Rough Draft: Investigative update for U.S Army Jan 28, 2017

It's is all American's legally binding obligations to take their best reasonable powers and access of such crime which you have been informed of.-
This information is pertaining to a National Terrorist Crime & Heist. Emergency Notice to U.S Army

Among the names "RNM Cloned" stimulated, A Negro family from Los Angeles last name Polk, Patrick Polk,
1. the Arnie Helen Family out of Fair Haven CT 1980's, The Wanna Gale Glass- Willie D. Glass Family out of Fair Haven CT,-Georgia-Alabama
2. A Irish "Marine Vet"   " Kenny"   from Woodward Ave. New Haven/Annex 06512 CT 1990's,
3. A Dennis Malik or Malick (spell) White/Irish whom Daughter named Amanda from New Haven, CT.  Orange St. & Frontage RD.
4. Mark Demao family Italian out Foxon/East Haven & Fair Haven CT.
5. A Luger and a Wallen family out of Fair Haven CT.
6. Micheal Burton- Negro out of West Haven CT.
These names are just Six of many simulated though much Used.

Does U.S Army have such investigative powers? U.S FBI and other Government Claims inadequate
See full descriptions below and at - U.S Under Terrorist Heist! This notice/Information is not a Prop nor Prank.

Jan 23 2017 update: Summery of crimes, suspect, assailants dating back thirteen years in Hollywood CA  RNM & Mafia network
9:56 AM Mailing
Assailants likely network to California from Connecticut possible corrupt physicians and much more. Connecticut known for running Mental Health Fraud and much other Medical Fraud, insurance schemes etc. Mental Health used as a lure in Slavery business corruption as state government doesn't want to pay welfare otherwise "to other intention Slaves". Work industry does not want to pay out compensation and unemployment and law suit checks, funds owed etc. Example "Mc Donald's" wouldn't have been in business in civilization. Mental Health is used as a trap an illegal prop. a "Trade Off" to target the "Non Preferential Slave". "You're financially mentally ill"...  In my case here an RNM party is of criminal network, Entertainment Business, Attacking Card-Counters, Musicians, Small Business Etc. Also note I were staring an electronic assembly home business which has been RNM sabotaged as well.  I'm  Telstar Sales, Electronic Assembler (a sabotaged business in the making) , I'm, Professional Musician and much other whom has been sabotaged by this disgruntled Jealous RNM party. Motives or insanity?: Of course many Mc Donald worker and Mental health worker, "Slave medical workers" as Dr. Merman of Cedars Sinai, many in U.S society would be Jealously insane of Elvis and Ken Houston, Revere. Dr. Merman also expresses himself jealous of Axl Rose from Guns & Roses..  Ken Houston were physically  beaten, ran over by cars and beyond by such Jealous Rage, Elvis? Houston, Revere, Peter Griffin whom three most famous Card-Counters are of murder mystery. Not since these three famous counters haven't arrived such a card-counter equivalent as myself whom more powerful and whom out-surpass these three Top Kings at the game of Blackjack.  

Approximate year 1997 I were victim by a Yale and Greater New Haven Medical network. Whom broke my neck and caused an intentional concussion through a EEG Scan by a Yale neurologist named Seagal whom links with a Jewish Law Firm named Jacobs. Another Jewish link former Attorney Levy linked with a West Haven chiropractor/Doctor named Dr. Papas. This were investigated and found targeted crime including a targeted "intentional" car hit by a "U.S Army/secret personal" (?).  As describe at The crime links in with Foxwoods Casino Cheating rackets and "the Slave Condition" discovery. stealth KKK/Jewish-Nazi networks prevail-ant throughout Connecticut. Slavery operations are ran throughout the U.S. 

 RNM mob party were briefly harassing attacking around year 1997 which included stalking and death threats made by New Haven Police officer. Murder attempts on highway by networked Truckers. These crime were tied into Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casino were they knew I'm a Card-Counter and known I discovered their cheating rackets at their "Billion dollar Blackjack tables". RNM harasses 1997 "This is the United States Government" -  (Later notes: CT Purto Ricans also linked with Mohegan Sun Casino).

Year 2003 within a year arriving in Hollywood CA pursuing business as Musician. I were hit once again by a mathematical and statistical improbable crash. Prior I had physicians appointment awaiting with Cedars Sinai Medical Center Beverly Hills CA. with a Dr. Merman whom Neurologist. Note RNM is capable of secret communications were speculations holds probable the RNM mob party could have ordered the car hit to the (Russian) Driver. As the RNM spys known I were going to bring evidence forth through Cedars Sinia Medical. *Mob party expected me murdered off prior to even making it to Hollywood CA.

Dr. Merman sends me for x-rays where I were intentionally poisoned by x-ray radiation to whole body leaving skin cells dead. (*Later notes Hollywood, CA & "Russian Gang Network")

RNM party attacks me at my 6539 De Longpre Music Studio with a simulation of Merman's Voice full of hate rage stating "your not going to get laid".

While in a "miraculous" health recovery while in Hollywood as previous described.

I'm busy putting together a Music Business. The RNM assailants await to attack again about year 2009 for purposes to once again sabotage significant recording work which would have been done on Professional and Semi Professional recording equipment with Professional and intermediate musicians. Though this "round" of RNM the assailants have made full RNM attempts of murder against me. Including an attempt to RNM murder me through use of their technologies while on a drive to Las Vegas from California.

 other related Speculations: Music Works were to be Released through my Record Company for Artist promotion. As well I signed with ASCAP as Music Publisher were if any such success in arrangement "my company" would get the lions share of profits not Interscope Records. Speculations here: "Cadillac Records" the movie , Mob etc. Are the RNM assailants Allied here too?

Also note Eric Zito in the approximate year 1996 were also attacked by RNM which sabotaged over a decade of musical works in recording process with myself, Eric, including other musicians. Eric were a potential "Jimmy Page" Keith Richards" etc.  prior to him being RNM hi-jacked.

Year about 2009 and onward:  Assailants attack with RNM illusion of Lucifer at my 6539 De Longpre Hollywood Music Studio. "Lucifer" in the nude with jewels, rings on his penis states: "I assisted you"

Note: my Guitarist whom were Sabastian Ahado and business partner/wife Melissas Kiley were also RNM attacked at this time. Note around same year I file a law suit against Cedars Sinai Medical for purpose to public record document "the Cedars crimes".

Year 2011 while I relocate to temporary housing at 325 Palm St. Beverly Hills after finding what is expert stated lethal Radiation levels and Radiation saturation at my 6539 De Longpre Hollywood CA address. The assailants attempt RNM murder and attempt or likely intentionally cause a RNM Stroke. Same Palm st. address a suspicious portrayal of a year long noise disrespectful construction work crew on the property. No notice were given of this prior to moving in.  Note: a Russian first floor neighbor also makes consistent banging noise- Later recall "Identity Swaps: on RNM records. The noise may be linked with "RNM Identity swapping" or perhaps to portray a "Stroke".  Later records Russian links in CT

  *After assailants witness my strategy in use and myself winning a million dollars in a scrimmage game of Blackjack within a short time the assailants made consistent attempts of RNM murder.

Including VTK harassment statements: "I going to kill you", I'm going to cut your head off", "I going to put you in a wheel-chair", "I want all your cum" etc. As well, at my 325 Palm St. Address a computer were stolen from me including much of my Blackjack books, information which withheld evidence of Online Gaming records and evidence of online cheating, other information and work of mine were also stolen in this bundle.

To date the RNM harassment continues constantly 24 hours per day as much this were previously describe.

Note assailants portray a possibility to be attempting hide their crimes against me or crimes of others? Why would these assailants be simulating a year/s straight of Mark Damao (of New Haven CT.) having sex with his wife on my body?, A year of this guy "Kenny" whom an obese man old enough to be my grandfather having sex with his wife?, A simulation of Dennis Malick shooting drugs? The assailants use a compilations of these recorded "Clones" of many past and present met people. It would not surprise me at whatever they call themselves doing to be throwing in prostitution for additional purposes to hide prostitution crime.  Most of the "Clones" I don't know. (Example: Richie Rich pays off the NSA to cover his identity involved in prostitution). Why would this scum have attack a young athlete Model Musician which such crimes?

-About eight years back, Dennis Malick of New Haven CT. were stated by Robert Zito to have been dating a young eighteen year old female. Good for Dennis. Why are the assailants simulating this mans affairs on my body? Note Robert Zito is also suspect as well his family "Catholic". Other evidence of California physician prescribing Robert Zito with high dosages of Oxy-Contin which were all dosage solely related to drug addiction of the drug. Robert Zito Still under investigations. 

- Assailants as well ran clones of Luis Wylie (my former drummer of Hollywood CA) RNM Also simulates a Clone of Alician having sex with an unidentified "Clone". "Alician" whom somewhat an acquaintance to Luis Wylie.

- Assailant as well attacked with much simulations Gertrude and Eugene Reynolds of Meriden CT. *Their adoptive son Jason Reynolds attended Catholic school.- Could this be RNM assailant associated? Are one of the child clones Jason? In all the "RNM Compilations" Could the assailants be attempting to hide RNM recorded sex crimes and other crimes of the Reynolds? Fact: The Gertrude Reynolds Beatings etc. The Eugene Reynolds beatings by Peter Reynolds.

Assailants could be possibly as they portray to be creating a "RNM life compilation" to portray persons as other for harassment purposes-a creation of a false identity. Possible other crimes as in the "compilation" example: to electronically hide a criminal from being RNM searched, such a crime party or criminal individual as a prostitute or John.- Assailants as well portray "Going to Jail For Murder" scheme. How about this "compilation" for purposes to RNM sneak illegal immigrants into the nation whom are under RNM surveillance? One illegal stated he had to pay off mob a million dollars to sneak in the Country.

Other Speculation: RNM assailant
Speculation: The assailants may be operating a portrayed RNM religious network or even portrayal of Mental Health operations. Assailants may be attempting to portray these practices were used on me of same extents as Eric Zito since my childhood which is not true. I would have reported this crime and extents a way long time ago if this were the case. Much though not entire RNM simulations are from Eric where RNM were ran on Eric Zito, Willie D. Glass, Wanna Gale Glass, Though the assailants have ran much RNM simulations of a Patrick Polk whom from Hollywood, CA, A Ronald Joseph and beyond.  As like Luis Wylie (described below), Patrick and Ronald Joseph have been similar with "bad business". Outlaw felony crimes in Music Business. Can I get a job at the National Bank, Federal Reserve, The White House and conduct the same work orientations? Such crimes as stealth NAZI orientations, portraying business in stealth. Are these people really retarded or not? Is FBI investigating Patrick Polk to find if this guy is "retarded" or flat out criminal? Is he networked as a "RNM Gang-Stalker".  I would like to believe Pat were partly retarded though I'm not sure?

"U.S Anti-Sex *Nazi-Christian Slavery Cult Intentionally Drugs Victims with Alcohol and Marijuana.. "  Could Luis Wylie be of this "Cult" to drug victims with marijuana so victims can be RNM attacked? Fact: Luis Wylie is/were an outlaw Hollywood "Musician Sabotage Artist" where Luis portrays business among musicians for purpose as a Trogen Horse to destroy Musicians and Musical works in the Making. Billions of Dollars here in Hollywood CA sabotaged by such "theft" and crime artist.

In 1970's such outlaw practices by the Hell's-"Angeles" cult, where sustainable theory holds whom made attempt to sabotage the famous Rolling Stones from furthering their fame. Like the RNM party they went to the extent of "murder".

In the 1970's Elvis Presley were sabotaged by RNM practices. Elvis's death were RNM associated.

RNM been stated to use "Gang Stalkers",  To perhaps portray a identity mix-up by the "RNM Investigator"/Practitioner"?  "Oops, got the wrong guy". In one example, scenario: As described the allied assailants will location stalk their prey with RNM allied individuals whom are portrayed as "mental nut cases", "crack heads" etc. "Porn Star dressed girls" (perhaps portrayed prostitutes) (RNM)-"we caught you looking"), Homosexuals and beyond... for purposes to target their hated prey. "Gang Stalkers" may or likely have fixed schemes as a computer virus or just simply schemes in sync with "RNM Bots".  . Operations are not done for Army training purposes....  Most apparent "Gang Stalking" is just an RNM illusion.

"Pathetically" the actual assailants involved in these Anti-American NAZI-RNM practices, need to be identified- Brought to Justice! Killed! Assassinated! The RNM assailants/operatives are not using these technologies for legal practices. These practices are felony crimes.
More Evidence, crime links, names and crime alliance, emphasis next composition. Jan 23 2017 ModernDaySlave.nt


To: F.B.I, United States Army, CIA. Etc.

Check RNM leads to the Helen family as described below, Assailants simulate the Arnie Sr., Arnie JR., Gabe , Regina Helen (Irish):
Helen Family former of Fair Haven CT. Helen's were involved in drug gangs, and prostitution, and a stated murder (*no one would've guessed this of the "Helen's"). see details of Helen below . Though could be irrelevant the Helen's were acquaintance to Willie D. Glass in his childhood not I. Assailants also simulates a Spanish family whom were next door neighbors to Helen. Last Name unknown, first names: Evett, Evon, Mark.

Are the Helen's of stealth Irish/KKK RNM "Suicide Bombers"? Craig were fact targeted since an infant...

1. Assailants could be possibly as they portray to be creating a "RNM life compilation" to portray persons as other for harassment purposes-a creation of a false identity. In their harassment purposes to portray possible to hide other crimes including their own, as in the "compilation" example: to electronically hide a criminal from being RNM searched, such a crime party or criminal individual as a prostitute or John.- Assailants as well portray "Going to Jail For Murder" scheme. (Could have this been an RNM Identity swap with Helen?)

2. Year: approximate 2001 Joe Martino at the time in Bob's acquaintance seems to been an ok, good guy. Would hang around my Grandmother and run errands for her, the old folks at coffee? Speculations: any links to the assailants? *"perhaps Joe a disgruntled car crash victim" ? (because he never received enough insurance money to pay himself spear rubber nose and life supply of crack-cocaine?) (See Articles disgruntled cripples of the U.S at MDS).  One occurrence Joe possesses a bag with a switch blade. Joe claims he hadn't known the knife were in the luggage bag and didn't know where it came from other than he picked the bag up at a thrift shop or found it somewhere, I don't recall exactly and know nothing else of it. Perhaps he wanted to give me the bag as a gift with the knife for protection on my travels? Don't know, I assume he kept the knife. (Could Joe been a "Gang Stalker" attempt to RNM plot against Elvis).( *Craig is termed as Elvis throughout).

Coincidentally here I recall their were a neighbor Micheal Owens whom were former resident at 322 Popular St. 2nd floor before Wanna Gale Glass takes his apartment, (early 1980's when I were a child) Micheal whom had a strange knife collection perhaps of a *hundred knives kept assorted on a dinning table. (as ready for a gangs access?). Micheal like Wanna an"Irish" (Irish are among the largest criminals in the Nation first to the Negro and the Jew). Could have Micheal been an associate to the Charles Manson gang? My grandfather had a collection of knives, someone stated shot guns too. That used to be the thing among old timers I suppose.

  -Joe Martino links with (has information) Rafael Canales in a Chuck & Eddie auto theft ring. "Chuck & Eddie Auto Recycling" of New Haven CT. (Can't they read the local news with their own brain?)

Year 2016 Rafael, his wife Soraya Dominguez and Son portrays vacation to visit Hollywood and Melissa Kiley. Rapheal speaks of his conviction. Why would have Chuck & Eddie done this when they surely wouldn't have too? A Entrapment Bait Lure to target Puerto Ricans?  Why bother me of this past history issue? This has nothing to do with me other than news, and I never knew of Rafael until Hollywood. (Were Rafael & Soraya out for my home and finances after the RNM assailants were to murder me off?)

Melissa Kiley claims former family relatives 1930's to been in mob and one associated member with a dead man whom were buried under the cement floor of "the" basement. Just because someone stated something to Elvis couldn't you just have asked? She tells everyone this stuff. Get off my phone!

3. Micheal Morey RMR Properties, RNM assailants simulate Micheal Morey Sex Clones" unclear with whom Micheal having homosexual sex with, sex with a Black female, a Black male, sex with Melissa Kiley, others? Like I need to know this stuff even if were true, and especially via RNM. How nice of their thoughts...

4. Check: Hilary of Hollywood fraud business orientations "drummer" about 60 year old female

Suspect (?)  "Gangstalker" - Marijuana Smoker (Marijuana may be linked in RNM crimes see bellow)

5. Pat Melilow 1980's Land-Lord 322 Popular St. Fair Haven CT.

6. Wilie what were Mark, Evetts, Evons last name?

Your friend Nicks last name whom's father were shot and killed by Negro?

7. Mario and Paul of Monark laundry, assailants may have simmed "Clones" of these managers. Must I sex Paul too?

8. Year 2008 Two punk-rock "lesbians" Bass player & guitar Player Burbank CA.whom acquaintance to Luis Wylie. -Good possibility Luis Wylie is allied "Gang Stalker" involved in RNM identity swapping. Assailants may have simulated a "Brain Cone" of these females. (This may be true Luis Wylie could be RNM allied).9. Fat lesbian acquainted to Megan at Urban Jungle Club of Downtown New Haven CT. about 17 years ago10.  Assailants recently swap Melissa Kiley- "Palm ST Beverly Hills. false arrest"? Not sure this "Clone". Year 2011 Melissa whom RNM victim has short spells of violent schizophrenic & fights or expresses herself with knives at Palm St. Craig Zito is falsely arrested in this incident. "RNM Battle Bots" involved here where RNM assailants intentionally cause feud by RNM triggering Melissa's schizophrenic alter-ego. Evil fun play for these sick assailants.

11. RMM Clones: Guy Guy (Huey Huang) & Marty Glass, assailants may have attempted to hide Marty beating her husband

RNM Battle Bots likely, Marty is RNM victim. Assailants run "Clones" of Marty Glass and her Husband Year 1990's, of East Haven & Branford CT. During the 1990's Marty also lived in Fair Haven CT. with her Husband Huey Huang.

12. RNM simulated:  More than twenty years ago of Willie D. Glass "Brain Clones" perhaps in a physical fight with his mother Wanna and or former wife Kelly Cummings. Assailant may have simulated Clones of Willie and Kelly's RNM recorded sex. RNN Assailants like to play a "smart ass sarcastic games" portraying to RNM hide crimes and for harassment purposes. Assailants also simulates Brain Clones of Willie's former Hispanic girlfriends of 800 George St. Why are they attacking me with this? I am more than happy to get my porn elsewhere.

13. 1980's Check Lary De-Nardis (Jewish) termed by Keven whom acquaintance to Martina Santos/Calderon states Larry to be a "Big Pot Head" of  Greater New Haven. Could Lary been/be a "Gang Stalker" ? or possibly been used by RNM "Gang Stalkers" to provide their Marijuana access? see previous sent "Gang Stalkers". Marijuana used by illegal cult in MKULRA orientations, Slavery practices, outlaw Bait Entrapment Lure by KKK & Mental Heath secret Slavery operations networked with United States Outlaw Police. Acid, Marijuana were once used in Mental Health for MKUlTRA orientations. * "Mental Health" have since taken these outlaw practices private and to the streets.  ( I Craig Zito am not a "Marijuana Smoker", I don't like nor trust Marijuana. ) Larry an acquaintance to Wanna Glass who were a Mental Patient. Other suspect in Marijuana drugging: Laura Hayes from Milford CT. whom were acquaintance to Willie D. Glass. Party or "MKULTA" , other Slavery crimes?

14. Arm-less/Handicap Music Studio engineer/attendant Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood some sort of Acquaintance to Luis Wylie's Gang Club. Assailants simulate Arm-less Clone".

15. RNM simulates recorded "Brain Clones" off Arnie Helen Sr. 1980's whom father to Gabe Helen and Arnie Jr., Mothers name Regina, Daughter maybe named Regina. Helen's of Popular St. Fair Haven CT.  whom acquaintance to Willie D. Glass during his childhood.

1980's Helen from *Fair Haven CT "a once beautiful section *Port/Island/Harbor of New Haven Ct" were taken over by illegal migration, Disrespectful violent Negro Gangs, Purto Ricans, and Latin Kings, etc. *Assailants may have something to do with Arnie Helen Sr. whom were portrayed defending his property while under attack by a wild city Negro. Arnie Helen Sr. may have been killed off by the RNM assailants technologies.

16. Investigative speculations:

-(?)Alliance possible Negro RNM assailants (Negro Police, Negro Allied) (?) maybe disgruntled of the "Helen situation" and attacks "Slave Whites" throughout New Haven.

 - "Helen situation" maybe a KKK/Catholic RNM party whom attempt to hide the RNM records of the "Helen Situation".

Helen's children later stated to been involved in drug gangs & prostitution. (?) Such a setup: Perhaps a RNM lure/setup to further target the Helen's?

- other extents of speculation: Slavery Cult *"KKK/Negros and White Catholics" may stage or use such situations as prop in RNM Slavery Operations. *see for this.

17. -RNM assailants maybe in alliance crime relations, RNM associated with the "The Helen situation" to hide or discredit the beatings to Eric Zito by a  termed "Black incompetent Officer" Stacy Spell of New Haven Police. *This situation of Eric Zito may have been "plotted" by RNM Cult. (Also recall "RNM Battle Bots"). Eric nor Family never received none of the hundreds of millions due from U.S Government for this priceless crime damage.  A perfectly Good Motive RNM assailants whom in outlaw U.S Government commit these crimes of RNM & Gang Stalking in attempt to escape their crimes and dues. President Obama says, stated in demand "no more secrets! I agree 100% here, see this secret:

18. -Other extents of speculations: Staged with former KKK or allied KKK.

Possible KKK in secret alliance, illegal schemes with Negros. Glass maybe a possible suspect in alliance as a possible plotted situation to target Eric. Glass at the time associated with ignorant Negro illegal Churches.

The Glass Family has been victim by these ignorant orientated Churches throughout the U.S (they could have been victim in some Religious Lure). 

19. -RNM portrays a "identity mix-up" "and accidentally" runs Eric's RNM on brother Craig Zito...

Note World History Schemes-Heist"

"The Truth Behind The Eye", "More to the Picture Than Meets The Eye".

20. continued: RNM as well portrays they're of "Church". Internet does report Billy Graham organization initially or still currently as a deceptive stealth KKK organization whom keep teaching and practicing on the intentional brain impaired "Jesus brainwashing". "The KKK is a Christian Organization". Many or most Whites today may claim nothing to do with KKK but who's sporting a sign or bumper sticker

-Could have NAZI-Negos, Latin Kings, KKK gained access to Billy Grahams RNM technologies to attacked their hated and mixed-race whom English, U.S Indians. etc.?

-Indians and the "Land of Milk & Honey" (U.S unlike Africa). Indians were initially predominately taken over by Irish whom their accompaniment portrayed "Negro Slaves". (One White states comment, "most Negros never worked").Could the Negro be allied with many Irish of "another deceptive "Jewish Prop". See "The Greatest Schemes & Heist in all World History". (should U.S Security ignore this probability chance?)

-Were much of Africa as likewise Ireland dying of disease, famine, starvation anyway? Save your life, squeeze on the car pool? (Does this sentence make a difference?)

-Connecticut maybe of disgruntled RNM Negro party and disgruntled Negros throughout the U.S.?

21. -Sustainable speculation: Could have Illegal Whites made illegal plans or forced & secret deals with Purto Rico to trade preferred territory and conquer the Purto Rican Nation. (U.S Welfare to pay off "the compensation, the illegal deal for this trade and the Purto Rican land" and or it's people). Could Purto Ricans be of a war prop?

22. 1990's Other RNM Clone" Micheal Burton (Black Male) of West Haven CT. Employed as Bus Driver, Portrays to be Homosexual whom knows James Brown. Could Micheal be of a disgruntled network to sabotage White musicians whom play Black music? Note: Many Negros are Jealously infuriated, raged of White Musicians whom prosper off Negro music. "Elton John"? I can't say I blame them here: Elton: Been a total homosexual insult to the music. Were Elton staged originally in a Irish cult as a mockery to Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis? See more Elton at MDS.

23. Assailants are creating a "RNM life compilation" to portray persons as other for harassment purposes-a creation of a false identity Possible other crimes as in the "compilation" example: to electronically hide from being RNM searched a crime party or criminal individual such as a prostitute or John. Actual purposes are for Sabotaging "the Billionaire".

24. Check Kenny again likely "Marine draft-doger" similar as Wilson Santiago whom a "Army-doger" (?) whom been targeted by disgruntled RNM party? RNM assailants also simulate Kenny having sex with his wife and Homosexual sex with Rober Zito. Is this nice to do to

25. Jennifer Forte as well states her son "Little Willie" were molested by Santiago's Purto Rican family member- Are the Santiago's intentionally involved in this sex scheme? Coincidental note: 1980's Anthony Falkner whom Jennifer's Foster Gardian - Falkners relative Diane Falkner also present "student" at Fair Haven Jr. High School 1980's. Sex schemes with Falkner? Could have Dianne Falkner been a stalker involved in a RNM Sex Schemes?

Were Jennifer Forte" and her son whom Willie Santiago, a possible target? Jennifer a "molester" to Hispanic child when she were teen (probably not all that guilty and "considered" somewhat normal...). As investigated: RNM assailants simulate orgasm effects,sexual seduction/RNM induced sexual arousement likely to target their prey as similar with "RNM Battle Bots" though instead "Sex Bots". Could have Jennifer been victim of this scheme? Were Jennifer later involved in mob Blackmail, Prostitution? Would sabotage to 1 out of 3 take the power down? Jennifer is also English & Cherokee Indian...

note: "Little Willie Santiago" also referenced to Willie D. Glass.(?) RNM party portrays to offer pedophile sex as a gift and to train persons to be pedophile. RNM portrays for compensation this sexual gift. (?) Could have this been RNM simulated on Willie Glass during his youth? Wanna Gale Glass were also networked with church organizations where statements by Willie D. Glass and Marty Glass *"the church is pedophile orientated". Willie D. Glass also states when he were a young teen a Spanish individual ("Tony") whom affairs with Jehovah Wittiness Church Organization offers him gifts for sex. Though Willie does not state whether he participated in these offers. Wiillie D. Glass, could he be or been KKK allied and KKK in a portrayal of alliance with the Jehovah Church organizations. Marty Glass has sex with Tony when she were teen and maybe prior. Willie speaks of other corruptions of New Haven Black and Pentecostal Churches. Attention: F.B.I check the Anderson's of New Haven (Black race) for any RNM alliance. Anderson's were associated with the Glass family involved in illegal Church organization. Check a "Faith Tabernacle Church" of New Haven, other Catholic and Negro Churches out of New Haven CT. Check Baptist churches out of Alabama for any RNM alliance.

- KKK like Jews and the Catholics Use Religious Fraud including "Jesus" in Slavery and cult mind control operations. Were any of  the Glass Family involved in a MKUlTRA crime against me? (MKULTRA- "a Nazi psychiatric Slavery scheme", RNM simulates programs "MKUTRA orientaion").

26. As stated to join a mob network one must commit particular crimes. A RNM lure. Elvis and Ken Houston does not have to join the mob.

 RNM party targets Slaves for control and to portray their targets and their hated "Mentally Ill". Do they consider this a job?

- secret business control and limitations for the Slaves-

- All Slaves would be RNM classified as Mentally Ill. Isn't this great?

- RNM also stated used for murder by "CIA RNM Black-Officers".

-RNM portrays to play "God" like in a cult, "Apply for a job at the fire department they need help" thanx God...

Other than harassment, RNM is used in communications. RNM assailants like particular cult portrays abuse/love/hate attempt of mind manipulation."Hilter the mighty Jew" loves you.. 

27. Overall Conclusion: "Billionaire" sabotage by RNM war prop. If this were the case as "investigations", "mental treatment" then every individual in the nation would be required & subject to the same extents of these Nazi practices. These assailants are not Americans! Regardless and pathetically of whom are they need to be killed!

Questions: Please copy and paste sections where your questions are pertaining. Email

Previous sent:

"From: Craig Zito

Sent: Friday, January 27, 2017 3:10 PM


Subject: To Billy Graham World Organization EMERGENCY NOTICE! Fw: To F.B.I: Emergency Terrorist case: Update more names-crime links and information Jan 26 2017- Evidence, Investigative Update.
Read the crime information as it pertains to Billy Graham!
Assailants portray once again they're Billy Graham org. Is this so or not? Were one notice enough? I have sent many.
If you I have repeated the Billy Graham org , including KKK to get your fucking technologies the fuck off my body!
If not please excuse the language. If so your fucking dead! You have been well notified of this EMERGENCY SITUATION and the crimes.


IS IT OR NOT YOUR ORGANIZATION and or it's networks committing these crimes, practices?

What is being and or have been done on the Billy Grahams organizations behalf to emergency investigate and have these assailant and practices stopped!

It's is all American's legally binding obligations to take their best reasonable powers and access of such crime which you have been informed of.