mind games including RNM induced neurological attacks  years on end, a life time keeping the subject, victim on a consistent electronic acid, crack trip, disabled and stroked out. Portrayal of investigations, health treatment, U.S security though really for direct purposes associated with Slavery, sabotage and other crime.

New information reports "Utah Data Centers" collects and stores information on American Citizens. Question of speculation: Could RNM hijackers be using RNM to alter Utah's records on targeted individuals for purposes to hide crime, liabilities, and to sabotage, frame Targeted Individuals? Portray different life and circumstances of who a individual actually is and their life experiences. If this "Utah thing is true? Who's checking? Foreign government?, The U.S White House? No red flags, all is fine here in the U.S Nation. No worries. Meantime the nation is hijacked.

Brief description emphasis:
High quality "craft" XXX "Perversion crafted, created" RNM "Sex Robots" & "Sex Robotics" are forced use on victims body in RNM programs to simulate, & portray person as "Pedophile", *heroine addict, mentally ill, other. Programs operate & function as running "gaming" ("gaming" meaning like *Xbox). RNM controlled to operate humans as Robotic characters, (transformed into the character/s in the scene, character/s of the game) character and role playing, humans are RNM transformed into *gaming, role character/s. ) "Human Robotics & Programmed Characters" such as "Pedophile" "Africanophile", "Homophile", other, etc. ("phile" instead of "sexual" used for certain emphasis)

Victims are forced to become *Nearly or *literally, *a live Robotic Character in this *virtual, *Robotic Gaming, "Gaming" *Acid trip". *RNM Programed Robotic Character/s. Example: RNM assailants can literally run a "Charlie Chaplin Robot", other, etc. on a human beings! ("a Charlie Chaplin", this is true & described here for detail & emphasis). 

Human Robotic programs operate as controlling boldly functions, arms, hands, fingers, eyes, facial expressions, glands, sexual functions & beyond.  

Multiple RMN Human Robots can be controlled to operate & respond in synchronization just as two or more computers running specific programs. This includes forced, false synchronized portrayed reactions and behavioral response. Used in frame work, to cause conflict, sabotage between business associates, conflict, sabotage to friendships, other business. Used to portray schizophrenia, mental problems, pedophile other. Portrayal of mental treatment by *Nazi orientated parties for reasons of harassment and sabotage purposes to "Non Preferential Slaves", "targeted individuals", groups, other), Programming & Deprogramming Slaves.
Similar sabotage tactics were stated in use to sabotage Martin Luther King's business affairs, groups etc. during the 1960's. (RNM technologies &/or similar are reported dating back to 1950's era).

RNM Robots, programs, includes VTK (voice to skull), "RNM Direct Surround Sound Audio" into the human auditory system. Sounds are totally realistic, "breath taking", "higher quality perceived" verses then just observing sound in a state of the art movie theater. Program also simultaneously runs "Auditory Hearing Illusions, *Hallucinations" see front page articles for description.

Other Hi-jacking "RNM Programs" are designed and engineered to portray a person "Mentally Ill"  and cause the victim to actually appear in their behavioral state as insane. Such as speaking out loud apparently to no one, behavior of anger, dementia behavior, depression, paranoid etc. RNM induced mental attacks as running consistent verbal abuse, physical body attacks, stroking out the victim, RNM induced schizophrenia such as slamming jail doors, sexual rape, placing the RNM victim in pain. Much verbal abuse. Example: other attacks include being "raped" helplessly by a filthy 70 year Homosexual (are you supposed to enjoy this? or relate to it?). One punch by a *kid would knock the the old man out. Totally unlikely ever, unnatural attacks of RNM created insanity in attempts to abuse & drive a person mad and angry. Useless to solve, prove nothing but absurd and sabotage, harass a persons life! * What are these morons trying  to portray? We have to hi-jack the nation to end rape? Here's sample of: how would you like an old man to sex you? The B.S intentions of the RNM terrorist? If so what does that have to do with me or everyone else? 

Illegal Government, Police & Societies use * "the" 0.3 %* of the nations crime related to prostitution, murder, rape, kid napping, drugs etc. as a prop to run illegal government crime against U.S Slave Americans. *Most murder, rape orientated crimes in the U.S amounting to more than "the"  "0.3" (point 3 %) are committed, caused by & associated through illegal Government, Cult/Klan societies, illegal police societies."Who's been killing & rapping you? " 

RNM programs can also place a subject to sleep, control learning, induce pain,  Flash Memory, much more.

Fraud "Mental Heath programs" , sex, derogatory programs, pedophile, homosexual programs & robots, including fraud "mental illness" programs to portray an individual is beyond any such nature of "mentally ill". Programs can drive one insane. RNM Assailants can induce victims an intentional stroke and then portray as they're running a stroke treatment or mental health program on the individual/s when this is not so. Millions stated to be victimized according internet reports.

Capable to "Flash Memory" and cause learning impairment. Assailants attempt to "Program & Deprogram" victims.
Rob victims quality of life, business obstruction & sabotage, life & life experiences thoughout their lifetime via RNM. 

RNM direct surround sound audio noise (being termed as Microwave Hearing (though beyond than just "hearing" harassment) : 86,400 seconds per day!
 Includes" Slamming jail doors ("your going to jail for murder"), gun shots
Consistent harassment phrases: "we're going to kill your family, mother, father, brother, friends etc. Friends, family members names known and spoke out. example: we killed Juie, she's in Hell. (yeah good for Julie)
You can't "pop" this, you can't "pop" that. endless Phrases of harassment.
RNM able to simulate exact voices of individuals with real live sound.

Tons of sexual harassment, pornography. Including physical bodily sexual manipulation. Capable bodily pain harassment: example a needle stuck in your toe, arm, back or elsewhere. Can simulate other pain such as burn, fire, etc.  (ever see a "apparent" schizo wildly screaming, yelling down the street? RNM Electronic Harassment is how this trick is all done).

How Craig Zito "Rocks Hard" & investigates illegal U.S *KKK government and their "Sex Machine" Read the shocking new information from inside investigation by Craig. Craig moans in pleasure and enjoys hard core sex with the hottest "Kids" in porn..  read investigative report & the shocking fraud of *your U.S gov. coming soon!

Caution to all victims, some or many videos you will see throughout the internet *are suspect acted rigged by the RNM allied assailants. Remember as stated on ModernDaySlave.net , the RNM parties use "RNM Robotics" on your body to cause reactions in just about everything you do, everything you hear (including spoken words & phrases), reactions to things, objects, motions, people & video you view etc. Note: victims can be completely unaware RNM is in use.

Also see RNM "Memory Flashing" Techniques at ModernDaySlave.net. The RNM parties portray, cause, control your bodily reactions to pre-programmed noises, motion etc. "Memory Flashing" is used for such purposes: When victims is under surveillance, encountered, while being watched, viewed by others in public or private, to personally harass victims, cause victims "fixed" "mental attacks", fixed bodily reactions & responses, cause other. "Flashing" is used in RNM Robotics (Human Robots).

RNM also uses "Memory Flashing" along with other techniques to impair the victims learning, to slow young age individuals down as older aged ("pre mature aging") Example: they can RMN transform 30 yr olds to appear and function as 50 & 70 yr olds, this includes hi- jacking facial muscles, various bodily functions etc.. Is your life span being shortened? How old are you really? Why they use these tactics.. 

("Flashing": (erasing your memory), "flashing" is also to add RNM "function triggers" ))..
"RNM Memory Flashing" defined continued: So say you pick up a spoon and they "flash" your memory  along using other techniques to "impair" you from relearning the "spoon". Thereafter every time you pick up the spoon it will appear as your having a "mental attack", attack of the "aged" or "stroke symptoms" to the degree, extents of "Flashing" (erasing your memory), may even cause other neurological symptoms. If the RNM attacker allows you to  relearn the spoon "vs." impairing your learning, it will appear as you're learning the spoon again similar as a child learning the spoon or other for the first time. 

RNM is capable to run different "Robotics" on victims, "Robotics" which control & "hi-jack" bodily functions including speech, mouth, arms, legs, hand & finger movements, eyes, sexual function & beyond. RNM can precisely control fingers & other functions. Control facial expressions, programmed emotional states & the appearance of. Can portray an individual is crying, tears when they're not etc. & beyond. 

"Function Triggers":
*Flashing also includes pre-programmed response ("function triggers"). Example: the spoon was "Flashed" while your were viewing someone eating. Thereafter every time you see that same similar aspect of the "Flash" (the "flashed spoon"), the "RNM attackers" through the use of "RNM function triggers" will set & cause pre-programmed bodily response & functions and/or specific "VTK" phrases, "*subliminal messages" to your future encounters (as in this example) your encounter of a person eating with a spoon according to how the "function triggers" were set and programmed to respond by the RMN assailants. Example of "re encountering" the "flash". The "flash" programmed with triggers: your left eye brow goes up, you get a itch at your ear, your hand shakes, you burp, your heart rate goes up, you smirk, cough, have a sexual response etc. Beyond..    "Function Triggers" can be set to *thousands of occurrences, circumstances, sounds, visual sites, person, people, places, things, particulars.. With alongside or without the additional use of "VTK".

 Are you a "RMN Robot" and don't know it? For much more RMN information, interest & topics be sure to see http://www. moderndayslave.net.

*"VTK also includes "thought control", "thought altering", "thought manipulation". Countless "thoughts" sent to your mind. Example: I want some chocolate ice cream, I hate her, he's a scum bag, she's not a bad person, I'm going to order another one of those,  1+1=3 (no wait a second), I feel so horny.. By re-sending your own "voice", "voices" into your mind with altered thoughts of your own or created thoughts of the RMN attackers. The victims mind can interpret the RNM "thoughts" & voices as their own thoughts sub-consciously, consciously, subliminally and act, behave, become manipulated according to the RNM thoughts. Why did the officer pull the trigger on the unarmed innocent man? see also: VTK surround sound audio & other VTK information. throughout ModernDaySlave.net. Overall Remote Neural Monitoring is used for "Slavery", sabotage, murder and life destruction. 

*Pedophile definition: A false fabricated over exaggerated, "man made created", "disorder", "mental illness condition". "Created" by insane psychological, religious and or *Nazi orientated parties. Enforced practices in the United States among illegal Medical Industry, illegal societies & Government. Included among other: Brainwash, Slave control tactics & war tactics to frame, target, illegally control, including "Mind Control", "Restricted Thought Control", Sex Control, Population Control to innocent Americans, others. "Bi Age Sexual", "Bi Age sex" & "Bi Age" sexual intercourse does not represent "Pedophile" nor a rapist or wrongful sexual conduct, "condition" nor "disorder". Under Legal age sex (*"written law" or standard rule.) "alone" does not constitute a rape, rapist nor wrongful sexual conduct. A "accidental", coincidental, "sexual experience" which "may appear" as wrongful sexual conduct does not constitute, establish a rape, rapist, wrongful sexual conduct. *An actual "true" case "Pedophile" is a rare case such as "the Elephant Man". Unlikely in most accused. It's completely "normal" for everyone to be "Bi Age Sexual!

 It doesn't mean your "sick" nor have an "illness", "condition" to *be, *play *"Mick Jagger", other, etc. ( (?) Fact: *"Mick" rule (activist and protest won) *established *1960's, *Chuck Berry Rule *established *1650's) Fact: *"Written law" does not "establish" *actual "Law". 

It's ok to sing "Kids" songs about "Jesus" (be careful this cultural practice has been proven very damaging in most cases) though not primitively & world natural. It's ok to sing "Kids" songs about cadillacs, though "primitively natural" (?).  Chocolate ice cream invented 1600's (?) enjoyed & pleasured by all the "Kids" who've tried it. Crack cocaine invented 1980's ? and illegally forced on the innocent by illegal RNM *KKK networks. Xbox created 1990's. (enjoy or hate as you wish). Warning to all: Musicians and confectionaries, others & beyond we are being extremely illegally targeted, sabotaged, murdered by illegal  *KKK "Gov." cult. with RNM & similar technologies with illegal uses, operations & practices of. As well as gang "stalking", profiled and targeted, "framed". "Entrapment" is a law and also illegal. Note to all: It's not illegal to be, practice, experience "pedophile", "homosexual", "adultophile", "heterophile", "bi-age sexual", "Brittney", "other" even if you were "actually one". (of course within bounds of "law" ("actual law"). "It's completely "normal" for everyone to be "Bi Age Sexual"!

*Chuck & Jagger's "works" are real cool! Praise, worship, practice & *Enjoy "as you wish" "Kids"!

End *KKK/*Nazi/*Jewish orientated crime! Fix our broken, incorrect, "out of date" wrong "laws" & "laws". We & you are obligated to do so! (to all the degrees, extents of "our" responsibilities, work, up-risings & circumstances. RNM networks! Stop breaking the "Law". Stop your felony & other crimes. It's not "legal lenient"! RNM licensed, permitted "subscribers" users, operators, researchers, subscribed specimens, end-users, "subscribed" participants only. I & we did not subscribe, consent to you plugging a telephone into our *asshole! If you thought we did, "I" & "we" opted out of services!  

                                                                                     Copyright 2014, 2015 ModernDaySlave.net

Update added June 26 2016
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*F.B.I Craig Zito here of www.ModernDaySlave.net Sept. 02 2016

I'm under terrorist attack by a crime party using Direct Energy Weapons as detailed described at this link:

The crime party may be operating out of U.S Gov. portrayed as U.S Government portraying legitimate legal operations, such as medical, military or other. If so I assure you this is not true. Do not second guess! this Emergency Notice and Request.

Request to U.S Army Corps: I need contact information to government such as assistant, one with military expertise in technology pertaining to technology defense against Direct Energy Weapons, RNM etc.

My phone is: 310-867-1399

Email: CraigZito@hotmail.com  , Craig@ModernDaySlave.net   

forward this request and notice to all pertaining Army Corps. Departments. 

"Brain Clones"

reply to http://socalti.blogspot.com/2014/10/remote-neural-monitoring-magic-tricks.html
June 28 2016
reply: "And if you have information that can help me, by all means, let me know"..
- The "RNM" technology you've mention is beyond just VTK.
*We're talking, these scum assailants are using "Brain Clones" of others for harassment, robotics, abuse to control and sabotage your mind, your body, your entire life period. "RNM Brain Clones" such as circumstances recorded off others brain & body and then simulated on yours. This includes the VTK effect your getting as well as visual effect when simulated. Assailants are capable of running multiple split second identity swaps pre programmed and at "realtime", cloning of anyone whom they have cloned RNM records. - Depending the extents of "RNM Clone" which is sent to your brain & depending what your brain is capable to process: One example: If they've RNM clones of a person at the circus and simulated it on your brain, you will see, visualize, hear, smell, (except what they omit or piece together)as this person who were cloned (or a "Creation-Clone") at the circus. Your body function's,visual sights, smell, some movements(if not omitted) and "VTK" etc. Your "RNM Clone/s" much becomes the simulated person/s simulated on your brain and body...  Also read about "RNM Bots".  
 "RNM Clone Creations" include voice, sound & word altering. "Example" : "Creation Clone" from Elvis singing "Teddy Bear". Elvis's voice will be altered to Sinatra's voice and instead of singing "Just want to be your Teddy Bear", "RNM Creation Alteration" changed to: Sinatra singing- "Just want to truck you Teddy Bear".

See more of this information at http:www.ModernDaySlave.net 

These "Electronic Harassment" felon assailants could have sprang from researchers in RNM stroke technologies, Police spies, those whom attempted building NAZI-mind & Slave control programs etc.    

"Brain Clones" added June 26 2016 scroll to bottem page to view

RNM Operations of Stroke & Death programs Extra information added May 12 2015

While running brain impairing programs assailants will continuously flash and erase memory to multiple task, objects, people , motions etc.

simultaneously running learning impairment RNM programs. This could or is intentionally engineered as a progressive death program, ran to cause time accumulative repetitive

strokes, heart attacks etc. As well portray individual/s are mentally ill, old aged, Parkinson's disease, other conditions etc.

The results & time lapse are at the mercy, control of the RNM terrorist & their program designs.  

Update added June 26 2016


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